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Okami wa Nemuranai 43.15


They reached Floor 70 where there was a dearth of adventurers around.

Up to this point, Lecan only acted as a support for Eda and Julius in the battle, but the roles had been reversed here.

There were enemies who shoot magic so Lecan decided to give <Shield of Latto> a try. It's an item he got from defeating Dungeon Rakash's boss, a gigantic centipede, it possessed the <Magic Reflection> Grace.

Yet its effect betrayed Lecan's expectations.

It did reflect offensive magic, but the reflected magic got its firepower halved and there was no way to control its direction. And since it got a smooth surface, it was harder to employ than ordinary shields.

Lecan decided to sell the thing off.

They defeated the boss on the last floor on the 33rd of month three.

Dungeon Rotor's boss was a Petitfire Dragon (Palbeizam). It may be a lesser dragon, but being spawned on floor 80, it still proved to be a terrifying force.

Yet Lecan chopped off its head in a single stroke of <Myriad Dragon Cutter (Alzamscyll)>. As you'd expect from a Grace Gear he got on floor 149 of Dungeon Tsubolt, its destructive force was simply extraordinary.

As a matter of fact, Lecan had actually intended to use <Sword of Agost> in that fight. From the story he heard from Agost's wife at Town of Riplin, <Sword of Agost> is also known as <Dragon Destroying Blade>, it's a sword that was originally created to eliminate a dragon. However, that dragon was neither an Earth Dragon, a Flying Dragon, nor a Flame Dragon. Which means it's either a unique dragon, or a Divine Beast. He wanted to find out if the sword had an effect on the Petitfire Dragon, a type of Flame Dragon, but that would be for another time it seemed.

But still, the first dungeon he challenged in this world was Dungeon Golbul, and his match against the last floor's boss, a Greatarm Ogre was pretty much a draw. And now, he so easily demolished an 80-floor dungeon boss. Difficulty of a dungeon can't simply be estimated with numbers of floors they have, but as befitting of a floor 80's boss, the dragon was still quite a force to be reckoned with.

Lecan was overcome with a deep emotion as he offered his gratitude to the defeated dragon.

(I'm glad I came to this world.)

(I've gotten stronger.)

(And will get even stronger.)

The three went back to town and had a toast in a diner. The town had erupted into a huge commotion since the dungeon went dormant. Apparently, this dungeon rarely ever got conquered, though despite all the roaring yells and screams, no one noticed the three to be the heroic perpetrators.

"Julius. You said you want to go back home in spring."


"Come pay Vouka a visit before that. We're making armor from the materials we got. Go home once they've got your size."

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He looks happy.

Of course. There's no one who doesn't yearn to go into battle donning dragon armor. It's got naturally high physical and magical defensive property.

"Eda. We're making new armor for you and me too."

"Thank you. But, you know, I really like this light armor."

"Just put that away as a reserve armor."

"Oh, that'll do."

The dragon materials and its magic stone are inside Lecan's <Storage>. His Storage has evolved enough to store something as big as a cut-up dragon. No change with <Life Detection>, <Mana Detection>, and <3D Perceptions>. They've probably hit the upper cap. The townspeople are looking for adventurers that carry around dragon materials. Of course they won't find such adventurers. Some even yelled 'they must be still in the dungeon'. Dismantling a dragon the ordinary way would definitely take quite some time after all. And there's no adventurers who would just leave dragon materials to rot in the dungeon.

"Now then, let's all go back to Vouka. Gotta get ourselves sized up for the armor. As Julius is going home, Eda and I will go collect Shiagi grass. Then I'll make a mountain heap of Mana Restorative. We'll decide when to meet up again when we part ways."

Thus they made their way back, but then they had a change of plan during their stop at Wazrof. Manfrey said this when Lecan mentioned he wanted to ask his merchant acquaintance, Chaney, to make them dragon material armor.

"Lecan. Pardon me for asking, but do you think Vouka's craftsmen are even capable of making armor from dragon materials."

Now that he mentioned it, Chaney had to seek Vantaroy craftsmen's help even with Queen Armor's light armor back then.

"I'm saying this for your own good. Leave the creation of that armor to the craftsmen at Mashajain. You could sell the dragon's scales, eyes, horns, core, fangs and meat to that Chaney merchant instead."

"Sounds good. It's in your hands."

"Umu. I shall have the best craftsmen assembled."

Lecan presented the Petitfire Dragon's magic stone to Manfrey as a sign of much gratitude.

Dungeon Rotor has an extremely low rate of Treasure Chest drops, but in exchange one can get all the materials they could get there. Lecan had sold off all other materials they got on floor 1-50, but not the rest. He planned to sell them all off to Chaney.

He was asked if the cooks would be allowed to use the dragon's meat for dinner.

In Lecan's world, dragon's meat was highly valued as medicine materials, but none of them was edible. It was common sense among adventurers that dragon's meat tastes awful.

Thus, he said back 'yea, sure' despite thinking 'the heck they're asking'.

Manfrey was present during dinner that day, and Lecan found himself at a loss at the exquisiteness of dragon meat's flavor.

'I'm in another world all right'. Even 'common sense' is not at all common here.

According to Manfrey, dragon's meat in itself rots very slowly, but wrapping them in herbs and preservative cloth will make them last an entire year.

Flame Dragon's meat not only tastes good, it also has the effects of relieving fatigue and boosting stamina, it can help with the healing of illness and wounds, some even theorized that it also extends your life span. Apparently, there are even cases of children awakening to their latent magic potential after eating dragon's meat. In short, it's an extremely valuable thing.

"Manfrey. You can have half of the dragon's meat."


"Can you process the remaining half. I'm not selling that. Gonna keep it for myself."

After they were done sizing up, they parted ways with Julius. He had some dragon's meat with him as gift for Arios. They would meet again on the last day of month six, to finally challenge Dungeon Palcimo once again.

Thus Lecan and Eda went back to Vouka, where Lecan had a shocking encounter.

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