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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.1


The journey from Vouka to Mashajain was peaceful, boring even to Lecan. It might be because it was his first time having to quietly sit on a wagon for seven days straight.

Eda is getting better and better at <Purification>. The <Purification> cast from her thin wand flowed so smooth, elegant and stable. It's become a habit for her to cast <Purification> on Norma, Jinga and herself two-three times a day. She also cast it on Marquis of Wazrof once a day during her stay at Mashajain back then, and the clothes she's wearing now is a thank you gift for that.

Lecan asked about the duel rules on the way there. Of course Norma has verified them beforehand.

You can use any equipment or items. All kinds of attacks including magic is permitted, however curses and poisons are prohibited. The match won't be annulled or deemed your loss if you kill your opponent, however damaging your opponent enough without killing them and allowing the judge to make the decision is seen as the more honorable method.

Lecan's opponent in the duel is the Commander of First Unit of Smarc Navy Knights, Viska Kouen. Smarc has land knights and navy knights, the navy knights sit higher in the pecking order. The Navy Knights have 15 units in total, the lower the unit number the stronger they are. And the strongest individual in a unit is the commander. Commander of the first unit is entrusted to the strongest man among all Smarc Knights, they're traditionally called, <Raid Unit Commander>, and they are the individual who would rush headlong at the enemy's frontlines, wreaking havoc there.

Their wagon arrived at Mashajain on evening of the 22nd. Then Marquis of Wazrof invited Norma, Lecan and Eda to a dinner.

They were led to a room where Manfrey was waiting, he stood up and welcomed them.

"Hi. Forgive me for the short notice. Norma, Eda. I'm glad to see you again. And you must be Lecan."


Manfrey and Lecan stared at each other for a while.

Norma thought to herself, 'oh?'

(Feels like the aura around Lecan has changed.)

Lecan has always been bold, he will never falter no matter who he stands up to, be it first class priest of Elex Temple or Herb Saint Skalabel. Even now he's calmly facing off against the family head of the second highest ranking noble in this country. But there's something different about it to the Lecan that met Herb Saint entourage several months ago.

(I see. I don't feel the dreadfulness anymore.)

The Lecan at the time had this sense of dreadfulness even common people like Norma could sense. There was an especially strong repulsion against those who wear the mantle of authority, a kind of sharpness that would cut you down dared you touch it.

But the Lecan now has none of it. He even took on Manfrey's probing, pressuring stare with an air of composure.

(Eda has grown a lot in the past several months.)
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(And so has Lecan it seems.)

Manfrey loosened his expression and offered a seat to Lecan.

"I bid you welcome. Have a seat now."


They had a toast and the dinner began.

"Norma. Five days ago Findin arrived here before departing for the capital. I read your letter then. You wish to change the duel location because Lecan has a reason to avoid going to the capital, I believe."

"Yes. That's right."

"Would you be willing to share that reason with me."

Norma looked at Lecan. She can't say a word without Lecan's approval.

Lecan did something that surprised Norma. He pretty much divulged how he is a Descender and Yacklubend would definitely find and lock him up like a rare magic beast if he ever sets foot inside the capital. And in a far more detailed account than during Findin's presence.

"Fumu. So that's your reason. Your master, this Shira, just who is she exactly."

"I have to ask you not to touch upon that."

"Oho. Then that I shall. Anyway, so Lord Yacklubend Tomato procured a remain of a sword possessing special Graces you brought from your world through a connection with your master, resulting in their bizarre interest in you. You also have other Grace Gear you don't wish shown to Lord Tomato."

"Not exactly Grace Gear, more like items created by means unavailable in this world. Besides, there must be other items I brought from my world that's gonna pique Yacklubend's curiosity. I have a special <Box> only I can open and shut. If I ever got caught by Yacklubend, they likely won't release me until I took everything in it out."

"A <Box> only specific persons can open huh. Our house does have such <Box> as well. Bought from none other than Lord Tomato themselves. Although Lord Tomato could likely open it. However yes, if it's a <Box> made by the technology of your world, Lord Tomato would definitely keep you bound until they're done analyzing it. Hold on."

Manfrey contemplated with squinted eyes.

"I see. You yourself has a secret that would warrant Lord Tomato's boundless interest."

As Lecan's <Box> is not an item, but his ability, Manfrey's guess is 100% correct. And that's not all, in a topic regarding connections between his world's abilities to this world's magic, Lecan possess the clue that would make Yacklubend go into frenzy if they knew.


"I see. Understood. You must not go to the capital. That person is truly terrible indeed. Your concern is warranted."

"You've met them?"

"No, I have not. I am not familiar with anyone who has met Lord Tomato directly. Perhaps I have met them as a high official of the PM Office, but they will never disclose such matters. Now then. Norma. You must head for the capital as soon as you could."

"That is because?"

"Marquis of Smarc is at the capital right now."

Norma thought they could only ask Pentaros about changing duel location, but it's another thing if the family head himself can be reached. Everything would be settled without clashing with what they discussed on the 30th if only they got the family head's approval first.

"I understand. I will head straight for the capital tomorrow. Lecan, please wait here."

"Got it."





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