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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.10



Five arrows let loose from Eda's <Bow of Yelvitz> landed on the path ahead of the three sprinting Fanged Rabbits, successfully diverting them away to the right, toward Julius.

Julius slashed at the center rabbit's throat with an upward diagonal slash.

The left rabbit kicked with its right foreleg.

Julius dodged the attack nicely.

He came into contact with the right rabbit yet he didn't panic and readjusted his posture calmly.

Then he finished off the center rabbit with a slashing attack.

He dodged the right rabbit's forelegs kick, brushing his sword against the base of the legs.

Then he went around and mowed the left rabbit's neck.

Then as he pulled back his sword, he used the momentum to deeply slash the right rabbit's throat.

Thus Julius took care of three rabbits bigger than him without trouble.

"Good. Well done."

"Thank you. Eda-neesan, thanks for your help too."


When you can't deal with complex matters, take a step back and dismantle them into simple things first before taking them down. By repeating simple process and linking them together, the sum of the whole will unravel the complexity.

Thankfully, Julius has a very honest disposition, thus he followed Lecan's instructions without questions. And that resulted in good things.

"Alright. You will take on a bit more enemies next. The routine stays the same however."

"Yes, Master."

Fanged Rabbits' curses don't work on Julius. Poison and abnormal status do but they get taken care of by Eda. Although he had to endure them until the fight is over before Eda could cure him, but that's also a form of training.

They got to floor 20 on day two.

And then on day three, they encountered a huge group of rabbits nearby just as they stepped onto floor 21.

(I should give <Talisman of Dark Demon> a whirl.)

"Eda. Julius. Don't move from there."



Lecan approached the swarm and recited a spell.

"<Gaspario Raaf>."

11 Fanged Rabbits got bound.

Eda got bound.

Julius also got bound.


Lecan had gotten more than 20 steps away from Eda and Julius to prevent them getting in the range. Yet the two of them got bound all the same.

(I guess one step by this talisman's standard is larger than your regular step.)

"Sorry for getting you bound. It's gonna wear off soon, don't worry. Julius. The magic beasts should start moving once you do. Fight. Eda, kill the three-four enemies to the left and then cover for Julius. I'll take care of three-four to the right."

Once the binding came undone, Eda killed two rabbits with the first shot, and then another with the second shot from <Bow of Yelvitz>. Lecan killed one rabbit with three combined <Fire Arrows>, then another three set for the second, third and fourth rabbits.

The remaining four were left to Julius. Julius complied with Lecan's order and focused on one rabbit while keeping track of other two.

He smoothly dodged his target rabbit when it leaped at him and counterattacked. He then twisted his body to dodge the other two rabbits he was keeping track of.

Then the fourth rabbit ran around behind him and jumped. Julius slashed at the base of the rabbit's leg to stop it, and then lopped off another rabbit's head next to it.


(That target switch was well executed.)

The rest was an easy victory. Julius cut off the remaining three rabbits' heads one by one.

"Master! I did it."

"Yep. Good job. So. Dealing with three rabbits in close proximity turned out surprisingly simple in reality, no."

"Yes. I could move around so freely!"

"With your agility, switching targets around should prove no issue whatsoever. However, do understand that you cannot avoid getting hurt when you're up against many at once, do not fear that."

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"Lecan. Just what's up with that thing that stopped us in our tracks earlier?"

"Ah. Sorry about that. It's a Grace Gear that binds everybody around its user."

"Hee. Didn't know you had a Grace Gear like that."

"Got it from the duel at Tsubolt back then."

"Oh, I see."

"I knew it'd stop magic beasts. Didn't expect it'd affect allies too, but guess it only make senses that this talisman can't distinguish between allies and enemies."

As he was saying that, Lecan felt like he caught onto something.

However, he couldn't figure out just what that was.

They got to floor 26 on the third day.

Floor 31 on the fourth day.

Floor 35 on the fifth day.

By this point, the Fanged Rabbits would always form a group of ten or more, and they're all as large as Lecan.

"<Gaspario Raaf>."

One rabbit at the very end of the swarm didn't get affected by the <Stasis>.

(So that's the boundary line.)

<One Step> in this world covers a larger distance than ordinary man's one step to begin with. And this talisman's standard is about 40% larger than even that. Seeing as the activation spell is in ancient language, perhaps those ancient people had bigger bodies than humans today.

Lecan, Eda and Julius annihilated the ten bound rabbit and the free one before the Stasis effect wore off.

"Alright. We're taking a three day break from tomorrow."

"Yay. We're gonna go look for delicious food."


"Un? What is it?"

"Hasn't your speech pattern changed a bit?"

"Eh? W-what are you talking about."

Previously, she would said, 'Delish' there. Yet it's delicious now. Her tone is turning elegant, or tender.

"Hmph. Guess it doesn't matter."





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