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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.14


"Once you're at the capital, go to the Prime Minister Office as my proxy and apply for a revision on our Noble Family Tree record."

Hearing this, House Aide of Wazrof, Fujisur had a look of surprise on his face.

"Correct Sasfrey-dono's origins. Lady Lilia as well, naturally."

"However, that's."

That is to say, making the fact that Sasfrey and lady Lilia being the children of princess Lorecia be known. Doing that would mean also having to revise the Royal Family Tree records.

"Whether the Royal Family would revise their family tree or not is their problem. It does not concern our house. But we must correct Norma's birthright if she is to attend the dinner invitation."

He's exactly right. Fujisur bowed to show his agreement.

"Norma. From now on, you shall be known as Norma Wazrof Goncourt."

"I understand."

"You are to be the highest ranking Wazrof lady. That is what it should have always been, but it shall be known to public now. As for your relationship with Goncourt, you are only holding onto the right to succession of your mother's family side for the time being."

"Yes. Which means I'm affiliated with Wazrof House now."

"Indeed. You are a lady of Wazrof, who has a right to the succession of Goncourt House. Not the other way around."

"That will be fine."

"Jinga may have parted with Wazrof for a time, but he shall be reinstated as knight of Wazrof once again. How about it."

"Right. That might be for the best. What do you think, Jinga?"

"I shall abide by Norma-sama's wish."

"That's settled then. Jinga will be the Chief Knight of Wazrof."

"Chief Knight? Did Wazrof have such a position?"

"We just did."

Norma laughed. She's taken a liking on her older cousin's ways of doing things.

Afterward, they discussed on the practical side of things.

The group heading to the capital consists of Norma, Fujisur, Jinga, Findin, Eda, four knights, ten attendants, two maids and two coachmen. There's a lot of attendants for delivering messages. The coachman and maids sent by Goncourt have gone back to Vouka with letters from Norma. Norma sent a letter to Prado and another letter to transcriber Rakrus.

The day after, on the 26th of Month four, Norma departed Mashajain heading for Royal Capital.

The roads to the capital are well maintained, they can reach the capital in just two full days. But as they departed in the evening, and the wagon was run slowly, they only arrived in evening of the third day.

Norma read the provided documents and asked Fujisur many questions along the way. Fujisur was shocked to witness the precision of Norma's questions, her ability to memorize something she heard once, and how well she could piece things together to grasp the whole picture.

The capital is vast, a home of a great number of people.

A messenger from Rainzats paid a visit in the evening of the same day they arrived.

The date of dinner has been decided, Marquis Gido's eldest son, Sorusgia Indole and Marquis Smarc's eldest son, Pentaros Fotos will dine together with Heles and Norma at the Snow Flower Arbor on the 32nd of month four.

Norma found it weird.
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House of Rainzats responded too quickly.

This schedule adjustment wouldn't be possible without knowing Norma's plan and movement, as well as giving the order to lady Heles to attend and to get her agreement and match her schedule.

As lady Heles is an escort knight of the highest ranking princess in the royal family, getting her time should not be easy. And since Sorusgia Indole and Pentaros Fotos are on the inviting side, them being in the capital is not unusual, but even they should have other matters to attend to.

How are they able to set the date on the 32nd.

One possible explanation is that a Rainzats member who has enough authority to decide on the date of the dinner had been staying at Wazrof all this time, and left for the capital on a swift horse before Norma's group.

But even if that were true, they got the date too quick. The date could not have been decided before Norma left Mashajain. Besides, if someone that high ranking was staying at Wazrof, it was weird for Norma to never meet them. Hard to believe Manfrey would keep that hidden.

(Guess that's what to expect from a big noble.)

(They must have some sort of a trump card.)

Fujisur acted assertively. Norma asked Fujisur to let Findin accompany him to negotiate at the PM Office. As Fujisur took a liking on Findin, he readily agreed and brought him to many places.

Norma investigated House of Indole and House of Fotos.

On the morning of 31st, a day before the dinner, a messenger from the PM Office came for Norma.

The PM, Earl of Ringa, Orbanus Rainzats wishes to see her, and has asked for her presence at the PM Office.

She asked when she's required to go, and got told 'right away'.

This is an awfully rude way to invite a high ranking noble.

Norma couldn't decide right away.

Perhaps the PM wants to show off how both the houses are in friendly terms that they could see each other right away whenever one needs something from the other.

Or perhaps, he wants to display the authority PM Office holds, able to suddenly summon them without prior notice.

As a matter of fact, Norma herself would rather not meet the PM before the dinner.

"Fujisur. What should we do here."

"Ma'am. I believe Norma-sama should do as you wish."

"Would Manfrey-sama accept the invitation here."

"Manfrey-sama would likely accept once he knows what the summon is for and if it's urgent."


In the end, Norma went to the Prime Minister Office. Regardless of the circumstance, she can't leave the capital before paying the PM Office a visit anyway. And she'll likely need to gather intel from the PM Office after the dinner. Thus she decided that responding to one unreasonable demand here should be beneficial for later.

As they were about to enter the PM's room, they were told that only one other person besides Norma could enter, but Norma said that she won't meet the PM if she's not with Fujisur, Jinga, Findin and Eda, so they turned around ready to go home. The PM yielded on that, and let them all in.

The PM stood up and greeted Norma.

There's one knight, and one attendant besides the PM himself.

The prime minister should be in his mid fifties this year, but he looks no older than 45.

He's smiling like a kind amiable man, but intense lights could be seen dwelling in his eyes.

"Welcome, lady Norma. I am Orbanus Rainzats, the one entrusted with Prime Minister position of Zaka Kingdom. Come now, do have a seat."

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