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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.5


The envoys entourage arrived way past lunch time.

Meaning they must have had lunch on their way.

Begged by the town lord, Lecan waited at the entrance to greet the entourage.

The town lord approached and asked him to take off his <Overking Bear> overcoat when he had it on him, so he put it away in <Storage>. Naturally along with any kind of weapons.

The town lord has the entire area around the entrance filled with people to welcome the entourage.

Commander Tesla went to meet the entourage outside the town gate and led the way to the mansion.

The Undersecretary and the townlord exchanged pleasantries at the entrance before they moved to the parlor.

There are five people on the town lord's side.

Town lord Crimus Ulban.

Guards Commander Tesla.

Two civil officials.

And Lecan.

"This man here will be acting on behalf of Apothecary Shira. He is also one of our town of Vouka's gold rank adventurers."

When Lecan got introduced as such, the envoys entourage that had been keeping their calm buzzed a bit.

The envoys have 12 people on their side.

Prime Minister Office Internal Affairs Undersecretary, Yeteria Wazbon.

Two secretaries.

Their escort, vice captain of Royal Knights, Zafaid Katchin.

Two subordinate knights.

First class priest of Royal Capital Elex Temple, Amamir Tarance.

His escort, temple knight of Royal Capital Elex Temple, Derston Barmoa.

Two subordinate knights.

Three third class priests.

Once they were done with the introduction, the ones that got to have seats were the town lord and Lecan on the town lord's side, and Undersecetrary and first class priest on the envoys' side. Since there were only enough sofas for the one sitting, this arrangement must have been decided beforehand.

The people left standing on the envoys side are circling the sitting ones, while the three on town lord's side are standing behind Lecan and the town lord. Since the room is not that big, the town lord must be under a heavy pressure.

It was the Undersecetrary who first opened his mouth.

"We're grateful for your time. First of all, I shall deliver a message from Prime Minister-dono. <Respecting Apothecary Guide Skalabel's wish, his majesty the king has thus decreed to carry out all necessary preparations for Guide Skalabel's meeting with Apothecary Shira. Town lord of Vouka, Crimus Ulban is to cooperate with my envoys toward realizing that meeting.> That is all."

"R-royal decree."

The town lord froze up with his eyes wide open. Is a royal decree that unusual, thought Lecan.

"Now then, we can discuss all the necessary paperwork with town lord-dono later, first we would like to see apothecary Shira-dono, but seeing it's her substitute that's present here, is apothecary Shira perhaps ill in bed? Would it be fine if we pay her a visit?"

"It has been my highest honor to be granted an audience with Undersecetrary-sama as well as first class priest Amamir who have traveled far and long. I shall do everything in my power as a town lord of Vouka to realize his majesty's decree per prime minister-sama's order. As for the present situation with apothecary Shira, as her pupil as well as a substitute appointed by apothecary Shira-dono herself, this Lecan here will give the undue explanations."

With his head hanging down, the town lord glared at Lecan. 'You explain', urging him that.

Lecan spoke while reclining on the sofa.

"After the town lord got a letter from you envoys, he went and informed Shira about the content. The following day, meaning the day before yesterday, Shira disappeared leaving me and the town lord letters."

"Lecan! Mind your words. You're being discourteous to envoys-sama."
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Undersecetrary raised his hand to stop the town lord.

"Town lord-dono. Is Lecan-dono not an adventurer?"

"H-he is."

"Adventurers have their own sets of beliefs. I shan't question how they handle their ways with words. Lecan-dono. Continue."

"There's two letters, which can be summed up like. 'I'm going on a trip. You can deal with the envoys from Royal Capital as my substitute'."

Lecan paused here and waited for the other side's reaction.

Even the Undersecetrary had a stiff look on his face at this revelation.

"Shira went into hiding once she knew you guys were coming. In other word, she doesn't want to meet you guys."

The vice captain of Royal Knights, Zafaid let out a terrifying bloodlust. Same with the subordinate knights behind him.

"Is Shira-dono accompanied by escorts?"

"No. I think she's by herself."

"Is she in a good enough condition to go on a trip alone?"

"She's the very definition of healthy, that grandma."

"That's excellent news. Guide Skalabel has been terribly worried about Shira-dono's well being all this time. But, well now, this is troubling. We are obliged to have a direct contact with Shira-dono."

Undersecetrary looked at first class priest Amamir here.

From the looks of thing, Undersecetrary Yeteria may be officially the envoy in this entourage, but it's clear that it's the first class priest Amamir who holds the biggest sway in the group. Even though he's publicly a mere companion, in reality Amamir is the most important person in the group

First class priest Amamir looks like a small elderly man with a face full of wrinkles, but the light of wisdom dwelling in his eyes will make anyone who sees him stands in awe.

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