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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.1_2


"When will it get to the duel."

"Real sorry about this, Lecan. The story just won't end huh? But I'm sure even you would like to find out things about your opponent before a duel. I believe knowing how the matter this time unfolded is an important part of your duel. Could you bear with it for a little bit more."


When Lecan took on quests to march into enemy HQs or such, he would first learn the other party's war forces and escape route. As such, he doesn't actually think listening here is a waste of time.

Besides, Norma's voice is comforting. As he just spent half a year waging his life in the dungeon daily, taking it easy while listening to this comforting voice for the whole day isn't a bad idea at all. He also found it interesting how they calmly dealt with the situation in Norma's tales.

"But I sure am getting hungry. Looks like it's about time for lunch too. I have made arrangement to get food here. It might not be in best behavior, but let's all have a meal while I narrate the story. Lecan, and you all too, do listen as you enjoy your meal."

Maids came in and skillfully brought food like bread and stuff to the reception table. Then they divided it into each person serving.

Lecan's serving has twice the other's amounts on top of another plate with a lot of meat.

"Now then. Let's dig in."


"Time to eat~."

"Jinga, and you too Findin, take your seat too."


"Please excuse me."

(Norma really knows me well.)

(Had she got us to move to the dining room first.)

(I'd probably get irritated.)

He casually stabbed a piece of meat with a fork, put it in his mouth and chewed it.

(Good stuff.)

(Meat sprinkled only with salt and spice.)

(Is real good.)

He continued like that while occasionally biting on bread in his left hand. Though to Lecan, even a big loaf of bread is gone in two bites.

Findin stared at Lecan's table manner with a look of shock. Even without that, Lecan's big stature is menacing enough. How he opened his mouth wide like a wild beast, biting on a huge amount of meat and bread, the spectacle was simply full of impact.

Jericho piled up a platter full of Yelkonte, Sarigona and Marfus fruits. Watching a magic beast having his meal in a reception room is surreal, but no one seems surprised. They've gotten used to it.

Once Lecan looked to have calmed down a bit, Norma resumed her narration.

"Well then, allow me to continue. So, we met the prime minister."

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Orbanus Rainzats.

Even a medic in a backwater town like Norma knows that name.

The person who manages all administrative matters in Zaka Kingdom, a small rural town like Vouka could only cower had he set sight on it.

Norma knows nothing about his personality and ability, but considering this man has kept his position for fifteen straight years, Orbanus can't possibility inept.

"Truly, it's great that we are able to have this talk before you attend the marriage interview with the two big nobles who own two of the biggest harbor towns. Now then, let us enjoy the tea first."

"It's an honor to have received your invitation. I am Norma Wazrof Goncourt."

Norma was bothered by something as she greeted.

He's too polite.

With the standing and position Orbanus hold, his attitude towards Norma is simply way too polite.

And that raised Norma's suspicion.

After slowly sipping her tea and putting the cup back, she spoke to the prime minister with a composed tone.

"I'm truly grateful for your cordial welcome. Would it be acceptable if I interpret that you have formally recognized me as a member of Wazrof then?"

The prime minister didn't let up of his amiable smile. However, Norma didn't overlook how his eyes shot up a sharp light for an instance.

"Lady Norma, you are the daughter of Sasfrey-dono, the sixth son of the late previous marquis of Wazrof. Of course, Prime Minister Office is well aware of that fact."

"So you would recognize me as a granddaughter of princess Lorecia?"

The PM had a slightly troubled look on his face.

"Lady Norma. Revising Family Tree Record is not such a simple matter."

Norma slightly turned her head and spoke to the house aide.


"Yes, Norma-sama. Yesterday, I went to the Prime Minister Office, to request a change in our Noble Family Tree record, revising Sasfrey-sama's mother to princess Lorecia. The staff in charge gave their approval after confirming the family tree record I brought there. I have the receipts as well. It has been accepted without a doubt. So now I ask your excellency prime minister. The revision I applied and accepted yesterday cannot possibly has been left undone today, and regardless if that is so, our house recognizes Sasfrey-sama as a son of princess Lorecia with that application, in which I believe your excellency is aware yourself. Pray tell."





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