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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.10


Solusgia and Heles had been listening to Pentaros and Norma's conversation in silence, but then Solusgia spoke as if he was following up Pentaros's words.

"Lady Heles. Forgive us for speaking badly of your uncle. But to be frank with you, us men of the sea just cannot agree with that type."

"Solusgia-dono. You need not apologize. Even I was getting angry as I listened to Norma just now."

"Hahaha. Your character is like that of a female pirate. Right, if I'm not mistaken, prime minister-dono was against you becoming a knight of the royal princess."

"Yes, that's true. Uncle visited me urging me to get married, then when he found out I wouldn't give up on my dream to become a knight, he told me he'd support my aspiration if I could conquer a fitting dungeon. Despite of that, he schemed around behind my back to make sure that no strong adventurers in the capital's Adventurer Association would take my quest."

"Yeah that. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that you conquered Dungeon Ninae. I've also heard about how the proof, Queen Spider's head and legs have been put at the entrance to the inner palace as a way to intimidate those with wicked thoughts."

Afterward, everyone listened to Heles narrating her story of exploring the dungeon. Heles did mention how she met three powerful adventurers who joined her to conquer the dungeon, but she wouldn't specify their names.

(Wonder why won't she say Lecan's and Eda's names.)

(And that Arios man too.)

(No, wait. I see.)

It's probably because she loathes to talk about their names so lightly. That's how much Heles treasures her experience at Ninae.

"Well damn. Oy, Solus. Doesn't this remind you of <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola>."

"I had the same thought, Taros. Never saw a landlubber woman like this."

<Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> must refer to the wife of the <Pirate King Daros> which had his heydays long before the founding of Zaka Kingdom. Daros fell for Nicola and kept proposing to her, but Nicola would always reject him every time. But then Daros's persistence finally bore fruit, and he miraculously managed to marry Nicola. Afterward, Daros would go on to reign supreme over vast seas and coasts to the point of becoming known as <Pirate King> but he was an extremely capricious man who fooled around with women everywhere, in the end he was beheaded by an angry Nicola.

This <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> must be what Gido and Smarc consider the best kind of woman. Incidentally, both Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc asserted that they were descendants of Daros and Nicola. Fujisur told Norma that knowing this story is the traditional way to understand the characters of Gido and Smarc.

The two are looking longingly at Heles.

"I wonder if <White Snow Flower Princess> was a dignified lady like her."
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"She must be. Gotta watch out for our heads else they came off."

Pentaros and Solusgia happily laughed together.

These two have a weird sense of humor.

Heles probably came dressed in full armor to make a point that she's not your usual lady, to make them think they shouldn't make her their wife. But that plan backfired on her instead.

You'd normally think those who would fall for such a graceful lady like princess Lorecia can't possible harbor any interest in someone who attends a marriage interview in armor. Yet these men somehow see vestiges of <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> on that painting of her.

(Hold on.)

(Who said that princess Lorecia was a graceful lady.)

(I came to that conclusion just from seeing her portrait.)

(I merely imagined that's how she was from the name <White Snow Flower Princess>.)

(What proof do I have to say that what these men believe is the false one here?)

"Oh yeah, lady Norma."


"Did that raccoon PM try to worm his way into planting his subordinates for today with you?"

"Yeah. He did make an attempt."

"What? What did that old coot say to you?"

"Just as we were done talking and heading for the door, he called us and said this. 'Ah, also, since the dinner tomorrow will be held at a garden owned by the royal family, some PM Office personnel will be present incognito, I hope you understand. Naturally, we have sent messengers to Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc about this matter.'"

"That damn old goat. And? How did you reply."

"I spoke thus to the house aide of Wazrof. 'Send messengers to the two marquises and tell them that the prime minister has offered the presence of PM Office's personnel during the dinner, ask them if we should approve this. Ah and also, ask them if Prime Minister-Dono had sent them a messenger and what that messenger said. I shall wait here.'"

"What? I see. Well, damn. Hahahahaha. And how did that old raccoon respond?"

"He said, 'No need for those messengers. It's my bad. I take back what I said.'"





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