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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 1-10

1-10. Let's Dance With the Demon! [Final Part]

"Greetings from the battlefield, the commentator Suzuki Ichirou, will be sent off by me, Satou."

Expect getting even more skills with increasing tension, Satou's here.
While pretending to be dead behind the mantle, I activate many skills but...
I didn't expect for it to cause a situation like that!

Well then, let's start "Let's Dance With the Demon [Final Part]"!

I take out a two-handed sword from the shadow of my mantle.
At the same time, the magicians begin their counterattack, after waiting behind their formation.

Fireball, Firestorm, Wind Blade, Lightning. 3 systematic magics assault the demon one after another, and it also lands on me who is seemingly petrified near the demon.

Furthermore, more attacks come after a bit. Stone Bullet, Sandstorm, Water Ball, Snowstorm.

The last one to arrive is simply a pillar of light piercing through heaven.

>[Fire Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Wind Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Lightning Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Fire Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Wind Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Earth Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Water Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Ice Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Earth Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Water Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Ice Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Light Magic Skill Acquired]
>[Light Resistance Skill Acquired]

The log flowed at a great speed.

Maybe because of my level the damage isn't much, but unpleasant things are unpleasant.

The demon seems to think the same, and returned lightning magic to the magicians lot.
Probably predicting it, the magicians defended with a barrier before the lightning hit.

Already breaking apart from the magic earlier, I shatter the petrified mantle and shield.

Being a bit away from the demon, I stand up and immediately jump to close the distance. Aiming at the demon's head I swing the two-handed sword.
Since the demon tilted his head, the full attack did not connect, but I succeeded in cutting one of his horn.

>[Two-Handed Sword Skill Acquired]
>[Helm Splitter Skill Acquired]
>[Air Battle Skill Acquired]
>[Weapon Destruction Skill Acquired]

The soldiers are looking over here while saying something.
They're probably surprised that someone who just got shot by barrages of magic could calmly fight.

With my disheveled long blond hair swaying on the back and the silver mask reflecting the sunlight, I face the demon.
I thought that a hooded mantle would suffice, but it was a good decision to prepare additional disguises as an insurance.

After receiving that much concentrated fire the demon finally suffered about 20% damage.

I bear the two-handed sword to on my shoulder. I have no problem wielding it, but it's hard to balance my body due to the weight. It's good that I become younger and all, but since my body also became lighter it might be a minus in a battle.

For now, the demon is too close to the magicians' base. If I don't somehow lead it away from the plaza…

I don't want you to misunderstand me, this is not because some sort of heroism of not wanting any victims. The reason is quite selfish; they do damage the demon, however small it is, so it's troubling if they're all annihilated.

The demon attacks during the gap where my thoughts derailed. Dashing on the ground, the poisonous claws rushed towards me!

Even if tried to shake the demon off with the two-handed sword, it boldly closed the distance not letting me get away.

I throw the two-handed sword at the demon to elude the poisonous claws, taking out a hatchet from the mantle and use it to cut the demon.
Because the hatchet stuck deeper than I thought, I left it there and avoided the demon's counter.

>[One-Handed Axe Skill Acquired]

While empty-handed, I'm exchanging blow with the demon while retreating.
Sometimes, I pick up weapons dropped by the soldiers on the ground to add onto the attack. Since I haven't activate physical attack related skills, the damage I'm doing is small.

Should I break the deadlock soon?

Most knights have wounds all over the body, only a few of them are unhurt. There aren't any useless shots from the magicians either, seems that they ran out of magic power.

Seemingly, it's not only me who thinks so, from the castle gate several horses come out pulling a cannon.

I position myself to divert the demon's attention from the gate until the cannon finished setting up.

When I get near the wreckages I draw the demon's attention, behind the wreckages, I switch my weapon. I put a blacksmith's hammer onto my waist, and wield a two-handed axe and a sledgehammer in each hand.

It's not really practical but thanks to my maxed STR, I can wield it just fine. Maybe because I look ferocious, the demon's expression become unpleasant.

I jump from behind the carriage. First let's strike with the sledgehammer!
The demon guarded to the right with both hands but without minding it I slashed from the opposite side with the two-handed axe.
The axe cut through, and the arm fell!

...I remember, from some manga, about an episode of an arm that had been separated from the body attacking independently. Let's pay attention to that arm...

>[Two-Handed Axe Skill Acquired]
>[Two-Handed Hammer Skill Acquired]
>[Dual Wielding Skill Acquired]
>[Herculean Strength Skill Acquired]

Though it's a different story with a surprise attack, after all fighting using a sledgehammer with one hand is difficult, I fight single mindedly with the two-handed axe.
The cannon still isn't prepared yet.

The demon inhale greatly.

I close the distance. But, that was a bad move.

The demon let out an acid breath!

Even though I've seen it once! I completely forgot that it has this kind of attack!
I guarded with the axe which immediately broke, the wig and the robe got terribly burnt.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch!"

I go to the nearest cover, throw off the robe behind the bronze statue, and wear a new mantle. I wore commoner clothes underneath the robe yet there's also a large hole in it too.

If the surface area of the axe wasn't big, my face would have burned...

>[Decay Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Quick Dressing Skill Acquired]

I allocate [Decay Resistance] and [Quick Dressing] with skill points.

I wonder what the variety for skills are, I want a wiki.

Since the axe is no longer usable as a weapon, I throw it away; I try to strike once with the blacksmith hammer from my waist. Since it didn't seem very effective, I put it back when I got the skill.

>[One-Handed Hammer Skill Acquired]
>[Blacksmith Skill Acquired]

I think blacksmithing is quite different to this...

Meanwhile, the cannon installation is complete, but it seems that it will require some time before it could fire.

I pick up the sledgehammer which I discarded earlier.
Of course the demon doesn't let up his attacks, but whether it's because of the avoid skill, or because I'm getting used to fighting, I've reached the point where I have some margins in this fight.

I should end this soon...
I allocate skill points to [One-Handed Sword].

The cannon seems to be ready to fire. Magicians on both side of the cannon begin to to cast spells.

The demon seems to be really worried about the cannon. Its putting up an air.
The demon charges toward the cannon during the gap when I avoided its tail attack!

I discard the heavy sledgehammer, and pick up a sword lying on the way while chasing the demon.

The demon, with agility belying that huge body, jumps over multiple soldiers who block the way.
The light soldier with spears immediately cover but they become prey to the poisonous claw.

But the demon stopped.

Just like the demon, I jump over the soldiers and cut one wing off the demon, then I pierce the sword to its leg and stitch it to the ground. After getting the sword skill, I could understand the principle of swordsmanship. The demon only has 30% remaining on its HP gauge.
Furthermore, I pull the only remaining arm of the demon to the ground.
I intersect the demon's arm to its leg, and with my free hand pick a spear left by the killed soldiers earlier to use it to crucify the demon on the ground.

>[Fighting Skill Acquired]
>[Capture Skill Acquired]

I look at the a person who looks like a commander besides the cannon who's measuring the timing to shoot the cannon.

I fix the demon with another spear, and nodded there.

The commander swing down his arm, at the same time, I jump off from the line of fire.

The cannon shoots out a buckshot and innumerable wound appear on the demon's. Moreover, as a final blow, a magic combo like earlier struck.

I wonder if the cannon can’t shoot multiple rounds, it didn't finish the dying demon. The magicians probably don't have enough magic power either, only three people cast spells.

I could end it if I run there with the sword but let's give the honor of ending the demon's life to those guys. Like I said earlier, this is not out of goodwill; even if the opponent is a demon, I don't like killing with my own hand. It's really stupid, but I'm from society unrelated to violence since a long time ago... Even though I eat meat and fish, I shirk on killing.

Putting that aside...

The demon used the tattered hand freed from the stitch to lift up its body from the ground, raised a roar and destroyed the cannon with lightning magic. Is there no one who could use a barrier anymore?!

Then the slightly late magicians use magic to shave the little of the demon's strength (HP).
Furthermore, the knights get off their horses and sidle up to the demon with their long swords ready.

...It'll end after the encircling completely, huh. Amen~

The end can already be seen, but the demon hasn't given up yet.

The hand which has been restrained by the knights is thrust into its own chest, pulling out a dark red heart. The pulled heart is fast begin to pulse harder. Matching the violent movement, light overflow.

The knights hurriedly try to destroy the heart, but they don't make it in time.

With loud bursting sound, the heart breaks apart!

When the light subsided, several magicians who set up barriers have become corpses in a heap. Only the lower half remaining of the demon's dead body. The ground is gouged in a fan shaped form following the demon's direction toward the castle gate, the gate itself has been partially destroyed.

The demon's corpse falls apart and becomes black dust.

I slip into the alley during the clamor and hide myself.

>Title [Combat-Ready] Acquired
>Title [Skilled Warrior] Acquired
>Title [One Who Dances With Demons] Acquired
>Title [Hero] Acquired

...I wonder if the last one is sarcasm.

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