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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.14_15


Lecan walked up to the fallen Zaifad.

"Zaifad. I won."

Zaifad moved his eyes to look at Lecan.

His face is bloodied all over, blood is gushing out of his nose.

He must have terrible bruises under his armor. He also surely suffers not so light burn wounds.

His arms and legs are limp and unmoving.

"Keep your promise. Forget Skalabel ever coming here."

"Kill me."

"What do I get from killing you. Keep your promise. You're a knight, aren't you."

"Kill me."

"Oy oy. That was a grudgeless duel on a condition we both agreed upon."


Temple knight Derston talked to Lecan.


"Guide Skalabel's journey has been approved by the king. And as decreed by his majesty, his excellency prime minister commanded us to make the arrangements. We have left officials in the main towns leading to this town on our way here. Towns neighboring capital must have begun their highway maintenances and lodging remodeling right about now. This project cannot be canceled."

Lecan digested what he meant by that.

"You're telling me this guy made a promise he can't keep, despite being a knight and all?"

"That would be the case. He likely never would have imagined he would lose."

Lecan glared at Derston and then at the Undersecretary who was watching from a distance. These two who didn't try to stop the duel despite knowing that bear some faults themselves.

"Kill me."

Zaifad's voice sounded like he was entreating Lecan.

A knight has their honor on the line in a duel. If they cannot keep the promise despite swearing by their honor, death is the only way out. Lecan decided to write off the sins of three people by killing Zaifad.

Lecan raised <Sword of Agost> with his right hand over Zaifad's defenseless head.



Two subordinate knights ran up.

"<Lightning (Gwinbarr)>!"

Lecan thrust out his left hand and cast a magic.

Crackling lightning encircled the two and they fell down just like that.

And then they started convulsing on the spot.

Lecan fixed his breathing, then just when he was about to swing down his sword to reap Zaifad's life.

"Lecan. Leave it at that."

Lecan stopped his sword and turned around.

There, Shira stood.

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"<Origin Water><Recovery>."

From a spot 20 steps away, Shira raised her hand and cast a spell that generated Pure Magic Water over Zaifad's face, then she added <Recovery> in the mix before soaking his face with the water.

In his mind, Lecan was surprised at this.

Putting <Recovery> on Pure Magic Water turns it into Magic Water with added <Recovery> effect. However, it could only retain that effect for one day, and by the third day, it would lose most of it, so he was taught.

It's a pointless trick for someone who can use <Recovery> like Lecan, that was what he believed until now.

However, the method Shira showed here is like having <Recovery> continually cast on Zaifad's head. The Magic Water likely penetrates Zaifad's body from the head inside, recovering his internal organs. As Magic Water carries a property that let it permeates your body like potions do.


Next, Shira cast <Recovery> on Zaifad's whole body. His bruises and scalds get mostly healed, the rest is up to Magic Water to permeate his body.

So you could use <Recovery> like such. Coming up with new ways to do things is very much important, thought Lecan.

The first class priest and third class priests are kneeling next to Shira.

As those who dedicate their life to the art of healing, they know just how aberrant what Shira demonstrated.

From somewhere 20 steps away, without a wand nor preliminary casting, successively casting <Origin Water> and <Recovery> to mix them up and then slowly soaking the patient in it.

From that much distance, putting <Recovery> over a big man's entire body.

Lecan has no idea how's the standard like at Royal Capital's Medical Centers, but even that Norma wouldn't believe it when they told her about casting <Recovery> over a distance.

To these priests, it must feel like seeing a legendary mage in person.

"Amamir-dono, was it. You're a pupil of Skalabel, aren'tcha."

"Yes. It's truly an honor to be granted an audience with you, Shira-sama."

"Stand up now. Can't talk with you like that. And Undersecretary-san over there, Yeteria-dono, was it."

"Delighted to make your acquaintance. I am Undersecretary of Zaka Kingdom's Prime Minister Office, Yeteria Wazbon. Would you be apothecary Shira-dono?"

"I go by that name now, yep. You come too. Let's have a chat at the parlor, shall we."

Lecan was gonna head to the parlor as well.

"Lecan. You take care of them now."

Shira's line of sight ends at two convulsing subordinate knights.

Lecan cast <Recovery> on them.

Since he wasn't going to use the few yellow potions he had left, he just kept casting <Recovery> on them.

Their burns and convulsions healed up right away, but their paralyzed state just wouldn't go away.

They finally managed to move after a session of <Recovery>, then he left them alone.

Zaifad stood up and looked at Lecan like he was something curious.

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