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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.3


"I managed to see Marquis of Smarc, but he ended up making me accompany him in a dinner."

"Haha. That must have been tough. But I suppose things went smoothly if you managed to get invited to a dinner."

"Yes. Manfrey-sama. The duel will now be held at Tsubolt."


"Yep, Lecan. Tsubolt and Mashajain do carry out a level of goods trades with each other but that's as far as it goes. While Smarc regularly sends their knights to dive in Dungeon Tsubolt. In other word, House of Notz has a degree of relationship and trust with both Wazrof and Fotos, and while they are willing to accommodate either house's request, they won't take side on any one. Plus, they're of a high enough standing to stand as a witness of this duel."

Lecan had come across Gido's Knights at Dungeon Tsubolt once, but never Smarc's.


"That hasn't been decided yet. House of Fotos and House of Indole are going to formally send a request to House of Notz regarding the venue and observer before deciding the date."

"House of Indole?"

"Yes. Manfrey-sama."

"What does House of Indole have to do with this matter. This is between Fotos and Wazrof."

"Manfrey-sama. The circumstance has changed. Us four met once again on the 30th at <White Snow Arbor>. I pointed the possibility of unsolicited interventions at the capital. Hearing that, Solusgia-sama said with a sour look saying, 'Sounds plausible'. And then lady Heles."

"Lady Heles?"

"When she found out that my proxy is Lecan, she spoke how she wished to witness Lecan's match."

"Ah, I see. She did conquer Dungeon Ninae after joining Lecan-dono's party. Makes sense."

"Thus, both duels will now be held at Tsubolt."

"Well, it matters not how they want to proceed with theirs, it does not directly relate to us."

Lecan has always intended to challenge Tsubolt once again, but it's still too soon. That last floor's boss is still too much for the current him.

(Wait a minute.)

(Dungeon Tsubolt.)

(We have Eda.)
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(That should do it!)


"Lecan. I trust you don't have any problem with Tsubolt, do you?"

"Of course. No problem at all. By the way, when are they gonna tell you the date?"

"Their messengers should have been dispatched two days ago. From the capital to Tsubolt should take eight days. Wazrof would be notified on the 5th of month eight at the soonest."

"After you get that notification, when are all the concerned parties gonna arrive at Tsubolt?"

"For Pentaros-dono and Solusgia-dono to get notified and then depart and arrive at Tsubolt would take three times as long, or 24 days, that would be on the 15th of month eight at the earliest. But it would likely take at least four days more in reality."

"Alright. Julius and me are gonna head for Tsubolt now."



"Mind if I take Eda along?"

"I don't mind, but why are you in such a hurry?"




"I wanna go dungeoneering at Tsubolt with Eda and Julius."

"Am I going into a dungeon with you Lecan?"

Eda looked at Lecan with a cheerful face.

"Yea. You're needed."

"I'm, needed."

"I'd like to boost your life force a bit more too."

"Un! I'm going to Dungeon Tsubolt with Lecan."


Manfrey burst into a loud laughter all of a sudden. This was the first time Lecan saw this person demonstrated such a humane quality.

"Hahaha. Norma, this is simply amazing. To Lecan, dueling against House of Fotos's prided Raid Unit Commander is nothing more than a passing thought."

"Lecan. You're really, geez."

Norma sighed, looking drained.



"Send an operative once the duel date's been decided. We're staying at <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>."

"I got it. I believe one wagon should suffice then."

"Hm? Whose wagon."

"A wagon to transport you, Eda-dono and Julius to Tsubolt."

"No need. We're gonna run there. Appreciate the thought."

"You cannot be thinking of running all the way to Tsubolt, can you. It'd be wise to converse your stamina too."

"No. This is a training too."

Lecan wanted to depart right away, but Norma entreated him to have a dinner together tonight at least, thus it was moved tomorrow morning.

Just before they departed, Lecan was called to Manfrey's office alone.

"Lecan. This duel is in your hands. Best of luck. I have a little something to offer you. Please take it."

A maid walked up and left a small pouch in front of him.

"Hou. Much obliged."

Lecan took the content.

It's a potion.

But a kind of potion Lecan never saw before.

It's shining white.

(This is.)

(A <God Cure>!)

"I suppose not even you have seen one before. That is a <God Cure>."

"Sure you wanna give this?"

"Initially I intended to present you an armor or a weapon under our house's custody. But you are an adventurer who have conquered a 150-floor grand dungeon. You're surely fully equipped already and must prefer equipment you're accustomed with. Thus, I have opted to offering a consumable. That is yours. Feel free to use it whenever the needs arise."

<God Cures> are indeed rare and expensive. However, it's not like you can't find one in the whole kingdom. As expected of one of the two great marquis houses. Naturally they have something like this stocked up.

However, these are not something one readily give to anyone, not even Wazrof would. Thus, even Lecan understands that this is his highest form of sincerity.

"You have my thanks. I'll make good use of it."

Lecan stood up put his hand on his chest and bowed.

Manfrey did the same.

"I shall pray for your victory."





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