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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.7


"I'll get in first and lure the enemies. Eda, you go in after waiting a breath. Take care of the five <Red Body> lurking deep in the left side."


"However, if you get hit, leave the room right away and cast <Purification> on yourself. Julius, you follow after Eda. Take her out of the room if she's hurt."

"Yes, master."

"I'll exit the room as well if that happens. We'll resume the match after recovering."

"Un, I got it."

Lecan lightly kneaded his mana.

Eda readied herself to cast <Purification> too.

Lecan rushed in the room.

"<Fire Arrow>!"

20 <Fire Arrows> pierced the magic beasts inside. Of course, mere <Fire Arrows> don't deal that much damage to White Specter on a floor this deep. However <Fire Arrow> can be cast far faster than <Lightning>. It's a surefire way to get initiative.


A fierce barrage of <Purification>. But one of them hit the arm of a <Black Body> instead, wholly erasing it.

"Ah. <Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification>."

Eda who missed one <Red Body> unleashed another barrage of <Purification> in a panic.

A <Black Body> whose head Lecan just cut off vanished before his very eyes.

Another <Black Body> with a leg cut by Julius as he went for the neck also disappeared before him.

In the end, Eda erased all ten White Specters by herself.

Lecan and Julius could only stare in amazement.

"Ah. Sorry. I ended up shooting too many."

One thing is clear now.

<Purification> works on dead White Specters too.

Lecan gave a mana restorative and a large Blue Potion to Eda.

They entered another room on floor 90. They came across another party in the passage. That party looked as if they had just seen ghosts when they saw Lecan's group.

This time, Eda beat five <Red Body>, Lecan three <Black Body> and Julius two <Black Body>.

They got in another room. As Lecan went for his third <Black Body>, Julius jumped in and defeated it when Lecan failed to reap its neck fully.

Back then Lecan had to use <Sword of Odo> because <Sword of Rusk> didn't work well on this floor. Now, <Sword of Rusk> could deal with the enemies here, but sometimes it can't finish the job in one strike depending on the positions.

Julius is managing to decapitate these beasts well enough despite the large gap in statures. Which is thanks to his sword's excellent performance, and Julius himself for having the skill to draw out its sharpness. Julius's ability specializes in sharpness.

They got in another room. This time Lecan took care of three <Black Body>, Julius two.

"Fumu. Julius. Let's have a practice together."

"Yes. Thank you in advance, master."

They got in a vacant room and exchanged blows.


(His fighting style is solidifying nicely.)

His speed is not yet at Arios's level, but in term of swordsmanship elegance, Julius might have Arios beat. The way he connects move to move has seen distinct improvements. Or perhaps you could say that Arios's mastery is such to the point you can't even tell when he connects sword moves.

And the weight on each and every strike has made a remarkable increase.

(This boy should stay the way he's now as he grows.)

(Gotta avoid teaching him some weird fighting styles.)

"Alright. We're done."

"Haa. Haa. Haa. Haa. T-thank you for your guidance."

"Yep. Time to get out of the dungeon. We're gonna sleep tight at our inn tonight."


"Yay. The food at that inn is super good."

"Yeah, the vegetables especially."

"Eh? Lecan, you eat veggies?"

"I always do."

"But you like meat much more right?"

"That inn is special."

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Dungeon Chief Administrator, Eliza Notz was notified when Lecan entered the dungeon. The same evening, she went to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> with her knight escort in tow. Lecan did stay there last night. He also made a reservation for a long term stay.

Eliza waited till quite late at night, but Lecan never came back.

The day after, she left a directive to the guard stationed at the dungeon entrance.

"Report to the Dungeon General Administrative Office the moment Dungeon Tsubolt First Conqueror, Lecan exited the dungeon."

She also ordered some spies. To watch over <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> and immediately report to her when Lecan came back.

Yet, none saw Lecan again day after day waiting.

The majority of Dungeon Tsubolt explorers make a day trip before returning to surface. That isn't so at other dungeons, but Eliza's common sense is that of staying overnight in a dungeon is abnormal.

That abnormality continued on for three days.

An adventurer of Lecan's caliber can't possibly make a mistake. However, dungeons are places where the unexpected can and will happen when you least expect it, doesn't matter how skilled an adventurer you are, your life may forfeit at any given moment. Moreso since Lecan took along two young kids with him inside. Taking on a dungeon with a kid is a bizarre enough act to begin with.

Just what's going on.

How's Lecan doing right now.

As unrest grew within her, messengers sent by Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc paid her uncle, the marquis a visit on the fourth day.

Each of those marquises wish to hold a courtship duel. And the opponent of Marquis of Smarc's proxy, is the fiance of the other party, a Vouka adventurer by the name Lecan.

They have requested Marquis of Tsubolt to provide the duel venue and to serve as the witness in those duels.

Eliza's state of mind fell into disarray. She was getting uncharacteristically irate for no reason. Unable to stand it anymore, she went to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> and had dinner there. Lecan did not come back either that day, but her mind calmed down a bit as she savored the inn's delicious dish.





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