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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.6


They reached floor 69 on the next day.

Seven White Specters spawn at once on floor 60s. Eda defeat three, while Lecan and Julius defeat two each.

In reality, letting Eda take care of four of them would have been faster, but Lecan told her to just deal with three.

However, Eda is to prioritize on <Red Body>, and she is to defeat four if there are four <Red Body> spawning at once. In practice though, that situation never happened.

Julius would beat two <Black Body> with his elegant flowing swords strokes. By these floors, the enemies are two, three heads taller than Lecan, Julius can't directly go for their necks due to his stature, but he circumvented that issue by cutting their legs first, or wait until they get into the right position before reaping their heads.

Lecan appraised Julius's sword and found out it's called, <Gale Sword (Fielscylla)>, Offense mid, Sharpness large, with <Damage Restoration> and <Sharpness Boost> Graces. It's a Grace Gear dropped on floor 115 of Dungeon Tsubolt.

Its basic attributes are better than Sword of Rusk except on <Firmness>. The Sharpness especially, far above. It's even got a Grace that boost sharpness depending on the wielder's skill.

(Where'd this guy even got this thing?)

(Ah, I see.)

(It might have been an item their clan received as a gift from teaching Marquis of Tsubolt swordsmanship.)

They also conquered floor 79 that day.

This was beyond Lecan's expectations. From here on out are the lower floors. He never would have thought they could get this far.

Even if they've been fighting at minimal risk, it's all due to limiting Julius to only deal with two magic beasts at most and their side's superior swiftness. A single hit from magic beasts beyond this point could mean life or death.

(What to do here.)

Lecan stared at Julius's chest area.

"Julius. Is that jewel hanging around your neck a sort of magic defense."

"Eh? Ah, yes. That is correct, master."

"Is it the same kind of jewel Arios got?"

"Father has lent his to me."

"I see."

Lecan observed Julius's body further.

"That thing embedded on your chest is a <Drop of Life> eh?"

"Eh. You could tell, master? Amazing. Yes. It's a <Drop of Life>."

"What's that <Drop of Life> thing?"

"It's an item that ties your life when you're on the verge of dying. Arios managed to escape death that one time I almost took his life thanks to that same thing in his chest."

"Ah, that time. I see. I had no idea."

Julius's eyes popped open as he listened. He must have no idea about an episode of Lecan almost getting his father killed.

The White Jewel with magic defense.

<Drop of Life>.

Eda's <Purification>.

And <God Cure>.

(The heck. There's nothing to worry about.)

"Alright. We're breaking into floor 80 tomorrow. The enemies will get another level tougher than what you've been facing thus far. There will be nine of them, in a fixed formation. Five <Red Body> in the back, and four <Black Body> as vanguards. Eda, you take care of <Red Body> in the back. Are five too much?"

"Think I'll be fine, but I won't know till then since these beasts get a lot stronger every ten floors."

"Right. Let's just get some good rest to prepare for tomorrow."

The following day, the three challenged a common room on floor 80.

They came across a ten man party along the way. The group looked stunned as they saw Lecan's group. They were having a heated discussion that continued on even after Lecan's group passed by.

"Alright. We're going in this room."

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The three got in the room.


A barrage of five <Purification> without a pause.

The <Red Body> in the back had started growling the instance Lecan's group stepped in the room, yet Eda erased them all before they managed to shoot magic.

Lecan dashed to the left, luring in two <Black Body>. Julius took on two <Black Body> to the right.

The <Black Body> on this floor are no match to Lecan now. He easily reaped their head with every swing of his sword.

Julius and his elegant sword dance lopped the two beasts in a single breath.

Things are simply trivial with Eda around.

Thanks to five White Specters vanishing right away, the room became way less cramped. The toughest thing about this dungeon is how you must deal with many magic beasts at once in a small room. That handicap is gone altogether.

Afterward, they got in the giant variant room. Another easy victory.

At the end of the day they reached floor 89.

Another point of contention for Lecan.

Starting from floor 90s, the enemy's attack pattern changes once again. They will immediately launch an offensive the moment you step inside their room. Arios postulated that these magic beasts are capable of sensing incoming humans outside from inside their room.

The enemies they faced so far never had any chance to attack with magic. But that won't be true anymore.

Things have been smooth so far because they always seized the initiative, but if Eda got bombarded at the outset and failed to shoot <Purification>. Their whole party could very well get demolished.


(The me now.)

(Won't die.)

(Even if I take on every magic beasts in a room on these floors.)

(And you can always run outside the room here anyway.)

And most importantly, this party is in a very rounded state right now. They might lose the rhythm if they got back to the surface and came back later.

He decided to take on the challenge.





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