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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.3


Noble Family Tree records are written as each concerned house files to the department. The records must be filed exactly just as is so long as they're not obviously false. Applications sent by a particular house cannot be changed, nor can they be ignored, supposedly.

"We understand. We understand that much, Fujisur-dono. But you too must understand. Accepting your application would be the same as admitting the Royal Family, the PM Office, and House of Rainzats all had lied about princess Lorecia's well being. And the revision would have to extend to Royal Family Tree's records as well. That requires all kinds of preparations. You have to afford us a bit more time."

A moment of silence elapsed.

Fujisur stared at the prime minister hard.

Norma stood up.

"Fujisur-dono. It seems his excellency prime minister does not recognize me as a granddaughter of princess Lorecia. In which case, I cannot have this seat. You should be the one sitting on it."

Fujisur is a house aide of the House of Wazrof.

Butlers are nothing more than employees, but not house aides. They're the right-hand man of the family head, responsible for managing the houses and making decisions in the family head's stead when it's not possible for the family head to do it themselves due to absences or accidents.

House aides of a house at Wazrof's caliber could very well hold a court rank. Fujisur does not hold one, but as a proxy of the family head, he is to be treated as one.

If Norma is recognized as a low ranking member of Wazrof, this seat should be taken by Fujisur. Yet he's been standing behind the sofa Norma is sitting on. And the PM said nothing about that. More than that even, he's been interacting with Norma courteously. It's part of his trick. A trick to make it as if he's admitted that Norma is of a high standing. As such, Norma taking a stand here is her way of reproving the PM.

"Ah, no. Please wait."

Norma ignored the PM, and stepped back. Fujisur lightly bowed at Norma before walking forward and sitting down on the sofa.

"Now then, your excellency prime minister. Do tell the matter that necessitated you calling us here."

"The one I summoned is Norma-dono. Not you."

"Do you intend to skip over our house family head to negotiate with a member of our house. No, I Fujisur shall hear you."

"Not at all, it's nothing as grandiose as negotiation or the likes. I merely wished to have a little chat. Norma-dono, could you please take a seat. You standing there would only make it hard to talk."

Rebutting now when the other party is behaving modestly would have made Norma's side be the impolite one here. Norma sat down on the sofa. Fujisur moved to the left to make a space for Norma.

"Still, if you're Norma-dono, the daughter of Sasfrey-dono, then you must be one and the same as medic and scholar Norma-dono of Vouka."

His tone had a sudden shift. But Norma prefers this candid tone more than the stiff one earlier.
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"I see. So you are. Truthfully, his majesty is truly grateful for what you have done to Guide Skalabel. There has been some talk about rewards too."

"Oh, I didn't do much."

'You should be thanking to the one standing behind me', Eda, but Norma said nothing. She thought she should let them stay unaware if they don't realize it themselves.

Afterward, the PM kept praising Norma's knowledge and ability as well as her father, Sasfrey's accomplishments. They may be flattery, but since the PM's praises were accurate and to the point, Norma still took them happily.

The topics naturally shifted to Norma's life in Vouka, and then he nonchalantly asked her if she's ever seen the sea.

The intention of this question is obvious. It's his way to ascertain how interested Norma is in becoming either Marquis of Gido's or Marquis of Smarc's wife or mistress.

Thus Norma replied back, she's never seen seas before, and likely will never do.

Norma got a bit more frank as the talk progressed.

"By the way, your excellency. About the marriage interview you mentioned earlier."

"Right, yes. That's the thing. Are you aware that marriages between noble houses above a certain standing require an approval from the royal family first?"

"I was told that it would be nothing more than a meet and dine together, so did your excellency deem that as a marriage interview on your own?"

"Is it so weird to think a meeting between men and women of marriageable ages could be seen as a marriage interview?"

"So I take it neither Marquis of Gido nor Marquis of Smarch themselves referred to it as a marriage interview."


"Then please do not refer to that as a marriage interview anymore. Were you do and I gave my affirmation there, it would have been seen as one. For now, the event is nothing more than a dine together."


The prime minister showed a slightly displeased expression.

Norma gently smiled back at him.

"To be frank, our side has no idea at all either. Why did both houses invite me and lady Heles. What is the point of inviting me, an unpretty old country woman."

The PM stared at Norma for a while before letting out a sigh.

"You really are a scholar. You would scrutinize the meaning of every words as you hold a conversation."

"You're too kind."

The PM asked Fujisur how Wazrof's family head was doing, then after exchanging two-three more words, he declared that the talk is over.





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