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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.4


They arrived at Tsubolt in three days.

Eda has always been a great runner, not to mention that she likes running. She can melt away her fatigue by casting <Purification> on herself too. She managed to keep running without losing pace to Lecan.

Julius was very obedient despite his lack of stamina. Even when he looked completely exhausted, he would keep running when told so after he got <Recovery> cast on him to clear away his fatigue.

Of course they used <Acceleration> magic too.

"Welcome. Sorry, but you'll have to wait a bit for lunch... eh? Lecan? It is you Lecan! Honey, honey! Come here. It's Lecan, he's back."

"What'd you say? Oh! Lecan. That you, Lecan."

"Hey, Nark. Nell. Got rooms?"

"Sure do, two vacant ones like usual."

"Yeah? We're staying long term. One room for this Eda here. Another for Julius and me."

"I'm Eda."

"My name is Julius."

"My my, you two are so cute. Hello. Nice to meet you two. Oh, are these your children, Lecan?"

"No. Ah, Julius is Arios's son."


"No, way. Wait, that guy's married?"

"You got extra bed?"

"Yeah, we do."
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"How much."

"For long term stays, same as normal charge."

"I see. Ah, we're gonna have breakfast tomorrow but after that, we likely won't come back for some time."

"Alrighty. Just leave it to me."

That night, they had a toast together with <Grindam> and the regular customers.

Dungeon Tsubolt went dormant for 20 days.

In celebration, Marquis of Tsubolt offered a huge amount of free booze and food, lowered prices of swords being sold at the stores, and offered free appraisal service. As such, the adventurers here greatly enjoyed the dormant period.

And with the rumor of Dungeon Tsubolt's conquest, there have been a steady increase in numbers of adventurers arriving at the town.

Lecan went to bed early that night.

He was pondering in his sleep.

Should he take the <God Cure> or not.

It's a miraculous potion that can even restore loss limbs. There's a high chance of Lecan's crushed left eye coming back if he takes it. Shira and Norma said so too.

However, Eda is currently working hard to improve her <Purification> for the sake of restoring Lecan's left eye.

What should be done here.

That time Lecan declined Herb Saint's offer to cast <Purification> on him. What did he say back then again.

Right. Lecan said that he would wait until either Eda's <Purification> reach high enough level, or until he gets <God Cure> with his own hands.

Did he get this <God Cure> with his own hands, no. Someone else gave it to him. He might as well accept Herb Saint's offer back then if he's gonna take this <God Cure> anyway.


(I won't take this <God Cure> now.)

(I will only do so if I've been driven into a situation that leaves me no choice but to take it.)

He likely won't find himself in that situation in this duel anyway, so there's no need to mull over what to do with the <God Cure> for the time being.

Lecan slept soundly that night.

The next morning, Lecan had Eda and Julius purchase their dungeon entry permits while he went buying up a huge stock of foodstuff.

As he was paying, one of the adventurers that happened to be present muttered, 'Isn't that Bat Demon Lecan', thus he quickly left the place.

Afterward, they bought Julius's chest protector and helm and went to the dungeon's entrance.

As they waited in line, one of the sentry walked up to them and let them pass through ahead. The policy to prioritize <Willard> without inspection is still active it seems.

"Magic beasts don't spawn in this dungeon's passages. They're only found in the rooms. There's only one type of magic beast here. An Apparition-type magic beast, specter kin, White Specters. Only one spawn in each room on this floor. Eda."


"I'm told <Purification> works wonder on White Specters."


"Try fighting by yourself in the first room."

"I got it."

The three went in a nearby room. There stood one White Specter. Eda held out her thin wand and recited a spell.


A blue ball of light was generated at the tip of her wand.

"Huh? Ah, oh right."

Eda erased the light ball at her wand's tip, switched the wand to her left hand as she pointed her right index finger at the magic beast.


A blue ball of light was generated and got shot out toward the magic beast at high speed, then it hit and went inside the magic's beast body.

The magic beast's body turned hazy before vanishing entirely.

"I did it!"

"Yep. Well done."

Then they went to the giant variant's room.

"Julius. Your turn to fight."

"Yes, master."

"Julius-kun, so cute."

"You best lop off their head if you fight with a sword."

"Yes, I understand."

Julius defeated the magic beast in a single stroke of his sword with his graceful swordsmanship.

Afterward, Lecan taught Julius how to fetch the magic stone.

Then it's stairway time.

"Alright. We're running."

"Eh? Okay."

"I understand, master."

The three ran down the stairs. They met several other adventurers along the way, and instead jumping over their heads, they slowed down their and passed by them.

They didn't run on the second floor's passages. Not like they're in any hurry. They can't got that deep anyway.

They went straight into the giant variant's room on the second floor, with Eda fighting.

They walked but at a fast pace in the stairway. Passing through several adventurers along the way.

They also headed straight for the giant variant's room on the third floor, with Julius fighting this time.


(These sluggish White Specters on these floors ain't no match to Julius.)

"Fumu. Eda will deal with the magic beasts on the next few floors."

"Got it."

They got to floor 9 that day. The travel there takes the most time. They had to wait their turns at two stairway rooms too. They're camping in a vacant room. Lecan had stocked up a heap of firewood yesterday.

Even dried jerky taste good when you roast them over a camp fire. The soup warmed up their bodies.




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