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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.13


"To begin with, Transhe is a vast and rich territory. Its neighboring lords, including Marquis Ejis, and Baron Moudo look up to Rainzats as their leader. This might be even the chance House of Rainzats has been waiting for to finally stop looking after the royal family and distance themselves from the capital and develop their region to gain power."

"But what about their historical favor."


"About the favor the founder king awarded to their forefather, Mashka Pere-sama."


Manfrey sunk his body deep in his sofa.

"The royal family may have embellished that story, but ask any old noble families and they will tell you how nonsensical that is."

"That is to say?"

"When the founder king was first trying to raise an army, he had few allies and zero funds, his only choice was to borrow soldiers from House of Pere. Even after that, they would keep fleeing back to Pere whenever they got themselves in trouble. They would have never won in the founding wars without the soldiers, arms and funds provided by House of Pere. To House of Pere, they always got dragged into trouble just because they helped in the beginning. And even after the kingdom was founded, it would have never lasted without the administration support by House of Pere."

"Is that what happened."

"Umu. Even the name Rainzats is nothing more than an ostentatious display of their higher importance."

Things finally make sense to Norma after hearing that. She was a bit bothered by how clean the story of Mashka Pere she heard from Prado was.

And that would also mean the story of <White Snow Flower Princess> as told by Manfrey may have some doubtful points as well. It shows Wazrof too much on the right. Rainzats and the royal family likely have their own versions of the story as well. But that's only right. Any house would want to believe that they walk on the right path.

"I'm not really well versed in Kingdom History, but if I recall, haven't all previous prime minister come from Rainzats?"

"Indeed. Rainzats has always sent only the prime minister as personnel. In exchange, they do not provide other human resources."

"Which means, the fact that lady Heles has taken up an office."

"Umu. It must have been quite a blow to Rainzats. On the contrary, the royal family must be elated. I am confident they will be trying to get lady Heles join the royal family one way or another."

"Does Rainzats have little connection with the royal family?"

"Neither Rainzats nor Wazrof has had a direct matrimonial relationship with the royal family."

"Is that right. Fumu. Manfrey-sama."

"What is it."

"What do Marquis Gido and Marquis Smarc want from all this."

"That I do not know."

"Viscount Goroun, do you have any idea?"

"We have too little information. This matter came up too abruptly."

"Findin. Anything in mind?"

"I am unable to hazard a guess. Therefore the only option is to ask them directly."

"Fufu. I see."
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"Ask them directly?"

"Manfrey-sama. Of course, it means to ask them directly in that sham marriage meeting."

"You will go then?"

"I don't believe I could refuse this."


"Running away here won't improve the situation. Only worsen it. Then we might as well respond quickly."

"That will be great to this house."

"Is the other party aware that I'm at Vouka?"

"This house believes that is so."

"Where are the eldest sons of the two marquisettes now?"

"They should be at the capital."

All town lords have residences in the royal capital. Considering their position, it must be quite the mansions.

"Then I shall head to the capital tomorrow. Could you message Gido, Smarc and Rainzats regarding that?"

If they go to the capital now, it will signify that they are responding back in the shortest time possible. A show of sincerity. Which is important right now.

Afterward, Manfrey, Norma, Wazrof House Aide Fujisur and Goncourt Butler Aide Findin held a meeting to discuss their future plans.

First of all, even in the worst situation of Wazrof and Rainzats ending up opposing Gido Marquisette House of Indole, and Smarc Marquisette House of Fotos, neither of the house would be in danger of falling into ruin. The opposite even, were Indole and Fotos to cut their economic ties with Wazrof and Rainzats, they would be the ones suffering most.

However, if Rainzats cut ties with the royal family, both Indole and Fotos could increase their salt and spices sales to the capital.

Military strength-wise both Wazrof and Rainzats also surpass Indole and Fotos, it's impossible for them to invade and destroy the territories.

As for the royal family, it would be bad for them if their relationship with Indole or Fotos deteriorates. But so will be they if Rainzats or Wazrof were to shun them.

Additionally, both Rainzats and Wazrof do not wish to disturb the peace of the entire kingdom either, so they'd prefer if they don't end up antagonizing Indole and Fotos.

Neither Indole or Fotos themselves should have any intention in antagonizing the royal family. Otherwise, they won't be able to make best use of their harbor towns.

As such, they surely won't demand anything outrageous to quell the matter.

"I see. I've got a solid grasp on the situation now. Fujisur-dono."


"Could you prepare documents that pertain House of Indole and House of Fotos. I'd like to read them on the way to the capital and during my stay there."


"Especially documents that have examples on how those houses do things. Like what are the things they deem important and what basis they use to make decisions."


"I would also like documents on the financial relations between both territories and the capital."

"M-ma'am. I am not sure if we could prepare all those in a night."



"You go to the capital with Norma."

"Wha? But, sir."

"You yourself shall give explanations on the matters lacking in the documents."

Dispatching the house aide of a huge house like Wazrof is a big deal.

It shows how grave Manfrey sees this situation.





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