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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.12


"Hold it. I don't really get the flow of events. Why'd you do that duel thing too?"

Lecan interrupted.

"I made use of the mood set at the time from lady Heles requesting the Courtship Duel to request for the same thing as well."

"Hmm? But even if you got Jinga as your proxy, there's no telling what kind of warrior they're gonna send out or their equipment. No guarantee the judge will be fair either. Looks to me you're taking unnecessary risk there."

"Lecan. You're worried about me. Thank you. That makes me happy."

"Seeing it's you, can't you think up other methods?"

"The other party would only get suspicious if I used roundabout ways. I owe great deal to Wazrof. I didn't want to put them in a difficult situation. And I knew this Courtship Duel would be desirable to those guys."

"So has that duel been done? What's the result?"

"Oh it's not yet held. Both Pentaros-dono and Solusgia-dono sailed away on a ship for some business at Dresta Kingdom."


"They would be coming back to Zaka Kingdom on the last third of month sixth, and we made a promise to meet again on the 30th of month seven. "

As today is the 7th of month seven, arriving at the capital on the 30th is doable. But she must depart within three days time.

"Nothing for me to do then."

"By the way, Lecan. Jinga cannot participate as my proxy."


"The Family Tree record has not bee revised yet. So I'm not a Wazrof yet. No, I'm undoubtedly related to Wazrof, but my standing as a heiress of Goncourt is stronger. Thus, I'm formally seen as a member of Goncourt."

"That can't be. I don't really get it, but that Family Tree Records thing should get revised no problem so long you bring undeniable proof. Not even the PM Office can't ignore it if Wazrof presses on them, no?"

"Of course they can't. The revision will definitely take place. But apparently it won't make it in time before the duel. The prime minister was weirdly confident about that point. House of Fotos was probably behind it. House of Indole might also have hands."

"Then that Family Tree Records thing won't be revised?"

"It might be if I lower my head to either the PM or Pentaros-dono. But that would mean owing them debts. Not a good idea."

"Hold it. Thinking again, not like you need to be a Wazrof anyway. Jinga is your knight."

"That's not true, Lecan. Remember, Jinga is the chief knight of Wazrof now."

"Ah, yeah right. Then Wazrof can just dismiss him for the time being."

"That would be the same as borrowing a knight from another house."

"What a pain. Hm? But that means I can't be your proxy either."
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"I'm sorry but I had you pegged as my fiance."


"I'm not sure how detailed they have investigated Vouka and the surroundings. So I can't just lie outright. However, the fact that you are close to me is public knowledge. No one can prove that we are not engaged. The moment you give your okay, it becomes the truth, and no one would be troubled if we tamper with the engagement date a bit."

Lecan looked at Eda.

"Eda. What do you think?"

"You should get engaged, I think."


"You're the only one who could save Norma-san, Lecan. I'm also asking here. And besides. The marriage proposals to Norma-san are getting really annoying."

"Was that Pentaros guy that annoying?"

"Not him, I'm talking about Vouka nobles you see. And we've even been getting proposals from neighboring town nobles lately. To the point that Norma-san is losing precious time to write back to them."

"Hmph. Guess it's fine if you're fine with it."

"And you get to be a noble if you marry Norma-san, and nobles can have a lot of wives, so it's all right."

"What's all right?"


"Hmph. Well whatever, it's the site that's the problem. Must it be held at the capital."

"Yes well, it's a courtship between two marquis houses after all. It's scheduled to be held at the arena in the royal palace. What makes you loathe the capital so much, Lecan?"

Lecan told them his actual situation. Jinga and Findin were also present, but he didn't mind them being people Norma trust, he divulged how he is a Descender, and that Yacklubend likely has a strong interest in his equipment and possibly ability and how he had a presentiment meeting Yacklubend would end up ugly to him. He didn't specify what kind of equipment he had or Yacklubend had interest in however.


Norma got lost in thought. At this point, Norma did not fully understand Lecan's reasoning yet. However, she still got how Lecan is unwilling to go to the capital.

"I will have them change the duel location."

"Can you do that."

"There is no mistake that the prime minister has employed some dirty tricks in this matter. One cannot expect a fair duel held in an arena under that prime minister's control. At the very least, I will be distrustful. I won't be able to accept getting married off even if my proxy lost. Thus how I will write to Pentaros-dono."

"Hou, I see."

"Besides, it's not like the prime minister is an ally to Fotos or Indole either. There is simply no telling what kind of tricks he will utilize for the sake of the royal family. That's one thing you cannot trust the prime minister with. There's also a chance of him putting me at an advantage at the eleventh hour to make Wazrof owe him a debt. They likely will agree to changing the duel location if I tell them that."

"That would be good."



"So you will go in this duel as long as it's not at the capital."

"Yea, of course."

"As my fiance."

"I don't care either way, but will that guy agree to having your fiance as the proxy?"

"I have acquired his understanding on that. Adventurer Lecan which is also my fiance is to be my proxy for as long as I am a member of Goncourt. Their proxy will be a commander of Shock Corps, Viska Kouen."

"You sure work quick."

"They will have the right to choose the duel location. It can't be towns where Wazrof or Rainzats's influences are strong. They likely won't choose a town under their control as well for the sake of their prestige, but who knows in the end."

"I don't care where so long as it's not the capital."

"Hmm. I got it, Lecan. I'll give it my all."

"Please do."

They left Vouka for Mashajain two days later. Vouka is simply too far to advance the negotiation.





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