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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.16


Inside the parlor, on Vouka side are Vouka townlord Crimus, guard commander Tesla, two officials, then Lecan and Shira.

On the capital side are the Undersecretary Yeteria, his two assistants, first class priest Amamir and temple knight Derston.

Zaifad also went in later.

Lecan treated Zaifad as if he wasn't there.

As he couldn't keep his promise despite losing in a honor-bound duel, Zaifad could only die if Lecan told him to. He also have no choice but to obey whatever unreasonable demands Lecan may have for him.

But now that Shira has shown herself up, he should not cause trouble anywhere between Vouka and the capital. Meaning, Zaifad cannot die here. Besides that, Lecan had no other demand for Zaifad.

The capital people did not talk to Zaifad either.

Lecan couldn't care less what Zaifad had in mind. Zaifad likely won't butt in needlessly anymore now. That's more than enough.

The discussion proceeded smoothly.

Guide Skalabel will depart the capital on the 30th month eight, arriving at Vouka around 10-15th month nine.

Apothecary Shira will see Guide Skalabel. Maybe, added Shira, but everybody pretended like they didn't hear her.

Vouka lord will oversee a construction of new lodgings for guide Skalabel and his personal assistants to stay at. Prime Minister Office spared two white gold coins to cover the cost.

Additionally, here are personnels that will stay at the town lord's mansion and other lodgings.

Ten Royal Knights and ten subordinate knights as escorts. Two Royal Mages and two attendants. Two temple knights and two subordinate knights.

As companions, 20 apothecaries including one first class priest and two third class priests.

Two officials of Prime Minister Office to manage expenses.

Then several more for chores.
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All lodging expenses will be paid by Prime Minister Office.

The two officials who have come along with the envoy this time will stay in this town to work out the details. One of the subordinate knights who showed up later would be their escort.

Additional Vouka town lord is to do maintenance on highways that connect Vouka to Vantaroy. Prime Minister Office expended eight white gold coins for this.

Later on, Lecan was told that ordinarily this matter should have been left in the hand of a town lord of a much bigger city like Vantaroy. But now that Vouka town lord is in charge, many things will now go in the good direction to benefit Vouka town later.

This is apparently a form of reward for Vouka where guide Skalabel will be staying at.

The fact that the town is where guide Skalabel's master lives at may have also come into consideration.

Highways near Vantaroy are under regular maintenance, but those around Vouka are highways in name only, thus being able to repair them is a big win. The town lord was beaming.

The envoy group will stay in the town lord's mansion tonight. There will be a banquet at night. Both Shira and Lecan were strongly requested to participate as well, but they declined. Like he could eat good food at such an annoying spot.

Temple Knight Derston said that he wanted to learn the way to Shira's house. Apparently he's going to accompany guide Skalabel in his journey.

Consulting Shira, she told him to go ahead and lead the way, so he did.

Of course they didn't walk on normal roads, they jumped over walls and roofs.

Yet Derston easily followed after Lecan. Derston's agility is not to be underestimated considering he's doing the feat in full heavy armor. His two subordinate knights dropped out of the race at the starting line though.

Derston apparently has some knowledge in herbal plants. He'd know with Derston being at a loss for words when he saw the toxic plant garden.

Jericho was tending the garden when they arrived.

Derston was watching with sparkling eyes as Jericho went around picking up dead leaves, tearing up withered branches and watering plants among the thickly growing dangerous plants.

"Who is that."

"A Longarm Ape. Jericho's the name."


"Guys. I've got tea ready for you, come on inside now."

"Huh? Shira-shi? Didn't Shira-shi stay at the town lord's mansion when we departed here earlier? Huh?"

"Don't mind it. Let's get inside."

Lecan stared at Shira while sipping his tea.

Shira was in the town lord's mansion the whole time he had a talk with the envoys. And she must have listened to it using <Clairaudience>. Otherwise, she wouldn't have known the Undersecretary's and the first class priest's names.

What shocking was her entrance when Lecan was about to kill Zaifad.

Lecan's detection never caught Shira until that exact moment.

She literally appeared out of thin air.

Wonder if she always had the ability to do that.

It might be. Lecan knew magic <Invisible (Elmus)>, <Concealment (Nirzum)> still only by names. Those spells may carry the properties that allow them to escape Lecan's <Life Detection>, <3D Perception> and <Mana Detection>.

However Lecan doubted if that was truly the case.

Perhaps Shira developed a magic to counter Lecan's detection after finding out how it worked. Or perhaps she remodeled an existing magic for that purpose.

He couldn't help but harboring such thoughts.

While Lecan is growing during his study, perhaps so is Shira.

This old woman is truly terrifying.

But still, things have gotten troublesome.

First of all, this Skalabel dude cast can't be allowed to cast <Purification> on Shira.

On this one though, maybe Shira herself could convince Skalabel that she doesn't need <Purification>. At any rate, since Shira herself agreed to meet him, she might have a plan in mind.

Another thing is if Skalabel is more than 100 year old, then a question of just how old Shira is will come up.

Of course there exist masters who are younger than their pupils in this world. However, once Skalabel divulged about the time he met Shira and how much he learned from her, also the fact about Shira's extensive knowledge in apothecary would be proof of her extraordinary long life.

They would come to suspect if she was a Longlifer. That'd be bad. Longlifers are treated as enemies in the royal capital, while the temples deem them as either angels or devils. Neither of which ends up good.

Worst case scenario, Shira's true identity might be exposed.

As this Skalabel seems to be a famous influential person, this whole affair have probably attracted unwarranted attentions to Shira.

That'd be bad.

Standing out is the worst possible outcome for an existence like Shira. Things that can normally be glossed over will be hard to when she's under scrutiny.

Truly a conundrum.

However, this may not actually be THAT concerning.

Shira can simply make a run for it and live somewhere else with a different name if she feels like it. She might even be able to alter her face and figure.

There are so many ways she could go about it as long as she doesn't have to stay in this town.

However, Lecan personally likes the town Shira lives at.

That's the part he's anguishing on.

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