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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 1-9

1-9. Let's Dance with the Demon! [First Part]

Satou's here. Finding out my incompetence, Satou.

Real demon is way too scary.

Especially that roar!

Please do try hearing a lion's roar while standing close to the cage in a zoo. No matter how safe you know you actually are, if your heart isn't prepared, scary thing is scary.

I came to the rooftop of a building where the plaza can be seen.
From there I could see the demon and dozens of soldiers encircling it. Furthermore, the soldiers from the gate are protecting magicians behind them.
Maybe the knights are seeing a chance for assault, the cavalries joined into formation with the soldiers in the back.

The demon became the victim of the spear thrusts and arrows by the soldiers from the back.
Apparently the demon is playing around.
The assaults didn't do anything, he catches the soldiers who attack him and seems to enjoy breaking their bones.

If the demon is the same existence as the ancient one, the soldiers probably taste terrifying fear and anger from seeing their friends killed.

"Now then, it's good that I'm back, but there is no room to intervene in close combat."

My appearance differs from what I wore earlier, now donning a worn-out cloak with a hood. Since I know that it'll get dirty anyway, I don't wear the expensive one.

I take out the magic gun from my bosom. It's not the handgun type, but the one that resemble rifle with big scope.
The demon moves around 300 meter away, so it's hard to take aim.

Right at the time when the soldiers pull away, the magicians cast magic that buries the lower half of the demon's body in the ground.

I pull the trigger on this good opportunity while the demon is unable to move.

And missed.

Apparently I was too tense when I pulled the trigger the line of fire came down a bit.
Fortunately I did not accidentally shoot the soldier.

The demon continuously got hit by fire and lightning magic, but encircled by a barrier, he doesn't seem to take any damage.

The moment the demon stopped moving I rapidly fire the magic gun, set at the lowest setting.

The third shot finally hit! Beside the demon a gauge appeared and decreased by a little bit.

"What is this, a game?"

>[Shooting Skill Acquired]
>[Aiming Skill Acquired]
>[Sniping Skill Acquired]

In the corner of my view, the small log window displays messages for acquiring skill.

Looking away was a bad move. Without any time to avoid, a lightning bolt sent by the demon hit me. After hitting me hard the lightning struck the foothold I'm on. The roof of the building got destroyed.

>[Lightning Magic: Demon Skill Acquired]
>[Lightning Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Paralyze Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Pain Tolerance Skill Acquired]

"Ouch ouch, my hands and feet are tingling."

If I had to say, it feels like the numbness you got after doing seiza. When I look at my own HP gauge, I've received 5 point of damage.

Come to think of it, I haven't checked the level of the demon...
I lament for a moment.

"How temperamental is that thing?"

For the time being, let's quickly look at the important things. Demon tribe, level 62, [Lightning Magic: Demon], [Wind Magic: Demon], [Darkness Magic: Demon], [Fighting], [Flight] skills.

I push aside the building's wreckage. It doesn't seem like I'm being pursued.

>[Self-Healing Skill Acquired]

When I see my HP bar, before I noticed, it has been recovered. Natural healing huh?

I move toward other building from the back alley.
I assigned skill point for [Pain Tolerance], [Lightning Resistance], [Paralyze Resistance], [Shooting] and [Self-Healing] while moving.

I found a 3 story building 100 meters away from the earlier one. I jump over the wall and onto the roof.

Since the soldiers surrounding the demon has decreased to less than half, the methods to attack the demon increased for me.

I take out bow & arrow from the storage and aim at the demon. I have never used a bow until now, but thanks to the sniping and shooting skills earlier, I somehow understand the aim.

"Aim and shoot!"

I take a good aim, the moment when the demon stopped... shoot.

And missed.

The hand which pulled the bowstring hurt.

After that, no matter how many I shoot, none hit. Even though I understand how to shoot the bow, there is no result.

The enclosing soldiers have become considerably sparse.
I discovered a route where I could get close to the demon discreetly, after marking the map I drop down from the roof.

I equipped the scale tribe's spear.
If I knew this would happen I'd have gotten leather armor tailored.

Holding the spear with both hands, I hide in the shadows.

>[Spy Skill Acquired]

Since I got a skill that looks useful, I immediately allocate skill points to it.
There are several overturned big carriages on the way to the demon. I head there.
When I invoke the spy skill, my footsteps disappear. Maybe it's just my imagination.

The demon's roar can be heard and the knights got hit by lightning.
That roar seems to be a spellcasting procedure.

When the demon's attention wanders off, I shorten the distance and thrust the spear from behind!
Stab! With that kind of unpleasant sound, the sensation of tearing real flesh is transferred to my hand.
Me being a chicken, unintentionally separate my hand from the spear.

My hands and legs are trembling.

The demon's tail strikes the unmoving me from a blind spot, sending me flying 3 meters away. I stopped at the carriage wreckages after rolling on the ground.

>[Surprise Attack Skill Acquired]
>[Spear Skill Acquired]
>[Shock Resistance Skill Acquired]

My HP is only reduced by 1 point. However, I don't know whether this is because of excitement or fear from my first close quarter combat, my trembling limbs don't stop.
Fortunately the demon turned his attention to the knights who restarted their assault, I take a deep breath many times.

The trembling subside for a little.

>[Fear Resistance Skill Acquired]
>[Reckless Courage Skill Acquired]

I equip a small sword and shield made from bronze in the shadow of the wreckages. I left the sword in the scabbard and put it on my waist belt. Usually one would use metal fixture or special belt to hold it but it can't be helped since I don't have it. Let's buy it later.

I also prepare a small bow with an arrow. It's an arrow with a bone arrowhead. The demon is only a little over 10 meters away but I still don't think I'd hit.

The demon lifted an attacking soldier and threw him at the knights.
I match the timing to his throwing and dash closer. Shooting the arrow at zero distance unnoticed.

>[Bow Skill Acquired]

I discard the bow immediately, and slash the demon the moment I unsheathed the sword.
The small sword broke. To break bronze in one hit...

>[Iai Skill Acquired]
>[One-Handed Sword Skill Acquired]

「▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼!!」

While cursing with incomprehensible words the demon attacked with poisonous claws.
I promptly decide to receive the attack with the shield but it's also coming from the other side, the judgment come in the spur of the moment, using the broken sword to guard.
Of course, such thing can't defend the attack and breaks in a single blow from the poisonous claw.

>[Demon Language Skill Acquired]
>[Poison Resistance Skill Acquired]

I wanted to immediately enable the poison resistance skill, but there is no leeway to operate the menu in battlefield.
I prevent the poisonous claw coming from the opposite side with the shield, and throw the grip I have in my hand to the demon.

>[Shield Skill Acquired]
>[Throwing Skill Acquired]

While trying to take out a weapon from the shadow of my mantle, I neglected my guard, tumbled by the demon's tail I rolled over.
Furthermore his foot tramples in pursuit.

Fumu! Fumu! Fumu! 3 waves of stomping consecutively come, my body finally breaks away from the loop on the 4th attack.

>[Evasion Skill Acquired]

Kicking the ground with strange posture I take a distance from the demon.
Finally gaining time, I allocated skill points to [Evasion], [Shield], [Poison Resistance], [Shock Resistance] one by one.

Covered by the mantle, I retrieve a dagger and a firewood club from the storage. I slip the dagger on my belt, and hold the club.

Somehow I got the feeling that a look of ridicule is floated on the face of the demon.
I wonder if demon has self-healing ability, his HP is recovering. There is no such skill in his skill column, is it a specific race characteristic?

From the corner of my view I saw the knights readying for the next assault.
I carefully measure the distance while preparing the club.

Ignoring the knights assault, the demon keep his attention here.

I leap and strike the club at the demon's bust. It break when it contact the black body of the demon.
I defend from the demon's poisonous claws with the shield, avoid the tail sweep with minimum movement and jump.
I slash with the dagger. The demon couldn't avoid it but is somehow able to parry with his claws.

>[One-Handed Staff Skill Acquired]
>[Dagger Skill Acquired]
>[Parry Skill Acquired]

The knights begin to run towards us, when they reach the middle of the plaza, I stagger the demon by ramming my shield into it.
<TLN: Now this one is tricky, since subject can be missing in Japanese I'm not sure if it's the knights or Satou who's shield bashing, I'm opting Satou given the next few lines>I jump backward by using the recoil. Leaping over the horses and their riders.

>[Shield Bash Skill Acquired]

The knights attack once then withdraw, then another one does the same, thrusting his lance and withdrawing.

>[Cooperation Skill Acquired]

From the 3 man formation, the last one fails to withdraw due to the demon's tail attack. Both the horse and the man topple over.
I kicked at the demon who tried to finish the knight from the flank!

>[Kicking Skill Acquired]

I picked up a spear with broken tip near my foot fallen from the soldier and put back the dagger in the scabbard. As expected, a dagger's reach is too short so it's easy to parry, it's troublesome.

I elude the demon by using the spear with a broken tip to gain time so that the knights and soldiers who have fallen from their horses can withdraw.
While parrying I also strike some part of the demon's feet, sometime hitting the arms carefully as not to make this into unilateral defensive battle.

>[Two-Handed Staff Skill Acquired]

The spear finally broke after becoming a prey of the poisonous claws.

The demon's eyes are shining!
Because I have a bad feeling about that I raised the shield and put my whole body in the shadow of my mantle. It's probably some kind of evil gaze attack. Is it charm, paralyze or petrification?

The mantle and the shields turned into stone!

...I endured it somehow, only the mantle and shield got sacrificed.
It might have been dangerous if I moved a bit later.

>[Petrification Resistance Skill Acquired]

Since nearing the demon might mean getting petrified, before he comes I allocate skill points to [Parry], [Petrification Resistance].

Petrification attacks might not be exclusive to demons alone...

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