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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.5


Looking at yourself in the mirror feels unlike looking at someone else.

That's only natural.

The you inside a mirror will always mimic every little movement you make right away, while looking at yourself through other people's eyes would feel off, yet you know that it's still you.

Norma is experiencing that kind of weird mysterious feeling now.

(My goodness.)

(This is me.)

Looking closer, their facial features don't actually look that similar.

Heles's skin has this glittery gloss to it, polished to every corner of her face. It's as if she's a meticulously sculptured work of art. It must be true to her whole body hidden under her armor as well.

Compared to her, Norm and her not really well cared skin. Rough hair. Glaring eyes, slightly square jaw. Lady Heles standing in front of her looks like a celestial nymph. Wazrof's maids had been busy grooming her the past few days, but a real high ranking noble lady is truly on a whole different level.

Even after all that, there's something about them that are alike.

Norma feels like she's looking at herself in the mirror. They have pretty much the same statures, but there's just something else besides physicality, something hard to describe.

The shapes of their souls are probably similar.

Something that surpasses superficial stuff like skin care, gestures and dress, they are like two peas in a pod.

The two stared at each other for quite some time while standing up.

"Now this is a surprise. I didn't get this sensation even with my blood related elder brothers and elder sisters. You are undoubtedly my cousin. No, we're sisters."

Lady Heles walked forward and naturally hugged Norma.

Norma put her arms around lady Heles's back as well.

It all feels very natural.

The armored lady Heles hugged Norma tightly. Bringing a comforting sense of safety.

(Now this is a surprise.)

(She doesn't smell.)

Norma is sensitive to smells. It's something forged due to her profession as an apothecary and a medic, but even before that, Norma has always been highly sensitive to smells originally. Especially to people's body odor.

Yet she could not smell lady Heles's body odor in the slightest. No there is a scent of perfume. But the body odor that should have been contained within cannot be sensed by Norma.

It's likely because lady Heles's body odor is so similar to Norma's to the point of it being indistinguishable. Can such a thing even happen.

That was when Norma recalled Lecan.

(Lecan has an abnormally strong sense of smell.)
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(When he met lady Heles.)

(Wonder if he thought she smelt like me.)

Afterward, the two sat down on the bench.

They talked about the houses they were born at and what kind of life they led.

As Norma had learned about Lady Heles of Rainzats from Fujisur to a degree, the content of the talk didn't come as a surprise, it was the way lady Heles narrated the story that surprised her most.

(What a richly expressive and fun to talk woman.)

Of course, as befitting of a well primed noble lady, her expressions weren't as hectic as Eda. However, you could clearly see the delight, sorrow and curiosity under her composed expression.

(She must have led a truly vivid life.)

What kind of miracle that could lead a high ranking noble daughter to have such an upbringing that allows her to talk about her dreams and yearnings from the bottom of her heart like this. Just how much protection she has been under to get to this age without getting her receptivity squished dry.

Lady Heles's parents are most likely bearers of truly free spirit.

(I would love to meet aunt Lilia if I could.)

Lilia is the kid sister of Norma's late father, Sasfrey, they both have same father and same mother. She must know about how Sasfrey was like in his youth. And seeing the lack of reservations Heles had toward Norma, it appears lady Lilia doesn't have any ill will toward Norma either.

Heles was awfully curious about Norma's life.

"Ooh, I see. Both uncle Sasfrey and Norma walked so far in medical and pharmaceutical path. That's wonderful. Oh and of course I've heard about the matter with Herb Saint-sama. I could not believe the medic who saved Herb Saint-sama was none other than my cousin."

"Haha. It wasn't my power that made that happen, Heles. It's only possible due to Eda's <Purification> and her endless mana pool."

"That's it! I actually know Eda-dono. More than that even, we challenged a dungeon together in the same party."

"Oh yes, I'm aware of that. She said that you're a member of <Willard>."

"I see. So Eda-dono referred me as such. I'm a member of <Willard>."

"You can ask her yourself, you know."


Heles looked at the direction Norma turned at. At two people in the shadow.

"Eda? Is that you over there, Eda-dono?"

One of them ran up to the other.

"Long time no see, Heles-san."


Heles ran at lightning speed toward Eda and hugged her.

The hugged Eda laughed cheerfully.

(This cousin of mine.)

(Sure got just the right temperature to warm people's heart up.)

In this uncertain situation where she has been dragged into having to deal with two bigshot noble houses, she's truly blessed to have Heles as the other concerned party, thought Norma from the bottom of her heart.






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