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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.13


"Mu, mu. So many shocking revelations my brain can't catch up."

"Is that all you wanna ask me."

"Right. Ah, no hang on. Could you write down what kind of Graces each of these things have on this list."

Lecan handed back the list.

There's a chance Shira doesn't know all Graces the <Genesiac Grace Gear> have or perhaps she won't write them even if she does, nevertheless, Lecan would like to know. Shira wrote on the list and handed it back to Lecan.

Ring of Undying King <Invincible> Dungeon Daina Floor 100

Talisman of Darkness Demon <Stasis> Dungeon Waad Floor 120

Necklace of Wind Princess <Silence> Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 150

Diadem of Divine Rotwood <Emptiness> Dungeon Palcimo Floor 151

Orb of Dark Emperor <Resurrection> Dungeon Yufu Floor 1

Amulet of Annihilation Spirit Bug <Reign> Dungeon Finkel Floor 180

Leg Band of White Devil <Teleportation> Dungeon Egis Floor 140

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"It's not like I've confirmed them all myself, so just regard it as a reference, okay."


Lecan's eye is sparkling brightly. <Invincible> and <Stasis> have proven themselves to be terrifying Graces. These other Graces must be just as powerful. He'd like to get his hands on them if he could.

"Mind telling me where are all these now besides the ring and the talisman."

"<Amulet of Annihilation Spirit Bug> is likely being kept by the royal family. I have absolutely no clue on the whereabouts of <Necklace of Wind Princess>, <Orb of Dark Emperor>, and <Leg Band of White Devil>. Rather, I've never even seen them in person."

Then where is the <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>, Lecan almost asked but stopped himself.

Shira expressly did not mention <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>. She wouldn't even say whether she knew or not. There must be a reason for that.

It's not like Shira will tell him everything she knows. She won't do that until after Lecan has found out the things he needed to know first, and satisfied conditions that needed to be fulfilled. She's done feigning ignorance or even outright lying before. She might even decide to never tell him if he offended her. Lecan's instinct told him to cease prying further here.

(I'd like to know what these Graces mean.)

(But I shouldn't get greedy here and pull back for now.)

"I take it that's all the questions you have for me."


"Okay then, it's my turn. You have an ability that can be used to detect humans, animals, magic beasts and apparitions, don't you."


"This detection of yours shows humans as red dots, humans with strong mana as bright red dots, animals as green dots and magic beasts as well as apparitons as blue dots, right?"


That was something Lecan himself divulged to Shira before. He's got nothing to hide regarding this ability now.

But to think she would precisely remember that one exchange they did so long ago.

"And you said that ability displayed me as a bright blue dot to the point you mistook me for a dragon. Didn't you."


"Which means, even the same kind of magic beasts could be shown as bright or faint blue dots depending on their strength."

"That's right."

"Are humans with mana also shown as faint and bright red dots relative to their strength?"

"Yea. The bigger their mana pool, the brighter their red dot."

"You weren't able to detect life forces, were you."

"I can't seem to see these life forces you speak of. I could make a solid guess on someone's strength and presence when they're right in front of me, but I can't do that to those in distant locations."

"It seems like you are able to observe mana itself, that must be a different ability than the one you use to detect humans and magic beasts from afar, no?"

Lecan hesitated to reply this only for an instance. He dislikes telling others his abilities.

However, Shira has already shown herself capable of invalidating <Life Detection>, <Mana Detection> and <3D Perceptions>. There's no point in hiding them. Besides, Lecan still wants to fish out more useful knowledge from Shira in the future. Hence he should answer her questions here. He simply won't tell her more than what she wants.

"Yeah, I detect lives with a skill called <Life Detection> while to see mana amounts and its flows, I use this skill called <Mana Detection>."

"So the red, blue and green dots are by way of <Life Detection> then."

"No. <Mana Detection> also shows humans as red, magic beasts as blue."

"Eh? Then, do you see mana itself in red color?"

"No, that's not it. Not sure how to go about this, but I see the color of red and blue from the core parts of humans and magic beasts. Mana itself is colorless. It looks like sparkling shining water."

"Does that apply to mana emitted by humans and magic beasts?"

"Of course. Emitted mana is still mana, doesn't matter whether it comes out of humans or magic beasts, there's no distinction. Though when mana is cast as magic, that mana gets to be in the color of that particular magic sometimes. Wait, don't think you need me to tell you that."


Shira got lost in thought for a little while. Then she spoke.

"Let me confirm it once again since this is important. When you use <Life Detection> to display humans, the difference in strength is shown as brighter or fainter lights, no?"

"Yea, that's right."

"The more their mana the brighter, the less the fainter, no?"




"Then humans without mana can't be displayed in your abilities."

"That can't happen. Mana is the source of life. Mana dwells in all living beings. Even to the smallest insect. Hence, <Life Detection> will definitely display humans. Ah, but that one time."

"That one time, what?"

"There was this one time where humans I met were completely missing in <Life Detection> when I first fell to this world."

It feels as if Shira's eyes glimmered there.

(Today Shira seems odd somehow.)

(There's this strong pressure emanating from her.)

"So. So what happened after that?"

"At first I thought they were some unliving monsters, but they turned out to be humans when I saw them in person. Yet <Life Detection> didn't display them, and <Mana Detection> wouldn't show them as red dots even when I was close by. However, those guys couldn't possibly be unliving monsters no matter how you look. So then I activated <Mana Detection> at maximum accuracy right next to them. Then very weak red dots did get displayed. Then I found out that <Life Detection> would also show even humans with little mana if I raised its accuracy."

"Were those humans you met back then weak humans who could not fight?"

"No. They were knights and soldiers. The knights were plenty strong."

"Yet neither <Life Detection> nor <Mana Detection> displayed them."


"They got displayed after you willed them to get displayed and the accuracy raised."


"My goodness."

Shira went silently deep in thought for quite a long time. Then she muttered.

"Thank you. That was really helpful."

"What's the point in probing my abilities now."

"It's not because I'm thinking of going with you or anything. I just grasped a key clue for a problem I have been researching all these years."


"I should have realized it sooner. I'm such a big dunce."

The pressure-like something emanating from Shira since earlier has dissipated. What was that all about anyway.

"Just to be sure, the blue dots are not only true for beast type magic beasts but also apparitions and dragons, right?"

"Yea. Hollow Shriek (Gworas) in Dungeon Golbul, White Specters (Zaags) in Dungeon Tsubolt, and Zaags out in the wild were all blue colored."

"Hee. So even Hollow Shrieks are blue huh. Interesting. Thank you. That's all I wanted to ask you."

Lecan himself felt like he still had some stuff to ask Shira, but due to many shocking information he just got, he couldn't think up an intriguing one.

Shira handed him a Solid Sacred Silver sword as he was leaving.

She made a new sword from the two broken pieces Lecan gave her.

The blade part looked nearly identical to the original sword's, but the grip and sheath had different styles.

There should be quite a bit left of Solid Sacred Silver remnants, but since he had promised to give the leftover to her, Lecan didn't bring it up.





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