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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.11


The three enjoyed a three day break to the fullest.

Being a town near the capital, Kozuin was simply far more bustling and flourishing than Ninae. There's a lot of entertainment venues to be found, from high class establishments in the heart of the town, to drama plays and live music.

As proclaimed, Eda energetically went around looking for good food, with Lecan and Julius in tow.

(Even when we're eating like now.)

(Eda's mannerism looks like it's gotten refined, or am I just imagining things?)

"What are you staring at, Lecan."

"I'm not."

Gwislan could also be found occasionally having meals in the same establishments, Lecan acted like he never saw him.

Then on the 13th of month one, they resumed their expedition.

"Julius. Put this on."

"Yes. Oh, it's a ring."

"Yeah. It's got a strong poison resistance."


You can't blame him for being shocked.

Julius has suffered through many instances of Fanged Rabbit's venom up to this point. Had it not for Eda's boundless mana and <Purification>, their expedition might have been cut short even.

"Good job enduring all the venom thus far. I'm sure you are now aware just how dreadful poison could be. I didn't let you have this right away so you wouldn't end up relying solely on equipment. But this thing is necessary from here on."


It's a Grace Gear called <Ring of Colshak>, its only Grace is <Poison Resistance>, but a very effective one.

From floor 36 down, there aren't many adventurers around.

After all, the Fanged Rabbits here are larger than Lecan, armed with powerful curses and abnormal status, they flock together in groups of up to 20 rabbits at times. Fighting them means risking your life. And yet, the only loot from them are slightly bigger magic stones, the risk reward ratio is simply not there.

But Lecan's group isn't here for rewards. Hence they got down this floor without any hesitation.

As a matter of fact, Lecan could have exterminated them all with simple barrages of <Flame Spears>. It would be even simpler with Eda's support using her <Bow of Yelvitz>.

However, Lecan opted to not deploy <Flame Spear> and fought with just <Sword of Rusk>. As it would make for a good training regime for Julius, and improve their coordination.

Lecan is charging at a swarm of 18 rabbits now.

A rabbit head would go flying whenever he came in contact with one. He would occasionally just cut the limbs before proceeding to his next target. Eda and Julius would take care of the leftover.

This coordination was giving very good results. Julius would skillfully deal with all the leftover rabbits as he followed Lecan from behind.

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(To think he could coordinate this well with me.)

(Kid is quite adaptable.)

They got to floor 39 that day before setting up a camp.

The following day would be the day they took on the dungeon boss. It was one Fanged Rabbit. It would hide itself lurking somewhere in the vast grassy plain of the last floor and ambush adventurers.

However, Lecan has the ability to detect his foes. He went straight to its hiding spot and flung a <Fire Arrow> at it.

And the fight began.

Despite facing off against a beast twice as big as him, Lecan did not falter in the slightest. Same with Eda and Julius.

The magic beast growled menacingly.

Trembling Lecan's body, and making him feel a slight sense of discomfort. It was a mind magic attack. The magic beast roared angrily when it saw that its attack had no effect at all and charged at Lecan.

Lecan faced it head-on.

And just when the beast was about to strike down both its forearms from overhead position, Lecan cut off its right hind leg. The rabbit tumbled down from its charging momentum.

A huge tremor erupted as its gigantic body fell and rolled on the ground, but then it used its forearms to lift itself up and charged at Lecan with its terrifyingly large bared fangs, that was when Julius rushed in and deeply slashed its neck.

(Superb sword handling.)

(In terms of techniques, he's better than me.)

The giant beast fell down and ceased moving.

After conquering Dungeon Kozuin, the three headed for Dungeon Rakash.

This dungeon mainly has insect-type magic beasts, with a high probability of potions of all kinds dropping.

At first Lecan intended to train Julius here as well, but then he tried out the <Mis-Insect Cutter> he got in Dungeon Tsubolt, and ended up enthralled to its extreme effectiveness in the dungeon. It cut tough and sturdy insect shells like butter. And it apparently even had some sort of suction ability, it would slice and dice all the small and swiftly flying insects like nothing.

Eda and Julius frantically went and opened all the dropped treasure chests and grabbed the potions inside, but even they couldn't keep up with Lecan's insect massacre pace.

In the end, they defeated the dungeon boss in two days. The last floor's boss had hundreds of familiars under its command, but Lecan killed them all with a barrage of <Lightning> and turned the boss into a treasure chest with a slash of <Mis-Insect Cutter>.

"Lecan. I didn't get to do anything at all though."

"Master defeated all the enemies I was going to take on. Master, you're incredible."

"Sorry. It's my bad."

Afterward, Lecan split up with the two and left for Vouka alone for the time being. He wants to collect Nichia Grass, an ingredient of Mana Restorative.

He sensed Shira's presence the instance he arrived at Vouka.


(She's finally back huh.)

Lecan went straight to Shira's house that night.

"You're late."

"What? You were waiting for me?"

"Yeah. There's something I want to ask you."

"Same for me."

"Hee? Well, sure thing. I'll go brew our tea."

"Yea, thanks."

He felt like he saw a glimmer of an eerie flame in Shira's eyes.





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