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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.8


It was not even evening yet when they got out of the dungeon.

"Got somewhere I need to go to. You go back ahead."

"Master. I don't know the way there."

"Ah, it's okay, Julius-kun. I've got it memorized."

"Eda-neesan, you're amazing."


"Get the bath ready. I want to get in right away later."

"Un. I got you."

Lecan went to the <Summit Honor Inn> and asked the receptionist there.

"Well, well, Lecan-sama. Welcome to our humble abode."

"Do you sell large blue potions here."

"Yes. One person may buy up to 10 pieces per day."

The thought, 'stingy', crossed Lecan's mind for a second, but thinking again, ordinary mages probably could only use up to two a day. Ordinarily, buying ten Large Blue Potions at once is not normal.

"Okay, get me 10. Also, I'm gonna purchase ten pieces every day for the next ten days starting tomorrow. Any problem?"


"However, I prolly won't come here every day, so put them in reserve."


"Here's the payment for 110 pieces."

"Thank you very much."

It hit Lecan after he paid the cost.

"Oh right, heard you can purchase mana restoratives made by this apothecary called Pujo or something."

"Yes. They would be Pijo-shi's mana restoratives. You can purchase up to three pieces per person a day."

"Okay, get me three. And three more every day for ten days starting tomorrow."


The Rock Terrace Inn's bath was wonderful. The Summit Honor Inn's one may have a better bath. But he's hit with an urge to eat Rock Terrace Inn's food after bath. As a result, Rock Terrace wins in overall points.

As Lecan left the bath, Eliza was already waiting.

"Lecan-dono! Just what in the world is going on!"

"Cool it, Eliza. Nark, booze. And some snack to go with it."
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"Sure thing."

Lecan replied to Eliza while sipping his fermented liquor.

Booze after spending days inside a dungeon is simply something else. It soaks up into every corner of your body, reminding how alive you are.

As Eliza is aware of the courtship duel, Lecan told her what he knew. Except the matter with <White Snow Flower Princess>.

"Wait a moment. Does that mean Lecan-dono also has a relationship with Lady Heles of Rainzats Household?"

"Yea. I conquered Dungeon Ninae with this Eda here and Arios, Heles was with us at the time."

"Un. Heles-san is a member of <Willard> with us."

"A party member of Lecan-dono's party. I see, so she is. I thought there is no way she, a woman she is, could have conquered Dungeon Ninae, I see now it was thanks to Lecan-dono's help."

"So when's the duel again?"

"It will be on the 20th this month."

"Hou. Quite soon."

"As such, Lecan-dono, you are to transfer over to the townlord's mansion right away."


"Then when will you?"

"Will be decided after talking to Norma."

"That's the lady who is your fiancee, isn't she. Please tell me about her in detail."

"Why'd you wanna know that."

"Because it is my duty as the General Dungeon Chief Administrator."

Eda explained the relationship between Lecan and Norma in place of Lecan who couldn't be bothered to.

Then Eliza's interest seemed to switch to Eda as she began questioning Eda many things.

Eliza ordered dinner and wine. For some reason, she hit it off really well with Eda and the two got in a deep talk as Lecan chatted with <Grindam> folk.

The following day, Lecan took Eda and Julius out for lunch at <Brilliant Blossom District>. Eda wanted to shop around with Julius, so Lecan went to loiter around the city alone.

He arrived at a street bustling with people. A peddler carrying a huge luggage on his back got bumped by a passerby and fell down before Lecan. The man sent a curious glance as he tumbled, thus Lecan also crouched down to match their eye level. As the man lifted his face, he spoke in whisper with a smile.

"The duel will be held on the 20th at three of needlefish time. Norma-sama will arrive here on the 18th. Please be at the inn on noon of the 20th."

"Got it."

After visiting a few shops, Lecan went back to the <Rock Terrace Inn>.

As today is the 8th of month eight, there's still 10 days left until the 18th.

(Now then, what to do.)

The dungeon exploration this time was mainly to raise Julius's physical strength. His training could only begin for real by doing so and that goal has been achieved.

Yet they've still got time. The three of them can break through floor 90. And the enemies on floor 100s would work best as Julius's sparring partners.

Once Eda and Julius got back in the evening, Lecan spoke.

"Tomorrow and the day after are rest days. Afterward we're diving in the dungeon for seven days."

"Yes. Master."

"Un. I got it."

Eliza came again that night.

"Speaking of, you seemed quite fixated on those Palcimo Magic Knights something."

"My mother's family hails from Palcimo. I was raised hearing stories of magic knights' splendor since childhood. I'm a woman, my physique falls behind men nor do I have their strength. I always yearned for them, thinking even I could become stronger if only I could use magic."

"Has Palcimo made a knight dispatch request to Tsubolt before?"

"Oh, did I divulge that matter to you as well? Umu. However, only knights with mana could be dispatched. Thus we could not respond to their request."

"Knights with mana?"

"Only those with mana can enter Dungeon Palcimo."


Lecan has mana. Eda too. As well as Julius.

"You just gotta have mana yeah? Even if you can't cast magic."

"From what I've heard, you don't have to know to cast magic."

(Sounds fun.)

(Guess I'll head to Palcimo once the duel's done.)






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