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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.3_4


Lecan is scheduled to present himself at the town lord's mansion in two days.

Eda has been officially given the commendation to promote her to gold rank adventurer. However the award ceremony for her adventurer badge will be held after the royal capital envoys have gone home.

Dawns broke, morning came.

Eda went out. Saying she's learning sewing from some neighboring ladies or something.

Lecan stayed at home to make Stamina Restorative on his own.

Practicing the special method Shira taught him the night before last.

He would carefully, carefully follow the procedures while recalling the stuff Shira taught him since month two.

Looking back, all the seemingly random crafts Shira taught him were in fact connected to one another, forming a complete circle.

Like how the extraction method for one herb becomes a foundation for a more complex extraction of another herb with different effects. Or when he's mixing herbs, which gets to be the main ingredient and which gets to be the sub are clear to him even though he hasn't been taught about it by looking at all things he's learned so far.

Making similar medicines with the same herbs to get the same effects is probably not that hard.

However in order to do things this precise, delicate and completely error-free, one needs to learn complex sequences as well as the knack to converse with every kinds of herbs, to see the minute differences between them.

The correct ratios and heating times are also parts of criteria. Choosing the optimal dosage for each herbs at the right state on the right time is something only the best apothecaries can accomplish.

Apothecaries who have the ability to analyze medicines can probably correctly guess what herbs are used in what medicine. They could create similar medicines even.

However, they won't have any clue about this procedure and the ratios used.

They likely can't imitate it even if they saw the whole process with their own eyes. One needs a complete mastery in the basics if they wish to comprehend this process.

And ordinarily, you attain the essence of this craft only after endless repetitions.

However, Lecan is a bearer of a unique and precise probing ability he obtained in his former world.

That ability has gotten even more advanced ever since he came to this world.

If he were to fully dedicate his all into that ability, he can finely grasp what's going on before his eyes.

Naturally, Shira made Lecan learn this craft because she knew about his ability.

A medicine made with such an advanced level of craft is not absolutely pertinence to him. Medicines that need far less work are just as helpful.

But what are medicines, what is medicine making, what are cures, the path toward those answers require one to dip their toes into this sort of medicine crafting.

In order to obtain a new expertise, to understand just what is life, this kind of ultimate medicine making is a stepping stone.

A completely new medicine.

A completely new treatment method.

One can catch a glimpse of such beyond this process.

That Lecan could even caught a faint glimpse is of course thanks to Shira's teachings, but his training under Norma also plays a huge role.

Though he didn't study under her for long, learning how human body works from such an excellent teacher like Norma helped Lecan's knowledge as an apothecary see a rapid growth.

It was evening by the time he noticed.

He was so absorbed in the medicine making he forgot to have lunch.

Thanks to it, he's gotten fairly good with the craft though.

Eda came home and made dinner.

Lecan drank a bit while having dinner, got <Purification> cast on him by Eda and went to bed early.

The royal capital envoys are arriving tomorrow.

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At the town lord's mansion, the atmosphere has seen a complete departure in just two days.

First of all, the usual loudly barking Tree Wolves are gone.

Everything has been neatly arranged, polished up, and decked out.

"Ah, Lecan-dono. Please don't step on that carpet!"

"Commander Tesla. Good work. Did this mansion have this many employees?"

"Around half of them are temporary workers."

"I see."

"We never managed to find Shira-dono in the end."

"Yeah, figured."

"It's such a relief to have you here."

The town lord came out.

"Ooh, Lecan! Thank you for coming. I really believed you would come."

Turning that around, it means he was worried whether Lecan would really come or not.

"Are the envoys here already?"

"No. It will likely be at late afternoon. I believe they would send out a forewarner, so we have send out a scout ourselves."

"Got here to soon huh. I'll come again."

"No you don't! Please don't go home. Come now, let's go inside. We'll bring you nice tea. Tesla, I see a speck on the right arm of that armor put in the front. That flower should be placed near the edge a bit more. And then--"

"Lecan-sama. This way if you would."


A parlormaid brought Lecan to a room inside.

The tea and snacks they served for him were superb, but they can't keep him occupied forever.

Lecan stood in the passage and used <Appraisal> on the clothes of people who passed by him while nonchalantly hiding his mouth.

There were a surprising amount of employees who had valuable items on them, it was quite fun.

His lunch was brought early.

Having this many people in one place must be tough for the kitchen side, thought Lecan.

Lecan didn't think it's got anything to do with him as he watched people running around everywhere.

The town lord seemed to be fully occupied, Lecan was left alone and kept in the dark about updates with the envoys until just before they arrived.

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