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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.9_10


The head of Wazrof passed away, his heir succeeded him.

In other word, princess Lorecia's husband took up the position of marquis. You'd think princess Lorecia would be treated better after this, but it was not to be.

There was princess Lorecia's husband's first wife, Kicchina. She was acting reservedly when the previous late marquis was still alive, but after his death, she began to tighten the rein on the house.

Naturally Kicchina was aware of princess Lorecia being the <White Snow Flower Princess>. Unclear how it all began, but Kicchina detested Lorecia to the bone, she would keep making her use <Purification> on the family's authoritative figures to the point of exhaustion.

Princess Lorecia left this world at a tender age after giving birth to a daughter by name Lilia, and a son, Sasfrey. Kicchina followed not long after.

Lilia grew up into a beautiful lady. She fell in love with the eldest son of Rainzats House during his visit, and ended up getting married off to Rainzats. Due to that, Lilia got recorded as a daughter of the first wife, Kicchina in the family tree.

After seeing Sasfrey who looked lonesome all by himself in the house, the marquis sent him away to somewhere he could absorb himself in his research and study, outside Wazrof's sphere of influence. He would only call Sasfrey and his family back when he felt his death was approaching.

The marquis was afraid people holding power in Wazrof would try to get their hands on Korona like in the past once she manifested <Purification>, thus he opted to put Korona under custody for her protection.

The marquis eventually passed away, as well as Korona.

Years passed with nothing of note. The topic of <White Snow Flower Princess> also faded away in nobles' rumor mills. It was supposed to have been something that belonged in the past.

Meanwhile, this year Heles Rainzats assumed her duty as an escort knight of the king's eldest daughter, Princess Eltoria. Anyone who saw her figure would mutter these words.

"She looks similar to <White Snow Flower Princess>."

The royal family has kept a painting of princess Lorecia. This was painted when the princess was getting adopted to Rainzats.

During the announcement of princess Lorecia's passing, both Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc requested the king to let them have a view on the treasured painting of her. The king could not deny them of the act. The marquises and their sons besought the king to allow them at least keep the memory of her beauty. The king was bewildered but he could not afford to decline them.

After that point on, princess Lorecia's portrait would be put up deep inside the royal palace, so the king's consorts and court ladies could take a look at it. Additionally, her portrait also exists in both Gido and Smarc Marquisette.

Those who have witnessed <White Snow Flower Princess>'s portrait all unanimously said that Heles looks similar. This got quickly circulated to the noble network.

Then, on the 39th of month three, messengers from both Gido and Smarc Marquisettes visited Wazrof.

"The eldest son of Marquis of Gido, Solusgia Indole and the eldest son of Marquis of Smarc, Pentaros Fotos would like to have a meeting with Lady Heles Rainzats of Transhe Marquisette, and lady Norma Wazrof of Mashajain Marquisette at the <Snow Flower Arbor> in the royal capital."

Thus both the marquises proposed.

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"Lady Heles formally assumed her duty on the 1st of month one this year, but she had frequently made a visit to the inner palace since last year. I am unsure when the two marquises realized the possibility of lady Heles being a descendant of <White Snow Flower Princess>. But they must have done their research afterward. And with the influences and powers afforded by those two marquises, they are sure to have dug out a great part of the truth."

"Since lady Lilia was a member of Wazrof, I'm sure they must have started their investigation from here."

"Indeed. And they quickly figured out that lady Lilia was no daughter of lady Kicchina."

"But how did they trace back from there. Princess Lorecia was not recorded in the family tree, wasn't she."

"I have no idea how and where they managed that. But news of the sixth son who lived faraway suddenly getting called back near the previous late marquis's death surely turned into a big rumor among our relatives and concerned nobles. That must have spilled to the town populace as well. The sixth son's existence was a well kept secret until then."

"Is that true. I suppose they would then began asking the question who that sixth son's mother was."

"That or perhaps they merely guessed that the sixth son had the same mother as lady Lilia's unknown mother. I do not believe they had the time to sent a spy deep into our family however. It was likely spies sent to Vouka."

"To Vouka?"

"Some spies are  expert in drawing plans and portraits of people. They must have compared your painted portrait with <White Snow Flower Princess>'s."

"Eh? My portrait? Could it be that I look similar to princess Lorecia?"

"Very much alike."

Manfrey signaled to the aide standing behind him with his eyes.

The aide took down a veil covering a stand in the corner of the room, unveiling a portrait.

It must be a portrait of <White Snow Flower Princess>.

Ephemeral. Beautiful. You could feel a fleeting glitter of life just by looking at it. Her skin looks as if it's transparent, her lips are like jewels.

And she does indeed look like Norma.





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