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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.11_12


"Lecan-dono. What do you mean by great."

"I'm really not good with all this longwinded talk. So I'm very much on board if this can be settled with swords. If this vice commander win, I'll give it my everything to go look for Shira and make sure she'll see Skalabel when he's here. If I win you guys go back to the royal capital, pronto. Forget about Skalabel ever coming here."

"Bastard, have you gone mad?"

"Stand back, Zaifad-dono. You too Lecan-dono, please do not instigate Zaifad-dono. Zaifad-dono is an escort Royal Knights dispatched as ordered by his majesty, I have no right to command him directly."

"What. No duel huh. Boring."

The town lord groaned with his hands on his head.

"I'm telling you not to incite him. Zaifad-dono as well, calm yourself. There is no way I could report to his excellency prime minister about how Zaifad-dono dueled and killed Shira-dono's pupil. Think about how guide Skalabel would react to that."

This seems to have hit the nail on the head, Zaifad forcefully suppressed his swelled up fighting spirits.

Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban let out an incredibly deep sigh.

"I see you must have it hard too town lord-dono."

"I truly feared it would turn into a duel for a moment there. If a gold rank adventurer of Vouka town were to duel and kill a vice commander of the royal knights, I wouldn't know--"

"What did you say."

Zaifad looks at Crimus with an awfully sharp gaze.

"Vouka town lord, what, did you say."


"You said a Vouka town's adventurer would kill me in a duel, did you not."

"N-no, that's not what I"


"What is it."

"I hereby challenge Lecan to a duel."

"You cannot."

"I cannot abide by that."

"And why wouldn't you."

"Vouka town lord has spoken that a town adventurer could kill a vice commander of the Royal Knights. Royal Knights are the highest absolute force of might that protects this kingdom's public order. The existence of Royal Knights is precisely why the populace could live in peace knowing they would be protected from foreign invasions or domestic riots."

"Well yes, that may be so."

"Royal Knights cannot be allowed to fall behind noble knights. It can never be compared to an adventurer under a rankless lord of some remote region. Permitting that would disturb the kingdom's harmony"

"Let's think calmly now."

"A mere Vouka town lord dares doubt the capability of Royal Knights, this is truly a grave matter. Pardoning this would result in more remote lords having the wrong idea. This problem concerns the significance of Royal Knights' existence. I cannot simply overlook it."

"Zaifad-dono, you might end up killing a fellow disciple of guide Skalabel."

"Priest Amamir, please worry not. I shan't kill him. We have red potions as well. And when the necessity arises, would it be fine if you could cast <Recovery> on him."

"I don't mind. I see. There's no avoiding this duel then."

"Lecan, lead us to the duel ground."

"Gotta ask the town lord for that. <Recovery>."

"M-my headache isn't going away."

"Then that's a sort of pain <Recovery> doesn't work on. Get us to the dueling ground."

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There was a building used by the guards to train in the site, but since it was too cramped, they would be holding the duel in the courtyard instead.

Several great shields were brought out to protect the VIPs like the undersecretary and the first priest. All other people are hiding behind trees or pillars mostly.

The Underscretary had a really difficult look on his face. As an official, this situation was truly regrettable toward Lecan. However, Lecan himself truly welcomed this situation where he could settle things in a duel instead of some bothersome discussion. On top of that he's got to fight such an interesting foe in a royal capital knight. Nothing regrettable about it at all.

Lecan decided to use <Sword of Rusk>. <Sword of Agost> is ideal against dungeon monsters, but <Sword of Rusk> handles easier in his hand, which is better in a fight with a knight.

He thought of using a Solid Sacred Silver sword as well, but considering how fragile it is despite its sharpness, it may fracture during a clash against a knight's armor and shield. Hence he decided on <Sword of Rusk>. He won't hold back in fear of it breaking. He fully intends to attack with all his might even if it means breaking the sword.

He's got <Dagger of Harut> hanging on his waist, <Guardian Jewel of Zana> in his chest pocket, and <Necklace of Intuador> worn on his neck. His finger has the silver ring, his left wrist has <Shield of Wolkan> in gauntlet form.

When Lecan came out of the shadow after putting on his equipment, some wondered out loud if that was <Shield of Wolkan>. As expected, royal capital's temple knights and royal knights would be familiar with it.

Zaifad is a sour looking man between the prime of his life and middle aged. His neatly pruned mustache is hidden behind his helm right now.

Since he was wearing armor initially, he only got a helmet and a gauntlet that should be <Shield of Wolkan> as new equipment.

As the two stepped into the center of the awfully spacious courtyard, temple knight Derston Barmoa followed.

"I will be acting as the umpire. The winner is the one who has neutralized his opponent. And naturally you can raise the white flag yourself. You two are fine with zero handicaps right."

"So we can attack with anything?"


"Come at me with any dirty tactics you've got."

"You can use magic too then."

"Yes. Of course. Feel free to use any kind of Grace Items as well."

Derston looked like he wanted to say something to Zaifad.

However, he said nothing in the end.

Derston possesses quite a huge pool of mana. And it's an awfully tempered kind of mana. Perhaps he hoped Zaifad would notice the enormous amount of mana Lecan bears. Zaifad himself has no mana.

Derston stepped back five steps and raised his hand before swinging it down.


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