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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.5


They managed to reach floor 19. Lecan let Julius fight on floor 15, but the enemies were still too easy for him.

Eda took on every single fight thus far besides that one time. If you could say erasing a magic beast in a single shot of <Purification> a fight that is. Eda also cast <Purification> on Lecan and Julius.

"You're incredible."


"Eda-senpai, you're amazing."

"Julius-kun. That's oneesan for you, not senpai, you hear me?"

"Yes, Eda-neesan."

"So cute~"

Eda hugged Julius. Height-wise they're about equal with Eda edging out a bit. Yet Eda just seemed far older atmosphere-wise.

"Get off him already."

The day after, they reached floor 29. The enemies were still no match to Julius. Lecan handed over some mana restoratives to Eda. Eda's <Purification> casting time is abnormally quick, she could defeat three enemies in a blink of an eye.

"Campfire during a hunt just feels super special doesn't it, Lecan."


It's more a slaughter than a hunt, but things should get tougher the lower they go down.

"Master, you're really incredible. Eda-neesan too."

"Ehehe. But, Lecan."


"Aren't other parties going back home whenever it's dark out?"

"Don't worry about it."

They got to floor 39 the day after. On floor 30s Eda would defeat two beasts while Lecan and Julius dealt with one each. No Grace Gear got dropped. Blue potions are for Eda, Red for Julius while Lecan get the magic stones.

This dungeon is a literal child's play to <Purification> users. After all, even the tiniest bit of <Purification> will completely banish the enemy. Lecan commanded Eda to prioritize defeating the <Red Body> first.

Lecan is using <Sword of Rusk>. Its Sharpness is far higher than the last time he was at this dungeon. In other word, Lecan's Offense has seen a huge boost.

They wrapped up the conquest early that day and Lecan went to train Julius in a vacant room.

Julius was on the offensive tenaciously it's as if their bouts at Wazrof never happened.


(It's just a slight boost in physical strength.)

(Yet his sword handling's gotten to a whole other level.)

(Boy's always got the skill to begin with.)

Coming to the dungeon was the correct choice. Now Lecan can finally train him in earnest bit by bit.

(Should we leave the dungeon?)

(No, Eda won't grow if we stop here.)

(Should go a bit deeper.)

Lecan never had any intention to put Julius at risk in this dungeon.

There's no need to go deeper than necessary.

"Master, thank you very much."

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"My sword feels light."

"Seems so."

"I can finally use moves that I always wanted to try but unable to."

"Right. That's the power you got from diving in a dungeon."


"But don't get it wrong."


"You get stronger the deeper you dive in a dungeon. But it's nothing more than brute force without skills to match that strength. That is not your father's sword."

"Yes! I shall take it to heart!"

The day after, they reached floor 49.

Lecan was gonna be in charge of taking down two magic beasts, but Eda could defeat three faster than him. Thus, among five magic beasts, Eda takes on three, while Lecan and Julius beats one each.

Lecan would hand over two mana restoratives to Eda every day.

He woke up the next morning and checked how many mana restoratives he had left. Still a lot remaining. But that was when Lecan realized his blunder.


(I've been staying so much in Dungeon Tsubolt this year.)

(I forgot to collect ingredients to make mana restoratives!)

The main ingredient of mana restorative, Zahad Moss can be harvested all year round. However, the sub ingredients, Nichia Grass is in month one to three, Shiarigi Sprout is in month four, and Tago Grass is in month nine to ten otherwise they can't be harvested. It's month eight now. Meaning he can't make more mana restorative this year.

He also missed the period to harvest Kyumis Grass for stamina restorative, but since the Lecan now can use <Recovery>, this isn't that huge an issue. He's still got a lot left since he hasn't used them much.

However, missing mana restorative is quite a problem. Lecan could absorb mana directly from magic stones in the heat of combat, but mana restoratives are still best for continuous regeneration. They're also indispensable for diving in a dungeon with Eda.

(Well, what's done is done.)

(Eda will have to do with Blue Potion once or twice a day for mana regen.)

He doesn't have a lot of Large Blue Potions, but it's something they will eventually get by exploring and they can be bought in stores, though not a lot.

He could also let Eda wear <Necklace of Intuador>, but since Eda can't use <Absorption>, she'll need to have it equipped all the time. That's no good.

(Hold it.)

(If I'm not mistaken you could buy them easily.)

(At Summit Honor's Inn.)

(Guess I'll find out when we go outside.)

They reached floor 59 that day.


"Hm? What is it."

"Let's go outside for now."


"Do you even have to ask. We should take a break, you know."

"Eda. How many days we've been in this dungeon."

"Eh? Err, umm. Six days."

"Listen well, Eda."


"Humans can exert extraordinary powers when they're in the zone, but one cannot remain focused forever. In battle, in medicine making, and in studying, splitting tasks into too many smaller portions do you no good, yet tackling on one for too long will break your focus eventually."

"Ah! That's what I'm talking about! Isn't that why we should get out, take a nice short break and then come back with refreshed focus."

"There it is."


"You need training to focus as well. Who do you think holds the advantage between someone who can focus for one day and another who can keep it for three days."

"The three day one, right?"

"Indeed. In other word, you need a lot of training to maintain your focus long."

"Oh, so that's how it works."

"Six days may be the just right amount of time for ordinary adventurers to take a break, true. But why don't we keep at it a bit more here."

"Un! I got it."

Julius next to her is nodding as well.

(Good thing these guys are obedient.)

Besides, both Eda and Julius are still young. Their bodies have extraordinary power of recovery, physically and mentally. And Lecan is still far from exhausted on these shallow floors. There's no reason to leave the dungeon yet.






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