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Okami wa Nemuranai 24.1


The town is bustling.

It can be felt anywhere in the town.

The town lord Crimus Ulban has entrusted Chaney Company to construct a guest house where <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel will stay at, and let him coordinate with the domestic affair officials from the royal capital to make the arrangements.

At first Chaney was thinking of calling Vantaroy's workers to work on the construction.

However, there's not enough days. It's just too short a notice.

There, the local workmen got mobilized instead.

After all, it's a facility where the most important of VIPs will stay. Even though the scale won't be massive, the building has to be of the highest quality. Same with its furniture and tableware.

Chaney decided to tackle this project without regards to profits. It will be a work Chaney Company is proud to work on for posterity. That said there is simply no time to lay the foundation solidly. It will have to be simplistic and modest. Nevertheless they plan to jam in as many work as possible and build a comfy building.

The supervisor on site is Chaney's grandchild, Winny.

Chaney himself is heading for Vantaroy to greatly expand his trade partners using Octocular Great Spider materials. He's also using the opportunity to purchase smaller furniture in Vantaroy for the guest house.

The town lord was extremely swamped with work to repair the highways north of Vantaroy. They gathered up people from all lines of work, stonework craftsmen, masons, carpenters, laborers from around Vouka to do the work but they had to call stonework craftsmen that can build bridges from Vantaroy.

A huge number of people come and go in Vouka every day.

The movements of those people enliven the town.

And another new hope also whirls up in the town.

Right after the envoys from Royal Capital went home, Eda was officially granted gold rank adventurer rank.

However, apparently she hasn't been showing up at the Adventurer Association at all lately.

She's been getting invited to many houses, learning how to cook and sewing, engaging in lively chats. And once every few days she would accompany Norma to make house calls and cast <Recovery>.

She would cast <Purification> on Lecan before going to bed at night.

She's also polishing up <Sleep> and <Detection>, following Shira's advice. She'd go to forest to practice sometimes.

Eda appears to really enjoy her current style of life.

Lecan too never showed up at the association, but Aira would come to their house bringing many quests for him.

He has no idea how she did it, but Aira quickly found out where Lecan and Eda lived. Then she'd come to visit in evening and talked about quests over tea. Of course Lecan declined all of it. Eda too isn't taking a quest for now. Saying that she won't accept quests if it's not with Lecan.

As for Lecan, he's spending half of his day learning magic at Shira every single day.

First he learned <Flash>. At elementary level, this magic merely emits a dazzling light, but since it's effective against Soul Ogres and Spectres, he's told to better learn it.

"And besides. Don'tcha underestimate how potent blinds could be in an interpersonal fight. It even work on some magic beasts like Ape Ogres and Oddmud. You got nothing to lose learning it."

He managed to learn the spell right away. As it's capable of temporarily blinding opponent if the output is raised, this magic is actually pretty terrifying when you think about it.

And with that, he's told to have completed his Light and Heat type magic learning.

"No point in learning more than that really. Go polish up <Flame Spear>, <Lightning> and <Ice Bullet>. That's your path to strength."

In Shira's classification, <Water Blade> is Space type, <Ice Bullet> is both Light and Heat and Space type, but both use water to attack. At their highest level, <Ice Bullet> has an overwhelmingly higher penetrating power than <Water Blade>, thus Lecan was told to forget <Water Blade> and work on <Ice Bullet> instead.

Next, he learned <Concealment>. The request to learn it came from Lecan himself.

According to Shira, there's nothing in Perception type magic Lecan should learn. Lecan's detection is so advanced he doesn't need <Clairaudience> and <Amplification>, and <Concealment> doesn't fit well with Lecan's character and battle style, it's pointless, she said.

"Can you imagine a hulking monstrosity like you trying to sneakily slip into someone's house. You cannae' even stand motionlessly bating your breath for half an hour, can you?"

She got a point, realized Lecan.

Lecan was interested in <Analysis> of Perception type, but it's a kind of magic that cannot be learned unless you are equipped with specialized knowledge and crafts for it. The Lecan now could probably activate <Analysis> on medical plants, but unless he gained even deeper understanding, the <Analysis> won't be as precise, and it's not like he'll be able to make better medicine that he can make now even if he manage.
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As such, Lecan was done with Perception skill study, and yet he still wished to learn <Concealment>.

Asking for more info, he found out that <Concealment> magic is unlike the skill assassins learn as it can be used on objects other than yourself.

In other word, it can be cast on other people and objects.

People, objects and animals that have been put under <Concealment> will be harder to recognize by other people. Your awareness of seeing them disappears even when they're right in front of your eyes. <Concealment> is effective on animals and magic beasts to a degree, but it's fundamentally an interpersonal magic.

Since it sounded quite convenient, Lecan insisted that he should learn it and Shira eventually relented.

Shira herself wanted Lecan to learn <Barrier>.

There's two types of <Barrier>, physical and magical, Shira wants Lecan to learn the magical one.

"Yes you might have <Necklace of Intuador> on you. But you should never leave it all to one equipment. You won't find something that handy again if you lose it, you know."

She's exactly right.

"You likely will never find yourself at the end of multiple physical attacks that deal huge damage coming at you all at once. But a downpour of magic capable of dealing huge damage on you is not out of question."

She's right and all, but just what kind of opponent does Shira imagine Lecan is going up against.

Despite being in Perception type like <Appraisal>, the nature of <Concealment> magic differs quite a bit from it, in fact, it's more closely related to Mind type magic. As Lecan has no aptitude in Mind type magic, he's not having any success learning this magic.

One day, a messenger from Chaney Company dropped by to deliver his repaired vest and trousers, as well as brand new undergarment, trousers and shirts. Lecan is wearing a vest made of Thousands Rock Spider material he brought from his former world until his light armor is done. As for trousers, he's wearing the new one and put away the old one from his former world in <Storage>.

The undergarment made from spider materials feels unexpectedly comfortable. Eda was delighted as well, saying she could wear them.

On month eight, they went out to gather herbs for about ten days. Along with Eda. Eda looked like she was having so much fun.

Lecan barely gathered herbs and spent all his time practicing magic.

He was told to have completed Heat and Light type magic study, but he still didn't get how to use <Lightning> well, thus he got some guidance. Shira demonstrated how to cast <Lighting> in a specified area that dealt specified damage only to specified targets.

Lecan kept on practicing <Concealment> but he couldn't grasp the knack. However, he was told that he had potential for it.

When they got back at town, there was a summon from the town lord.

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