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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.15_16


Eda was already making dinner by the time Lecan got back.

"We had six house calls today, you see."


"And then, I ended up casting <Purification> at one of the houses."


"Norma-san got mad at me later on. She told me to concentrate on suppressing <Purification> from getting cast."


"She also told me one other thing."

"What is it."

"From today on, I gotta cast <Purification> on Lecan before you go to bed or right after you get up."


"She said I'll get better if I practice casting it on someone. And also it'll go smoother if I have a goal. So, cast <Purification> on Lecan every day to heal his left eye, she said."

"I see. Sorry 'bout that."

Afterward, Lecan had Eda cast <Purification> on him.

It was so good his body felt like it was melting.

When he got up the following day, his body condition and sense of refreshment were out of this world.

However his left eye didn't recover.

(Hold up. My life force's been boosted at dungeons.)

(The fixation might have advanced further.)

That means the more he delves in dungeons the harder it is for his left eye to heal back.

But that's trivial compared to what he could obtain in dungeons.

Lecan was even eager to explore more dungeons from then on.

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As Lecan arrived at Shira's house the morning after, he was told to deliver medicines to the medicine stores in the afternoon.

"I've made a promise to attend a lecture on <Ice Bullet> at Adventurer's Association this noon."

"What's your plan this morning?"

"I want to make the rest of the stamina restoratives."

"Put the materials away and forget about making that for now. I'll teach you a special method to make stamina restoratives later in turn."

"Hou? Got it."

"And when are you going to make other medicines?"

Other medicines here refer to remedy and cold medicine Lecan planned to make for himself. He's done with potpourri already.

"No plan yet, but I'll do it once things settled down."

"Alright. Save that for later. First thing first, go deliver these medicines."

Ordered by Shira, Lecan went around delivering barrels of medicines together with Jericho.

By the time he was done it was still before noon.

"Alright. I'll teach you <Origin Water> now."


Afterward, Shira coached him on <Origin Water>, and as it turned out the spells he was using to make medicine served as a practice for <Origin Water>, Lecan quickly grasped the knack.

"That'll do. Move along now. Come back here once your lecture at the association is over, get it?"

"What? Got it."

He had no clue why he must go back to Shira's house, but it was a direct order from his master. Lecan immediately gave his consent and left.

He got called once he was done having late lunch at the dining room next to the association's building.

He received guidance on <Ice Bullet> in the training room.

For this magic, you need to have water ready just like with <Water Blade>, turn it into the shape of a spear, freeze it down and then shoot it out with your mana.

After trying it out, Lecan discovered the freezing aspect is the same type as Ignition magic, but with inverted procedures.

The most important point in this magic is the way you use your mana during the freezing phase, it can even pierce through steel depending on how good you get that phase.

The target is a sheet of metal fastened to a wooden stake.

Lecan managed to easily cast the magic after a teaching session, but he couldn't adjust the spear's strength well.

He paid Dorost to give a demonstration. It cost him three silver coins, but that was more than worth it. Dorost's mana control was fine and precise.

After watching the demonstration, Lecan managed to shoot out a powerful <Ice Bullet> no problem. Now he's got to find a way to omit the preliminary casting part, but this is good enough for now.

"Lecan-san. Won't you join Royal Capital Magic Society?"

"I will not."

"Is that right. However, even though you've only been in two lectures, you're the finest student I have ever taught in my life. I shall give you this."

Dorost handed over a mid-rank magic stone.

It has an unusual kind of mana inside. It's swaying like dancing while displaying a complex pattern.

"Those who saw this mana pattern will know that it's mine. These patterns vary by individuals, no one pattern is like another. If you ever find yourself requiring assistance at the royal capital, bring this magic stone to the society. I will always be your ally."

"Really. Much obliged."

Lecan has no intention to ever go to the royal capital, this magic stone will probably be sealed up forever in <Storage>. However, he appreciated Dorost's gesture.

"Would you like to book another lecture?"

"No. I've got to go somewhere for something after this. I'll show my face around here later."

"Is that so. As we have no new participants and with the current members dropping out one after another, it appears my time in this town will be shorter than planned. Do turn up soon."

"Got it."

However, afterward, Lecan never dropped by Adventurer's Association again while Dorost was still present.

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