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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.8_9


Solusgia superficially straightened himself on his chair, and bowed at Norma and Heles while still sitting.

"You have our greatest gratitude for coming out of your way to meet us here, ladies. You may understandably hold suspicion on this sudden invitation, but this is all for the sake of fulfilling our dream. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive our House of Fotos and House of Indole's insolence."

Norma was puzzled to this sudden incomprehensible greeting. However, it seems the other party bears no ill will.


Heles called to Norma and glanced at her like saying, 'I'll leave this to you'. Norma lightly nodded at Heles, and talked to the bowing Solusgia sitting diagonally in front of her.

"Solusgia-sama. Please raise your head. And could you tell us what you mean by that in detail?"

"Nice voice."

The one interrupting was Pentaros sitting in front of Norma. Pentaros kept staring at Norma unperturbed. After lightly smiling at Pentaros, Norma turned her sight back at Solusgia.

"Lady Norma. To me, Solusgia, and to this Pentaros sitting next to me, having a chance to meet <White Snow Flower Princess> and hearing her voice was but a dream that could never come true."

Norma slightly tilted her head to indicate she didn't get what he meant.

"Are you aware how our houses hold the painting of <White Snow Flower Princess>?"

"Yes. I'm told it was a copy of the painting in the royal palace."

"Indeed. That painting became a possession and treasure of my grandfather. He would keep staring at that painting as he sighed in vain. <White Snow Flower Princess> had found her way inside my brusque grandfather's heart. That yearning was succeeded by my father and me. House of Fotos had a similar circumstance as mine. The longing three generation of men of hour house held toward <White Snow Flower Princess> could only stay as yearning. But that was no more. You were there. We could meet you as descendants of <White Snow Flower Princess> and hear your voices. Neither me nor my father could keep our passion down once we found out. The same thing went down at House of Fotos."

Norma was trying to figure out what kind of ulterior motive or plot they were cooking up.

She was getting ready to deal with any kind of negotiations or conditions had it been a sham of a marriage interview.

But that was not the case.

This was a bout of pure passion, the meeting itself was their goal all along.

Norma felt a sense of relief as she warmly stared at Solusgia passionately narrating his three generation yearning.

She was resolved to overcome this meeting while fearing that any slight mistake could led into war. But that was never a problem.

If they want to watch Norma, they're free to do so. They can listen to her voice all they want as well. By doing thus, they should come to their sense and realize that the person before them is nothing more than a nearly thirty year old plain looking peasant.

That might not be the case with Heles, but any talk of marriage would be a matter between two marquis houses. Beyond that is not Norma's place to worry about.

(Looks like I could go back to Vouka in peace.)

You can't say Norma did not let her guard down there.

Because she didn't notice what meaning the fixated gaze Pentaros directed at her held.

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Once Solusgia was done with his long speech, they had a toast and started the dine together.

"Oh right. I must refuse due to my standing."

"Oho, lady Norma. What do you mean by that."

Pentaros's tone has completely switched to non-formal. That must be how he usually talks. But that makes it easier to Norma.

"After I gave the agreement to attend this dine together, my cousin made an effort to solidify my standing. First I was appointed the highest ranking lady of Wazrof, and my guardian knight, Jinga was welcomed back to Wazrof as the chief knight."

"Jinga you say! You mean Jinga Tauer?"

"Yes that's right, do you know about Jinga, Pentaros-sama?"

"I have heard of tales about Jinga Tauer of Wazrof. A knight staunchly loyal to his master, a man fit to have the title a knight among knights. I had no idea he's still alive."

"He's standing by right now, feel free to greet him in the waiting room later."

"Ooh! I would love to meet the legendary knight. Man, it's really thrilling when I'm with you lady Norma."

"Haha. I'm a boring woman really. Afterward, my cousin went to the PM Office to apply for a revision of our Family Tree Records. Of course we had all the necessary documents prepared. That application should be filed the day before yesterday."

"Oho! The family head of Wazrof sounds like quite a resolute man."

"But then, I was called by the prime minister yesterday, and he told me that our Family Tree Records have not been revised yet as it needs a lot of preparations."

Pentaros put on a really sour look.

"That damn Sea Monk PM. He's trying to delay the revision eh. Unforgivable. No, lady Norma. There is no doubt that you are a descendant of <White Snow Flower Princess>. Not a single atom in my body has any doubt on that."





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