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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.14


"I was utterly outmatched."

"That cannot be true. Is he really that good?"

"He's also a man of mettle and reason. Considerate as well as merciful on others."

"A man worthy of such praises from you huh."

"There may be some eccentric and doubtful points about him, but he is a man with a well grounded foundation in personality and nobility."


"Lecan and Norma-sama have established a deep trust between each others."

"Is that right?"

"If Norma-sama is the one asking, that man is likely willing to listen. He is not someone who would try to sell favor or demand reward beyond his position."


At this point of time, Findin had the worst impression on Lecan still. Far from this man Jinga spoke of. Thus he couldn't see where the talk was going.

"Manfrey-sama, I have a request."

Manfrey raised his face at Norma's word as he was deep in thought.

"Lecan should be exploring Dungeon Tsubolt right about now."


"Could you send a messenger there to check where and how he is doing now."

"Fumu. We could file a formal request to the marquis seeing it's Tsubolt, but I suppose it's best to keep this matter out of public eye. Very well. I shall send out several covert operatives."

Once the talk was over, Findin called out to Jinga in the hallway.


"What is it."

"It's about that adventurer Lecan you spoke of earlier."

"Fumu. What about it."

"Is this Lecan the same Lecan who raided Goncourt mansion during the night and murdered Zepus-sama?"


"I cannot see how he is the person you praised so much."

"That might be true from your standpoint. But were you aware that Zepus-dono kidnapped Eda-dono by knocking her out in a surprise attack, and Lecan-dono came to the mansion to rescue her?"

"Eh? Kidnapped? I'm sure there is a better word for it."

"I wonder."

"Besides, even if there was a slight miscommunication, he could just wait until daytime to state his business and it would have been much less messy, yet he went and broke the gate at night and invaded the mansion, what was that if not a criminal. As for Eda-dono being invited to Goncourt, that would be for her good if she agreed to it, and she could always file a complaint to the townlord if not."

"Go check with Kanner to confirm the truth."

"I shall do so."

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"I am Norma-sama's knight. Regardless of anything formally."


"I only wish for Norma-sama's safety and happiness. To that end, I shall abide by Norma-sama's commands. And that includes unspoken commands."

Jinga left after saying that much.

Findin repeated Jinga's words in his mind to digest them.

(I see.)

(To Jinga-sama, it doesn't matter what he personally thinks of Lecan in this context.)

(What's important is what Norma-sama thinks.)

(And Norma-sama wishes to make Lecan her proxy.)

(Thus why Jinga-dono said all that.)

(Then what about me?)

(I would like to be a retainer Norma-sama trusts.)

(Otherwise I won't be of use to Goncourt.)

(Therefore, I should think and act like Jinga-sama does.)

Nevertheless, Findin found it hard to believe that a knight of Jinga's caliber would say something that betrays his belief. He was bewildered by the praises Jinga gave Lecan.

Afterward, Findin started digging out what Norma thinks of Lecan little by little.

According to Norma, adventurer Lecan is not only the strongest and invincible, he's also a peerless user of <Recovery> magic, and even a transcendental master of apothecary. Even the Herb Saint and his pupils could only stare in awe at his craft. This Lecan also excels at distinguishing people's nature and their personality, which gently helped Norma dispel away the darkness in her heart.

After getting that much, it's obvious what Norma thinks of Lecan.

(This is no good.)

(When someone as capable as Norma-sama gets drunk in love.)

(She's blinded by it unable to make a sound judgment.)

(There's no way someone like that exists no matter how you slice it.)

(This Lecan guy is a fraud.)

At the end of the day, Findin's impression on Lecan, being a hooligan outlaw, didn't change. Womanizer and scoundrel even got added to the list.

Afterward, Wazrof's covert operatives found out that floors below 120 had been discovered at Dungeon Tsubolt, and Lecan was currently exploring those untrodden floors.

After finding that out, Manfrey changed his mind, and let Lecan be the proxy.

It may be a duel for Norma's courtship, but Wazrof's honor also hangs on the line. And since the Family Tree Record will eventually get revised either way, this matter is ultimately a courtship between pirate noble Fotos and Wazrof. In other word, it has a significant meaning in regards to future courtships for Wazrof.

Manfrey was going to summon Lecan, but Norma stopped him. He would be giving a bad impression if he got in the way of Lecan's dungeoneering.

Norma decided to go back to Vouka for the time being and waited for Lecan's return there.

If the time limit was nearing the deadline and Lecan had still not gone back, they would summon Lecan.

Even during her stay at Wazrof and back at Goncourt, Norma spent her whole time dealing with the manuscripts without rest. She would also occasionally give appropriate advice to deal with Goncourt's problems.

As he watched her, Findin came to greatly respect Norma. Additionally, he had asked Kanner regarding the details with Lecan's raid at Goncourt mansion, understanding that Lecan's side was on the right.

Findin was done with his reminiscence just as Norma finished writing the letter and called out to him.

"Findin. You must start your preparation to depart to the royal capital. I'm sorry for sending you when you must be busy, but It'd be a big help if you could depart as soon as you can once I'm done with the letter."

"Yes. I will get my luggage and wagon ready right away."





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