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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.12


Viska's face had been burned and crushed to pulp, his throat let out a weird steam puffing-like sound, yet he couldn't even scream. His right hand, still gripping the curved sword, had been cut off, blood kept gushing out of the stump.

Not even Eda's <Purification> could reconnect cut limbs.

Lecan put away <Comet Cutter> and took <God Cure>. Then he crushed it above Viska's face. The white shining liquid fell down on Viska's burned face, bringing about a miracle. His face regained its normalcy back.

Lecan sprinkled the remaining 2/3 <God Cure> on Viska's right arm. Then the stump made a wriggling movement before a new right arm reformed from it.

(So this is how <God Cure> works.)

(Impressive stuff.)

Lecan stared at the remains of <God Cure> in his right hand. There's a little bit of liquid still. He hesitated for a moment before throwing it on Viska's stomach.

One thing is clear now.

The ability he got from the Golden Potion Dungeon Tsubolt's boss dropped was <Self Regeneration>. Not sure how many times it can be used, but this ability lets him heal wounds on specific spots simply by willing for it without consuming mana nor any need for casting. It probably will never see that many uses, but it's an ability that will shine most when he's in a really tight spot.


(The wound on my neck hasn't completely healed.)

Far from that even, it remains quite a ghastly wound.

Lecan focused on the wound and willed it be healed.

Something seems like it's going into gear, but then it vanished before it could kick in.

(This ability does not completely heal you.)

(It only heals up to the bare minimum amount of survival.)

(And it's most likely unusable for a period of time after usage.)

Lecan took a Medium Red Potion and gulped it down, then his neck wound disappeared.

His cheekbone wound from the short spear also disappeared.

His left eye is still blind however.

A woman's voice could be heard from the audience that had fallen silent.

"Lecan-dono. Oh thank goodness. Thank goodness."

Heles is crying. And there's a man watching that crying Heles with an indignant expression, Solusgia Indole of Gido Marquisate.

Right, the one who screamed Lecan's name earlier was none other than Heles. She might have got the impression that Lecan died then since he did get his throat sliced. That shock prompted Heles to call out Lecan's name.

Solusgia stood up.
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"Adventurer Lecan. I challenge you to a duel!"

The audience rustled. The umpire, Haydent spoke to Solusgia.

"Solusgia-dono. Were you not going to hold a courtship duel with lady Heles after this?"

Solusgia replied to Haydent in a low voice, all while still glaring at Lecan.

"It appears my dear princess's heart has been stolen by that loathsome adventurer. I must kill that man and prove to her that I'm better than him, lest there be no first step."

"That duel is not in the schedule."

"We stand at an impressive arena, with an umpire as well as overseers. No more fitting situation for a marquis duel. Lord Giluent Notz."

Solusgia turned toward Giluent and bowed.

"Please allow me this duel."

Giluent asked Lecan with a composed voice.

"Lecan. What say you?"

"Right. Hold on a bit."

Lecan walked to Norma's seat and asked her.

"You heard them, what to do?"

"Lecan, thank you. I can never express how grateful I am for your victory."

"Ah, well good thing I won eh. Guess I made you worry."

"I thought my heart stopped for a moment there."

"That made me jump too, Lecan. But I believed you would win in the end."

Eda's smile put him at ease.

"Oh and as for the duel challenge, he did ask in the presence of four marquis houses and a messenger of the Prime Minister Office. You turning it down here would be akin to smearing dirt on his face."

"I see, guess I just gotta beat this guy up then."

"But still, Lecan. I had no idea you had a <God Cure> on you."

"That was something Manfrey gave me before I departed here."

"Manfrey-sama did?"

"Yea. That is one sensible man."

After saying that, Lecan turned around and walked off.

"I accept this challenge."

"Very well. Haydent."

"Sir. Solusiga Indole-dono. With Lecan-dono's consent, we shall now hold your duel with him."

"Ah, wait a minute."

"What seems to be the matter, Lecan-dono."

"Haven't got my loot yet."

Lecan jerked his chin at Viska.

Viska has gotten back on his feet, but he's just staring blankly, seemingly hasn't caught up with the ongoing situation.

Lecan picked up <Sword of Rusk> and put it in <Storage>. Then the <Explosion Sword>. Most of the items this time he got from Dungeon Tsubolt.

Then he walked up to Viska and checked his belongings with <3D Perceptions>.

His armor, helmet and curved swords are all excellent stuff. The necklace appears to be some sort of Grace Gear as well. But what Lecan wants is the thing that causes that weird petrifaction effect. That was no poison, magic nor curse. It must have been a Grace Gear of some kind.


(There's something hidden in his chest area.)

(Can't sense any mana from it though, doesn't seem noteworthy.)

(But, would you bring an item that does nothing to a duel?)


Viska looked startled when he saw Lecan cast appraisal.


(My appraisal won't pass?)

Lecan took his thin wand from <Storage>.

He held it up, calmed his mind and carefully kneaded his mana.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>."

<Name: Talisman of Dark Demon>

<Type: Talisman>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Waad Floor 120>

<Depth: 120>

<Grace: Stasis>

※Stasis: Once cast, all living beings within 120 steps, excluding the user, will cease moving for a duration of ten inner heart beats. Activation spell is <Gaspario Raaf>. This Grace Gear can only be activated once a day.





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