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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.13


Once Lecan went home, Norma called Findin to her office.

"Findin. You are to go to the capital ahead of time."


"Deliver my letter to Pentaros-dono as soon as you possibly can. I would prefer if you could arrive at the capital before Pentaros-dono and wait for his return there. The sooner we can start negotiating the better."


After saying that much, Norma started writing a letter on her desk.

Findin kept staring at Norma.

Not a word she said to Lecan was a lie. However, neither has she told everything.

After the Courtship Duel was decided, Jinga was called into the room to have a chat with Pentaros and Solusgia for a while. Pentaros's aide, Penvik Furoda, and Solusgia's aide, Pankota Mazo also joined in.

After a while, Pentaros said this.

"And here I wanted to see Jinga-dono's fight against our Shock Corps' commander, Viska, what a shame."

Norma looked at Pentaros with a smile on her face, yet she said nothing.

"Surely they are yet to finish revising lady Norma's status into the family tree. Which means that as the chief knight of Wazrof, Jinga-dono cannot be treated as lady Norma's retainer. Unfortunately, you can't be her proxy."

Findin found it weird.

Even if the Family Tree Record has not been revised yet, Norma is still a legitimate child of Sasfrey Wazrof. In other word, she's still Jinga's lord. Only the family head of Wazrof can decide whether Norma is a member of Wazrof. As such, saying Jinga cannot be Norma's proxy contains no logic behind it.

Yet, Norma didn't say a word to deny Pentaros.

"Perhaps so. We ourselves have been appealing to the prime minister to hurry with the revision."

"Would be nice if it went well."

That was when Penvik Furoda left the place.

(He must be heading to the PM Office.)

(To pressure them into withholding the Family Tree Record revision.)

Since even Findin noticed that, there's no way the clever Norma wouldn't. And yet, Norma kept inexplicably doing nothing and stayed around chatting with Pentaros.

Findin was getting flustered.
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Findin nonchalantly tried to leave the place as well. He must run to the PM Office.

"Findin. Where are you going."

But Norma stopped him.

"Your job is to stay here and take in all the conversation without missing a word. You are then to give me advice when needs to."


In the end, Norma did nothing to stop Pentaros's scheme.

Then they met again at this <Snow Flower Arbor> on the 30th to iron out all the particulars for the duel and made an oath.

Afterward, Norma stayed at Wazrof mansion in the capital for two days, yet she never made any move besides the one time she sent Fujisur to the PM Office.

Naturally the prime minister evaded Fujisur's demand and while he promised the revision would be done, he could not commit on the date.

More than that even, while the PM won't be involved in the Courtship Duel, he believes that House of Fotos's claim that Norma belongs to Goncourt as their heiress stands to reason.

Norma came back to Mashajain on the 37th.

Manfrey was enraged when he heard the details, but Norma remained calm.

"Manfrey-sama. The other party believes that everything is going as they have planned. We should let them be."

"Norma. Is there a strong knight at Goncourt?"

"There is none."

"Then Wazrof shall lend you one. We have several knights whose skill in sword won't lose to Jinga in his prime."

"I don't think they will agree to it."

"Like we could let that nonsense pass. And besides, were House of Fotos bow their head to Wazrof seeking for a wife, and you agree to it, we would have not interfered, but snatching a lady of Wazrof right under our nose through losing a duel would be humiliating. How are you so composed."

"It doesn't have to be a retainer, a relative will do as well."

"Relative? Your relatives--"

"To tell you the truth, I have a fiance."

"What. Who is it."

"An adventurer by the name Lecan."


It was Eda who voiced her surprise here. Everybody turned to look at Eda.

"L-Lecan is Norma-san's fiance? S-since when?"

"Eda. That's just what I make them believe. So he can participate in the duel as my family."

"Ah, so it's like that."

"Wait, hold it. Lecan? Who is that? An acquaintance of Eda-dono?"

"Not just an acquaintance see, like, you know I conquered Dungeon Ninae with Heles-san, right?"

"Umu. Truly a surprise."

"Our party is called <Willard> see, and Lecan is the leader."

"What. Conquerer of Ninae eh. And he's responsible as the party leader. Fumu."

"I have actually told Pentaros-sama regarding adventurer Lecan being my fiance and gotten his permission to let him participate as my proxy if I am to belong to Goncourt."

"Is that true. You really work fast. Hold it. By Lecan, do you mean apothecary Lecan?"

"Lecan is an apothecary too, yes."

Manfrey seems to know about apothecary Lecan. Since the Herb Saint Entourage must have made a stop at this town, he must have heard it from either priest Amamir or a member of the entourage.

Jinga spoke to Manfrey as he put on a difficult look.


"Hm? What's the matter, Jinga."

"I have had the opportunity to clash swords with Lecan-dono."





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