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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.12


"Now then, I believe you have an understanding on the situation we are facing. And so."

Manfrey sent a sharp glance at Norma.

"Will you deal with this matter as Norma Goncourt then."

This is an unpleasant question.

If Norma were to position herself as a Goncourt, she also would have to deal with this group marriage meeting as a member of Goncourt. Of course House of Goncourt has no means to negotiate with Gido or Smarc Marquisettes. They could only say yes to those two big houses.

If she wishes to correspond to them as Norma Wazrof, she has to lower her head to Manfrey and begs.

Manfrey is likely a bit peeved by how Norma dealt with his messenger, Viscount Goroun and makes use of this opportunity to get even.

Norma smiled.


"What would it be."

"Let's not do this."


"Both you and I cannot afford to quibble over this issue with our honor on the line."

Manfrey had a look of surprise on his eyes. He didn't expect Norma to say that.

"Even if I were to go back to Vouka and dealt with the matter as the heiress of Goncourt, what the head of Wazrof had done could never be undone."


"In fact, by doing so, Wazrof would lose their only means to take part in the ever changing situations nor could they obtain enough information, resulting in getting cornered into being forced into taking responsibility."

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"Of course, Goncourt cannot hope to go up against both houses alone."


"This is the time to think this over together, to join hands and find a way out of this issue."

Manfrey could only stare at Norma for a while, not saying a word.


"What is it."

"Would you summon Viscount Goroun to this place."

"What? No, understood. Oy."

As commanded, the house aide got a butler to bring viscount Goroun to the room.

Norma stood up and welcomed him.

"Viscount Goroun. Manfrey-sama has informed me of the circumstances. It is indeed a grave issue. I must apologize for asking unreasonable demands and for any slights my actions may have caused you who came all the way to Vouka."

"Ah, that's. Please, Norma-sama. It was my fault for not gathering information about how you succeeded House of Goncourt beforehand. It is I who should apologize."

"Will you forgive me then."

"There is nothing to forgive. I am just glad I could carry out my duty of escorting Norma-sama to talk with Manfrey-sama. I'm truly grateful for your swift responses."

This is not an attitude a viscount would take while interacting with a backcountry noble like Goncourt. It's as if he's talking to a member of the main Wazrof house.

But as he was summoned to a room where Manfrey and Norma were having a talk, he could not afford to take a heavy handed attitude to Manfrey's cousin before his eyes. And above all, viscount Goroun naturally just bowed his head at Norma's calm and composed behavior.

And thus, with viscount Goroun's words, the discourtesy Norma conducted against House of Wazrof has been forgiven.

"Are you really that Norma?"

Manfrey seems to find himself bewildered to compare the Norma he knew during childhood and the Norma before his eyes now.

Norma smiled and sat back on her sofa.

"Manfrey-sama. Let us have a talk together now. On how exactly should we approach this problem."

Norma glanced at viscount Goroun.

"Yes indeed. Viscount Goroun, I ask for your presence here. We shall now open a council to discuss how House of Wazrof should overcome this predicament. Lend us your wisdom."

"Sir. To the best of my ability."

Tea was brought for viscount Goroun too.

The one who had the honor to open was of course, Manfrey.

"We have a contact from Rainzats. Messengers from Gido and Smarc had also paid them a visit on 38th of month three. They demanded the exact same thing they did our house, according to Rainzats."

From Gido and Smarc, the distances to Mashajain and Transhe are about the same, but Transhe may be a little bit closer. Thus how their messengers arrived at Rainzats a day earlier.

"How does Rainzats plan to deal with it?"

"Calm down now. They've assumed the position of being fine whether to respond to Smarc and Gido's demand, or not. They are even willing to take responsibility if it comes down to it."

"How do they plan to take responsibility?"

"The prime minister and lady Heles would surrender their positions and they would also withdraw from Transhe."

The current PM is the younger brother of the family head of Rainzats, Marquis of Transhe. Lady Heles is a daughter of the family head. These two are willing to leave their office at the capital.

"However, they have also made preparations on other steps depending on how House of Wazrof plans to respond, thus I am told."





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