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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 1-5

Missed my self-imposed deadline... But now we're halfway through volume 1 of the web novel!

1-5. Fortress City Life Begin!

I finally got to Seryuu city.
Let's strip it naked with [All Map Exploration]!

The population is around 120,000. It's a remote region within Shiga Kingdom ruled by an earl. 95% are from the human tribes, the other 5% are beast tribes, scale tribes and fairy tribes. Average level is 2-3. Highest level is an old man magician who is 48. The knights range from 5-20 with most of them on 8-12. Normal soldiers are around 5-7. There are a lot of bows as a dragon countermeasure. Male to female ratio is 5:6 with lots of females. It's unknown whether it's because of difference in birth rate or because of a high male mortality rate.

Unexpectedly, townspeople only have a few skills. Most of them have 1-3 skills, some even none. Having 20 or so skills may be the exception rather than the rule.

Only a few magicians exist. There are only around 2000 people with magic skills. 90% of them have Livelihood magic while the remaining 10% seem to belong to the country's army.

It's as expected in a way, but level 310 is truly extraordinary. In addition, I got carried away and learned a lot of useless skills which would make me conspicuous.

The map could show the name of the streets and merchant's houses to some degree. Even though it could not tell you what kind of item they're selling or their reputation, it's still quite useful for a first look of the town. Unfortunately, the search function only works for people, I could not find shops with it.
Seen from reduced scale, the town is shaped like a 6 Km diameter oval, along with two 3 Km long [くの] shaped, bowing daruma-like objects attached on each side.

I enlarge the map and confirm each area...
First, closest to the gate, there seems to be a general residential area. Beside the gate are stables and inns. Joining them, the local lord's castle is located in the center of the neighborhood. Something like a temple or magic-something is at the center of the city. Far from the gate, the lord's mansion stands. And a cafeteria that looks too small for city use, but too big as an exclusive for the local lord.
When I tried to search for people with [Adventurer] as job, I got nothing. There was no [Librarian] either, which probably mean there's no library. However, there were some [Slaves]...

After checking so many things, I've arrived at the front of the gate. Showing up together with the sun in the horizon, perfect timing! Though the gate is closed at this time.

I thought that there would be other people in front of the gate but there was actually no one.
It would be nice if there are some villagers who are going to sell their vegetables in the morning.

Is it only in my dream that stores don't open until 10 in the morning?!

Wearing a polo shirt and chinos pant might be too noticeable. I searched the storage, found several robes and took out the only non worn-out dark green robe to wear. The remaining robes are magic tools but they're too worn-out, I can't bring myself to wear them. This robe smells a bit like mold.

My body looks like the time when I was 15 with its small stature. The robe is too long and is dragging a little on the floor. Thanks to that, the sneakers are hidden. My mustache didn't even grow after one week. I was so happy and showed it off when it grew during the freshman period of university life. Though, I shaved it immediately when I got a girlfriend...

While having a recollection of the past, I continue to wait for the gate to open.

「●●! ●●●●●● ●●●●●●●●●!!」

When I got near the gate an uncle soldier came out while saying some unknown words.
The long awaited conversation featuring a mysterious language!!

>Shiga Language Skill Acquired!

I love Easy Mode!
God hasn’t forsaken me!!

I operated the menu and acquired the Shiga language skills extremely fast! Overenthusiastically allocated 10 skill points with glee.

"What's wrong kiddo? Do you have a stomachache?"

A bearded soldier follows suit. I don't think calling a man in the latter half of his twenty, "kiddo", is right... Oh that's right, my outer appearance is that of 15 years old.

"Good morning. Yes, I'm fine."

I replied amiably with a vague smile, trademark of Japanese people. Even if the partner is a middle aged uncle, it's a human after a long time. A smile is only 0 Yen!

The heavy gate opened behind us during the conversation.

"Kiddo, show me your identification per the rules. If you don't have one, pay the 1 copper coin tax."

What--! ID in a dream!
I thought of showing the driver license from my wallet but it looked like it'd be troublesome so I stopped.

"I'm sorry, I don't have an ID card."

I honestly say it. If I got refused then I could just stealthily go in, if I got caught then I'd just run. I'm seriously acting self-important inside this dream! Yes, a dream! This is a dream!

"Did you lose it? We could issue a new one but that'd be 1 silver coin, ya okay with that?"

Oi oi, can you so easily issue a new one?
There are some Shiga silver coins in the storage if I'm not mistaken.

"Please allow me to get a new one! My horse, surprised by the loud roar 8 days ago, escaped while carrying my luggage. If I haven't got beef jerky in my pocket and didn't find some spring water on the way here, I would have been dead!

I'm a smooth talker if I do say myself~ I may truly have a talent for swindling.
As if responding to my inner monologue :

>[Excuse Skill Acquired]
>[Deception Skill Acquired]
>[Negotiation Skill Acquired]

Cheap skills!!!

"Come here kiddo!"

Uncle soldier beckon me to the guard station located besides the gate.
Even after telling excuses with great pain, uncle soldier just ignored it. His ignorability power-level is too high!

"Just in case, you're not on some wanted list or a thief, right?"
"Yes, of course."

I'm a member of general public unrelated to crime~

"Then, put both of your hands on top of this Yamato stone and speak your name."

Uncle guided me to the place with a 20" wide LCD display inside the guard station. Where in Yamato this Yamato stone can take me? Can it goes to space?
<TLN: Yamato in yamato, not sure what the heck he's talking about here beside the reference to Space Battleship Yamato series.>

For name, it should be character name right~


Right after I spoke my character name. The lithograph started to dimly shine with blue light, and some words appeared.
It's the same letter as the one on the guidepost earlier. I could properly read it thanks to Shiga language skill. I want an English language skill!

"Kiddo, it's fine to release your hand now."

On the lithograph, [Race: Human],[Level: 1],[Class: Commoner],[Affiliation: None],[Occupation Type: Management],[Title: None],[Skill:None],[Reward and Punishment: None] are written.

Eh, isn't the level different?

Leaving me puzzled, uncle soldier smoothly wrote the displayed writing from the lithograph onto a paper using a quill. Finally, he stamped the entry form, [Person Approving: Retainer of Earl Souryuu, Knight Soun], with his ring on the place where his name is written.

"Here, don't lose it next time."

Uncle soldier passes me the certificate while I give him a silver coin and one big copper coin taken from my pocket.

"What, you can properly put money on pocket. Aren't you quite watchful! Keep your ID safe from now on.”

“Also, don't forget this. Residence permit is only for 10 days. If you want to stay longer, apply your request here or at the ward in the town hall. Wherever it is, the procedure costs 3 copper coin."

"If you're caught in town with an expired permit during homeless hunt, the penalty will be 1 silver coin. If you can't pay it, you'll be forced to become a slave."

The explanation flowed smoothly, as if he's always doing it.
Let's be careful not to forget it.
Falling from vagrant to slave is severe! I wonder if it's the same with homeless hunting during Edo period?

"Thank you very much."
"Ou, you're welcome to the guard station for consultation if there's any trouble. Don't mind about the fee."

I've heard something good. Thank you, knight Soun.
I go out of the guard station with a polite farewell.

I took quite a bit of time inside the station, that the main road from before to inside the gate is now filled with people with an exotic feel.

There's a semicircular space with a radius of about 20m between the gate and the town. Whether it is there to prevent confusion or for war, I don't know.

The certificate is made with material resembling Japanese paper. Even though the cityscape is in western style, the parchment is... Is it the limit of a dream?

I fold it carefully into my pocket. Of course, I put it directly into the Favorite folder inside my pocket.

Let's look for a change of clothes while strolling the main street for now! Even after many washings, it's painful to only wear one set of clothes.

"I want to take a bath before changing clothes..."

I tried to search for a bathhouse attendant, but it was not applicable. I'm wondering if I got the occupation name wrong or if there are no bathhouses in the first place. If it's the latter then I have no choice but to get hot water and take a bath inside my room in the inn later.

"You there! If you haven't decided on an inn then come to ours! I'll give you some service~!"
"It's fine, it's fine, it's cheaper than all the others-- Not, but it is filled with a devotion to delicious food and clean bedding!"

When I was thinking about how to get into a bath, someone suddenly pulled my arm and my consciousness came back. A random high tension girl embraced my arm while pulling it. I wonder if she's a barker, it's a scene you usually see in a campus festival in modern Japan.

I'm dragged to a store that looks like a bar while thoroughly enjoying the soft feeling wrapped around my arm. Because I entered from the main street it feels dim.

"Mom! Mom! I brought a guest!"

Out of consideration for the softness transmitted to my arm, I have no more hesitation in deciding to stay in this inn. Yep, poyopoyo is justice!

"It's the first customer since the stars fell, isn't it... Hm? He doesn't have any luggage, is he really a guest?"

An aunty with a big body came out of the bars counter-like place. Contrary to her figure, she's a beautiful woman with a face filled with dignity. I think she's about 30? I'm sorry for calling you aunty.

However, even though these mother-daughter pair are natural beauties, why are they fat! Lose 10, no 20 Kg, and they would be in my strike zone!!

Though I'm out if she's a married woman. An affair will only make everyone involved unhappy!

"Because of that, er, starfall? My luggage ran out with my horse due to the uproar... Fortunately my wallet is safe, and I somehow got into this city~"
"That's a disaster. Our inn charges 1 big copper coin for one night. If you're fine with sleeping together with other guests in a big room then it'd be 2 copper coin. Meal is served at this bar for one serving. It's the limited service for an accommodation.”

Fumu, I don't know the market price, so let's investigate the value of big copper coin and silver coin by paying for 10 days.
The landlady has arithmetic and cleaning skill so there won't be any mistake with calculation.

"Then, it's for 10 days please."
"Okay, it's exactly 2 silver coins then."

I take out 2 silver coins and pass it to the landlady.
It seems that 5 big copper coins equal 1 silver. It doesn't seem like she miscalculated either.

"Landlady, could I have my meal now? If possible a light one."
"If it's something like oatmeal, black bread, or vegetables then I could get it out right now. And I'm sorry but meat hasn't appeared in the market, so there's none of that."
"Then black bread and a stew please."
"Okay, I'll bring it immediately, so just sit there. Martha, write the guest book for our customer here."

The landlady goes to a place that looks like a kitchen, and in her place, a poster girl who looks like a head clerk from a historical drama holding a notebook tied up with string, Martha-chan, skips here.
She's cute but she looks around a high schooler's age? A bit too young for me.

"Ye~s, I'm writing for you so can you give me your name?"
"It's Satou."
"Okay Satou. Your occupation and age please."

I almost said 29 year old programmer. According to Status screen, it should be 15 years old.

"A peddler, 15 years old."
Martha-chan smoothly fills the notebook. It looks to use yellow papers like the one used on Japanese calligraphy.
When Martha attempted to chat after writing the inn registry, the landlady came out and told her to clean the 2nd floor.

The crystal clear stew with consomme-like soup, cabbage and carrot-like vegetables, and as announced before, without meat, is more delicious than I expected. There are 3 slices of about 2 cm thick black bread. It's harder than what I've heard, but feels about as hard as senbei. It looks like it would fill your stomach. I bite it full of curiosity. It feels like a meal full of strange SFX.

Feeling satisfied for a meal after a long while, I pay the price. 1 copper coin. Usually it's prepaid.

Come to think of it, Martha and the landlady use loanwords like service and oatmeal normally, but when I observed their lips, I know that they're speaking different words. I wonder if it's an appropriation of the Shiga language words.

>[Lip Reading Skill Acquired]

...Ya~y, I can become a spy or a detective~ orz.

Or rather,

"Landlady-san, I intend to buy some groceries and a change of clothes, do you know any good places?"

Although I know stores location from the map, there are too many of them, I don't feel like going around all of them.

"If you want something with high quality material, then the tailor on the city center would be the best. For something reasonable then the east is good, and if you want it cheap then the west. If you have money in excess then you could tailor it on the high class shop at the inner wall, but you'd need gold coin. General good stores usually open near clothing stores, so please plan your budget carefully."

"Thank you very much. I'll go to the east street since tailoring seems that it would take some time."
"Okay, although the public order is good on the east, be careful of pickpockets. Since sometimes there are migrant workers from the west there."

"Yes, I will be careful."

I leave the inn while thanking the landlady for the advice.
It's starting to get hard to say that this is a dream. But I will work hard!

TLN: Since the next few chapters are quite slow paced, I will hold off on releasing a chapter a day and will release only after I've finished translating up to chapter 8. Please understand. ;)

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