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The following day, Wazrof and Rainzats entourages both left Tsubolt at the same time.

Lecan wanted to head for Dungeon Palcimo right away, but Norma wouldn't allow him to.

"I beg of you, at least come with us until Mashajain. We must report back to Manfrey-sama and discuss future policy together. As you are one of the concerned parties, it would not do to have you absent."

He couldn't argue back to that and got on board the entourage to Mashajain.

Eda was called by Heles and transferred over to Rainzat's wagon along the way.

Heles, Norma, Lecan, Eda and Julius would have dinner together.

It was very fun.

That night, someone drew near the assigned space Lecan slept in.

"Chief, Chief."

"Whaddya want, Chubby."

"Indole and Fotos have sent out assassins aiming for Chief's life."


"You don't seem surprised at all."

"No, I am. They believe they could kill me huh."

"That confidence will be your undoing one of these days, Chief."

"I'll keep it in mind."

"Are you curious when and how they will raid you?"

"Not really."

"That's the part where you say, please tell me Gwislan."

"Please tell me, Chubby."

"Haa. Okay, let's see here. At the pace this convoy is going, you will part with Rainzats' entourage in five to six days. The raid will come after that."

"Ah. I see. Hm? They want me killed for sure, but what about Norma?"

"Apparently, they intend to kidnap her and get her married to Pentaros."

"Wasn't him disallowed to propose anymore?"

"Thus they won't formally ask for it. They want to make them married by force."

"I don't get the logic behind that. So they're picking a fight with Wazrof Household?"

"No no. Even if it's by abduction, not even Wazrof can object if they properly treat her as a wife. Gonna be lots of ill will though."


"So what about it, Chief."


"Won't you hire me?"

"Hire you then what."

"Isn't it obvious. I'll go find out when and where you will get attacked."

"Okay, you're hired."

"Hehehehe. What a joy. I'm now working under Chief."

"Get lost if you're done."

"You're so cold, Chief. Well then."

They parted ways with Heles on the morning of day six. Heles handed over a letter to Norma during the parting.

Their wagons kept going for a while before Gwislan showed up.

"Chief. Our foes are hiding near a hillside about a thousand steps from here. 12 in total, none has assassination skill sets."

"Hou. Don't these folks get spies with them?"

"Oh they do. They've been keeping track of your group's movement, Chief. Haven't you noticed?"

"I did feel that kinda presence."

"I knew it, Chief, you're helpless without me around."

"No, you're not needed."

"Oh, you jest."

As they got near the hillside, Lecan could sense the enemy's location as well.

Lecan stopped the wagon.

"Alright. We're heading out, Eda."


"Jinga, you stay with Norma."


Eda and Lecan approached the enemy, Lecan informed Eda where the enemy is at. Eda located the precise spots with <Detection> and put them to sleep with <Sleep> magic. She could cover a much bigger range now.

"Lecan. I put them to sleep as you asked. There were some really really tough ones resisting though."

"Hou. Guessing it's Grace Gear related. What did you do to them?"

"I forced my way in."

Boosting Eda at Dungeon Tsubolt was a success.


"Right here."

"We've put those lurking thugs to sleep, is this all?"

"Yes. None stands in your way anymore. But really, <Sleep> from this far away is it. She's incredible."

"Here's your reward."

Lecan threw a coin, Chubby fetched it.

"Isn't this one large gold coin!"

"That's how much your info worth."

"Oh dear, I don't have the change for this."

"Keep the change."

"Now that it's come to this, I gotta work for the change's worth."

"I said keep it."

"I shall accompany Chief in the background for a while."

"No. Get lost. Aa."

"He really did vanish. What was that person anyway?"

"A spy."

"Hee. What's his name?"


"That's not a name, isn't it. What's his real name?"

"...Beats me?"

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"What's wrong, Norma."

"I received a letter from Heles-dono."

"So you did."

"She wrote how happy she is for Lecan-dono to be her elder sister's fiance."


"It's my joy for you who bears the same face, the same heart and the same blood as me to be next to Lecan-dono, she said."


"She also told me to take good care of Eda-dono."

"I see."

"Lecan. I'm ashamed of myself."

"Hmph? Ah, right, Norma. Do you know what <Gaspario Raaf> means?"

"No, that term is foreign to me. It sounds a bit like an ancient language. I'll get it looked later."


"Lecan. Umm, you see."

"What's wrong."

"I wanna go to the capital and stay there for a while after we get to Mashajain."

"I'm not going."

"It's just me. Heles-san invited me."

"Hou? What are you gonna do there?"

"I'm gonna wear pretty clothes, eat tasty cake, and also."

"And also."

"It's a secret."

"What the heck."

"Either way, I wanna go to the capital. I can, right?"

"How long do you plan on staying?"

"Unn. Think about three months."

"Then let's make Wazrof our base of contact. I'm heading to Palcimo with Julius. Dunno how long it'll take, but I gotta get back at Vouka once by month ten for something I can't miss. I'll drop by Wazrof before returning to Vouka."

One of Mana Restorative ingredients, Tago Grass must be harvested between month nine and ten. There might be some around Palcimo if he just looked, but finding a spot where an abundance of them grow like Shira showed likely won't be easy. Then he might as well go back to Vouka.

"Ah. Then we should go back to Vouka together. Let's do that. Won't you contact me once you're back at Wazrof, Lecan? Then I can travel to Wazrof too."

"Got it."



"Why didn't you use that <God Cure> on yourself?"

"Cause I didn't acquire that one on my own."



"I'm gonna give it my all."

"Yea. Looking forward to it.


"Ah. And here's for you."

"What's this?"

"Something I took from Solusgia. It's a type of <Box> called <Free Box>. It's got a bigger capacity than ordinary <Box> and while it swell when you put things in, it won't bulge that much unless you put a really big item. From appraising the thing, seems it can hold hundreds of its size, and is very sturdily made."

"You're giving me this?"


"Thank you (Narou), Lecan!"

"Watch out for thieves. And stuff breaks no matter how sturdy they are. The insides would spill out then. So keep your important stuff in separate storage."

"Un. Got it."


"First of all, I must congratulate you for your victory. I have heard reports on how merciless you were."


"Manfrey-sama. I have a suggestion."

"What would it be, Norma."

"What if we withdraw the application to revise our Family Tree Records?"


"The prime minister seems to be quite against it."

"That is because they would be admitting lies carried out by the royal family. Of course, he is not happy."

"Thus we can make him owe us a favor by withdrawing."


"Besides, Rainzats side should be relieved as well by that."

"What? Rainzats have made a definite promise that they will be fully compliant with us in the matter."

"Because that's the only choice they have. But the prime minister is the biological little brother of Rainzats's family head. I'm sure he's aware of the distress his brother is experiencing serving the royal family. He will surely breathe a sigh of relief if we extend a helping hand to the prime minister."

"I see. That might be the case. Even without Family Tree Records revision, the fact that their heir and Heles-dono are of a noble lineage shall remain undisputed. In fact, it'd be problematic if it was known that the royal family blood runs through them. But then what about you. Are you truly fine with that."

"That path is preferable to me as well."

Manfrey looked at Norma. Then at Lecan.

If the fact that Norma is the noblest lady of Wazrof becomes public, she can no longer marry Lecan. The only way to make it happens is if Lecan becomes a court ranked noble. But by doing so, Norma can't assume her position as the heiress of Goncourt. And it's doubtful if Lecan is even willing to become a court ranked noble.

"I see. I understand. So that is your wish."


"To be engaged to Lecan as the heiress to Goncourt Household."


"Very well. Our house shall send congratulatory gifts. Lecan, Norma is in your hands."


Manfrey gave a wealth of money to Norma as a congratulatory gift. Norma is also given annuity from Wazrof. Meaning, Norma's engagement with Lecan has been formally recognized by Wazrof.

"Lecan. There is this pond hidden behind branches of trees deep within Goncourt compound. I plan to build an annex in that spot of land as our dwelling. A small house for you, me, Eda, Jinga and also Jericho to live in. You're always welcome to come back to it and rest your wings there. We will have good liquor ready at all time. And also, right. I'll build a bath too. A small yet comforting bath. I'll build it where you can gaze at the pond and trees. Cause I know you really love bath."

Won't mind staying at that kind of annex whenever I drop by Vouka, thought Lecan.

"Can you build a hut to dry and mix medicinal plants too."

"That's easily done. Mind telling how you want it arranged?"

So long as it's got a big furnace, Lecan can bring everything else from Shira's house. Lecan had a big smile on his face as he imagined a future where he could make medicine to his heart's content.



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