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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.12_13_14


The following day, Lecan had breakfast early in the morning and went to Norma's place with Eda, then from there they headed for Goncourt Mansion riding a carriage sent for them. Since it was difficult for Lecan to be inside the carriage, he followed after it by walking.

Lecan waited in the waiting room as Norma and Eda went to treat Prado Goncourt. Prado likely wouldn't be able to stay calm as he received his treatment if the man who killed his heir were in the same room.

Eda must be casting <Purification> on Prado right about now. However, the spell is <Recovery>. Norma told her that she wouldn't mind her casting <Purification> as long as she cast it as <Recovery>, only for today. Thus it must have turned into <Purification>.

After a while, Kanner the butler came to get Lecan.

Prado's complexions were much better than he ever was.

"Hey, Lecan-dono. I'm flattered by your presence."

"You're looking good."

"Eda-dono's <Recovery> is wonderful. It is as if like I have been reborn anew."

"Good to hear."

Afterward, they were treated to tea, Kanner cordially thanked them as they left Goncourt Mansion. Many employees were watching over them as they left just like when they first arrived.

Back at the medical center, Lecan asked Norma.

"How was it."

"Yep, it was one hundred percent <Purification>."

Eda got a day break and would be accompanying Norma making house calls the day after tomorrow.

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The next day, Lecan went out of the south gate into the forest, there he practiced shooting <Water Blade> without preliminary casting, but he couldn't control it very well.

He tried using the wand Shira gave him, and it went well.

It went too well even, the magic cut down several trees in one shot. Too powerful a magic is hard to use.

He put away the wand, and now he couldn't get a good control on the magic.

It would if he did the preliminary casting.

It wouldn't if he didn't.

Things didn't go well that day.


The day after is the promised day with Shira.

There was already a preceding visitor when Lecan arrived at her house.

The visitor quickly went home.

It was commander Tesla. He must be a messenger sent by the town lord.

Shira is reading an open letter on her desk, with a difficult expression on her face.

She's staying silent for a while.

Eventually Shira seemed to have her thoughts sorted out and folded up the letter.

"Okay. I'll be teaching you how to make stamina restoratives first before all other medicine."

Lecan drank tea and then began the training to learn stamina restorative making.

Shira's instructions were unusually specific, she would keep ragging on Lecan's mistakes from start to finish.

With sheer obstinacy, Lecan worked hard to improve his medicine making craft and finally got a passing mark from Shira by evening.

"Good, good. And now I'm sure you can learn <Origin Water>."

Water created with <Origin Water> is called Pure Magic Water.

Medicines created using Pure Magic Water as a base boast high efficacy.

Additionally, you can create Magic Water if you dissolve <Recovery> in Pure Magic Water. Magic Water is a drinkable cure, a man-made red potion if you would. However, it's got a short shelf life, and since Lecan can use <Recovery> himself, he's got no use for it.

However, using Pure Magic Water instead of just water in the creation of a medicine will result in medicine that's an order of magnitude higher in quality.

Pure Magic Water is never absent in Shira's style of medicine making.

The following day was another full day of stamina restorative making.

Shira made medicines she's selling to medicine stores.

Lecan had this talk with Shira during the lunch break.

"Right now, a magic instructor from an organization called Royal Capital Magic Society is staying in this town's Adventurer Association."


"I learned this <Water Blade> magic."

"Ah, that one huh."

"It wasn't on the list you wrote."

"Huh? Was that right?"

Looks like she simply forgot to write it.

"That society's founder was called Gyolsomething."


"That Gyolsomething had issues with the magic classification system proposed by Mazara Wedepasha, and went on to create and spread a magic classification system with a clear hierarchy of magic."

"Ah, I remember that guy. It's that Gyolsomething guy."

"Like I've been telling you. The system that Gyol made separates magic into offensive, defensive, recovery, probe and support types."

"Right right. That was it. Isn't that system just pushing it."

"That magic instructor was resentful of Mazara, aka you. Just what happened."

Mazara Wedepasha is a name Shira used to call herself back in the past. In other words, it was Shira herself who created the classification system she taught Lecan."

"I didn't really do anything in particular though."

"That magic instructor said that an adopted system that originally had hierarchy was thrown into disorder because of you."

"That's not true. Magic classifications always have their ebb and flow depending on the eras. In one era, a system that separates types is popular, in another era it would be a utilitarian-based system. Both the systems that I and Gyol practiced too had always existed since way back in the past."

"So it seems Gyol went to meet you face to face."

"In the end, I never got what did he even come for. Every word coming out of his mouth sounded like gibberish. Guy also shot some offensive magic, but it was amateur hour."

"This Gyol sure sounded like an amazing guy."

"He sure was an amazing guy."

"Hold on."

"What's wrong."

"Was it light magic Gyol best at?"

"Ah, yes right. Now that you mention it, it was indeed."

"Think I know why light type offensive magic gets put on the highest rank."

"It's more like, he probably wanted to assert that he who could use that magic is the most supreme human."

"Is that so."

"Gyol believed that mages are superior beings. And then among mages, those who can cast magic high in the hierarchy are also ranked higher."

"This Gyol sure sounded like a troublesome guy."

"He sure was a troublesome guy."

They continued working until evening, and by then it would take another half a day to finish the rest.

Lecan left Shira's house and went to Adventurer's Association.

Dorost was just done with the practical course.

"It's such a relief I get to see the face of a honor student."

"Were you just done with the lecture?"

"They couldn't get it right, it took longer than anticipated. But I was able to see signs of activation on some of them, I believe this town shall witness the birth of new mages if they keep at it a little more."

"That's nice. By the way, I have time to spare tomorrow afternoon."

"I have a lecture tomorrow afternoon, but only for two students, so it should be done quick. I don't mind teaching you afterward."

"Then, let's."

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