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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.2



The monster who turned around and stared at Lecan with a look of wonder in its eyes was none other than Jericho.

"W, what?"

Lecan stood in blank amazement.

He's known Jericho for several years now. An extremely gentle and attentive ape. He's also highly intelligent.

He's looking at Lecan with innocent eyes nary of any malice, not a hint of madness, ferocity nor hostility either.

However, the overwhelming power emanating from him is still completely out in the open.

Even the boss on the last floor of Dungeon Tsubolt seemed less terrifying than the Jericho now.

(Can't win!)

Lecan has carelessly stepped within the other party's range. He could have been killed instantly if he made a wrong move here. Hence he couldn't even draw his sword. And without a sword, there's no way to win now that's he too close to afford time nor range to shoot magic.

(Is this Jericho's true nature?!)

He had always suspected the form Jericho assumed to spend his leisurely days was a camouflage.

But never in Lecan's wildest dream that Jericho held such tremendous power in reality.


It appears he was sweetly asking Lecan something.

Lecan swallowed his saliva, then he slowly took a step back starting with his right leg.

Jericho still isn't making any sign of attacking.

Lecan took another step back with his left leg.

He slowly, slowly retreated back all while keeping his sight locked on Jericho and trying to keep himself from carelessly showing any aggression.

Then he sighed out greatly.

(With this much distance, I can draw my sword even if it comes to it.)

Sweat overflowed out of his body.

How could he have failed to notice Jericho's monstrous strength until this point.

Of course, that's due to Shira's concealment.

Once he had put some distance away from Jericho, he turned around toward Shira's house.

The front door was still open from Eda entering.

Lecan stepped inside.

"Shira! I've got something to..."

The word 'Ask you' never left his mouth.

Jericho is inside the house, receiving souvenir from Eda.

Eda turned around and looked at Lecan. Jericho turned his sight at him as well.

"What's up, Lecan?"


Why's Jericho inside the house.

When he just met him in the garden.

That was when an enormous presence of magic erupted behind him.

Lecan swiftly turned around and drew his sword.

The magic presence vanished in the next instance. But Lecan's honed senses managed to detect the event that occurred in that split second.

It's Shira.
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Shira showed up and cast some sort of spell.

Shira's presence vanished when Lecan turned around.

"W-what, was that, just now?"

Leaving Eda's question unanswered, Lecan silently advanced forward with his sword still drawn.

Jericho was walking up toward the house. With Shira behind him. Of course Shira isn't displayed in <Life Detection>. Not even <Mana Detection> showed her. <3D Perceptions> only showed her figure hazily.


Eda ran out of the house while yelling out in surprise like a kid.

"Baachan, you're alive. Have you been well?"

"Long time no see, Eda. Oh I'm well all right. You've grown a lot, haven't you."

"You're back. You're back home. Are you staying here from now on?"

"No. I'm supposed to be missing after all, see. I took a little walk outside for a business today."

"By business, you mean about that ape-san? Is she maybe, Jericho's wife?"

Lecan turned to look at Jericho behind him and then at the approaching ape.


Looking closely, it's not the same.

Jericho's got slightly shorter arms compared to ordinary Longarm Apes, and his face resembles human somewhat. Ordinary Longarm Apes have light brown fur, while Jericho's is bluish black.

But this something resembling Jericho has reddish fur despite its shorter arms relative to ordinary Longarm Apes and human-like face. And it's got a meek expression on its face.

But they look alike. This new ape looks very much alike Jericho. And the monstrous power Lecan sensed earlier has vanished. Just what's going on here.


Jericho left the house and walked up to the ape in the garden. Then he gently hugged the ape. The other ape also softly hugged Jericho back.

When they're side by side like this, it's clear Jericho is slightly taller.

Jericho and the other ape tenderly locked eyes.

With Shira grinning and laughing behind them.

"Hey, hey, Shira-baachan. Is this girl, Jericho's wife?"

"She sure is. She's called Yurika."

"Waa, what a lovely name. Did you find her in a mountain somewhere?"

"Ah yep, some mountain nearby."


(Like hell a magic beast this hazardous lurks around some random mountain.)

"Jericho! Yurika! Congrats! You two look really good together."



The two apes were looking happily bashful together.

"Oh no, Lecan."


"We gotta ask Norma-san to make another room for Yurika too."




"Eh? You sure? Ah, right. You two are newlyweds after all. Guess sharing a room is a-okay then."






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