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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.2


The following day, a little while after breakfast, the five people who would go into the dungeon with them arrived.

An elderly woman of an awfully short stature.

A knight-looking woman clad in a high-class metal armor.

A woman with a wicked look on her eyes wearing a huge hat.

A small woman in a thief-styled outfit.

A big woman with two wands hanging on her waists.

The elderly woman piqued Lecan's interest. She's small, all smiles and looks like your harmless friendly neighborhood old woman at a glance. However, her true nature could not be farther from truth.

(Well damn.)

(She may not measure up to Shira.)

(But she's got more mana than me.)

(No less to expect from the <Dungeon of Magic> I guess.)

(Wonder if there are more monsters like this around here.)

Lecan has been using <Life Detection> in the town since yesterday, but since the town is choke-full of people with strong mana and they tend to crowd together in close proximity, Lecan failed to notice a mage of her caliber until now.

The other four have quite the mana pools themselves. These women may look like a knight or a thief, but their real nature must be that of mages.

"So you are Lecan-dono."

It's the knight-looking woman. She's an owner of startling beauty but she's got quite a strict expression. Her gaze is awfully sharp. Like it would stab you at anytime.

She's got an aura of the strong. Frankly speaking, this woman would have proved to be a far tougher opponent than the two people Lecan faced in the courtship duel. And even though her mana pool is not quite the elderly woman's level, it's still of a respectable amount.


"I am Ui, a magic knight affiliated with Palcimo Magic Knights. And from the right to the left, these here are Jiza, Fuan, Miru and Kim. We will accompany your quest to explore Dungeon Palcimo in the next three days."

"I see. Good to meet you. I'm Lecan. This boy here is Julius."

"Julius-dono. Pardon me for asking, how old are you?"

"I am thirteen year old. Please don't worry about adding dono to my name."

"So you are. But still, 13 years old huh."

Magic knight Ui's gaze loosened up. But that gentle gaze evaporated right away and she turned an icy gaze back at Lecan.

"So it seems that you have conquered Dungeon Tsubolt."


"You cannot be telling me that you brought Julius with you when you did."

"I didn't. Was with his father."
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"His... Father."

"Yes! My father and master Lecan conquered Dungeon Tsubolt together."

"I... see. You are following your father's footsteps."

"Yes! It's my goal to become an outstanding swordsman like father."

Ui turned an emotion-filled gaze at Julius but Lecan could not understand what that emotion held. Her gaze was back to a chilly temperature when she turned it at Lecan.

"Lecan-dono. How many people did you have in your party when you were exploring Dungeon Tsubolt?"

"We were together with three local adventurers until a point, after which I only had Arios with me."

"Have you explored other dungeons before Tsubolt?"

"Got to conquer Dungeon Ninae before Tsubolt."


The one answering her question was the diminutive elderly mage, Jiza.

"That's a dungeon further north from Tsubolt. I believe it has got 45 floors in total."

Her voice was hoarse and shrill yet carried a weirdly calming effect to it.

"So it is. A medium sized dungeon then. Lecan-dono. Did you conquer Ninae only with two people as well?"

"We were with another sword wielder and a <Recovery> user back then."

"So it was originally a four person party. And now it's only you and Julius. And yet you intend to continue exploring dungeons?"


"I see. What a sinful thing. No, excuse me. I said too much. Now then, Lecan-dono, should we head for the dungeon right away. Or should we wait after lunch?"

"Let's go now."

"Understood. Any one of us is able to fight a several times a day, therefore we can match your pace. Are we going to have lunch inside the dungeon?"

"Yea. Heard you can buy foodstuff near the mountain foot."

"Umu. You could get them here in this mansion as well, but I suppose you want to familiarize yourself with this dungeon's ways. We will buy them at the stalls."

"How much should I pay for your service?"

"It's my duty as a magic knight to accompany you, your reward is unnecessary. As for the other four, they are tagging along as part of a larger plan at the Magic Research Institute, hence it would be good of you if you allow them take property of items they acquired."

"You own the stuff you get, obviously. Same with other members. But that can't be called rewards for you."

"Nevertheless, it is our duty."

Jiza interrupted Ui here.

"Then how about one big silver coin per person a day, Lecan-chan?"

"I got it."

"Obaba-sama. That's way extravagant."

"It's fine, it's fine. That much won't even make a dent on Lecan-chan's pocket. Just accept the money as yours. Regard it as bonus gain. Would be a good motivation driver for you girls too, wouldn't it."

The elderly mage looked at everyone before turning all smiles at Lecan.

As a matter of fact, one big silver coin a day to have this elderly mage's companion is still way too cheap a deal. And this old woman is aware that Lecan thinks that.

Ui didn't pursue the matter any further.

They had two wagons split among themselves that transported them to Mt. Slinga where the dungeon is located.





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