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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.12


"So you're actually capable of these exchanges if you wanted, Lecan. I underestimated you. You've got me there, but that's a reassuring quality for a gold rank adventurer to have."

The townlord praised Lecan.

Lecan had no idea what did he got from the town lord, nevertheless he stared back at the town lord with a confident look. Losing nerve would mean his loss here.

"I have a request, or more like a consultation. It's about Golbul's town lord."


"Golbul's town lord had sent forth a courteous messenger here. 'An adventurer from town of Vouka by name <Overlord in Black> conquered Dungeon Golbul twice. As it is the first time dungeon Golbul has ever been conquered, we would like to grant him the honor he deserves in person', so they say."

"I see."

"And they would like to negotiate with you for the ownership of <Dagger of Harut>."

"I have no intention of selling that dagger. Nor will I present it."

"Yes, Zenkis has told me."

"Who's Zenkis."

"Now this is a surprise. Who would have thought there's an adventurer who doesn't know this town's Adventurer Association's chairman's name."

"Ah, that guy huh. Got it."

"To tell you the truth, I too would like to purchase that dagger. Though publicly you would be presenting it to me and me granting you reward. By doing that, Golbul's town lord will have no choice but to lower his head at me and ask to let him purchase the dagger off me. With that favor in my pocket, I plan to use the opportunity to buy up dungeon items as well as form new relationships with Golbul."

"I see. I get your aims and standpoints. What's the reason Golbul town lord covets <Dagger of Harut> so much."

"A <Dagger of Harut> was dropped in a dungeon he manages, don't you see? The dungeon's ranking will surely go up. However, there is no point when the town lord hasn't even seen the thing let alone owns it. He will want to have it on hand as he shows it off to influential individuals inside and outside his territory for a while."

"Guess that's how it goes."

"That is how it goes. And once the fact that a <Dagger of Harut> was dropped in Dungeon Golbul and is in possession of Golbul's town lord has been known far and wide, he will go and present it to the royal family."

"The royals? But I heard they've bought a <Dagger of Harut> that was in circulation awhile ago. Do they even have any use for another one before they've decided on the next crown prince?"

"So you knew about that. We have no idea when will the next crown prince's selection will be held, it could be in 10 or 30 years from now for all we know, but the royal family prefers to have a <Dagger of Harut> ready for that time if they could. And even if that's not the case, the dagger itself holds an extremely important value as a gift, the royal capital will surely reward Golbul back many times over."

"Fumu. Let's say I get it."

"Thus, I shall ask you once again. Please take this strictly as a business proposal and not personally if you would."
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"You own a <Dagger of Harut>, don't you?"

Instead of word, Lecan raised the collar of his overcoat, took <Dagger of Harut> out of <Storage> and put it on the desk. He had put away his sword and dagger in <Storage> since it wouldn't be good meeting the town lord fully armed.



The town lord and his son bent over forward and stared in amazement at the treasure casually put on the desk. Even commander Tesla who was by the wall reflexively came closer.

"Do you mind if I touch it?"


The town lord took up the dagger and stared hard at the grip and scabbard before drawing the blade out. A mysterious yet graceful light was let out. The three gazed at the treasure soundlessly.

Eventually, the town lord put the dagger back in its scabbard.

"Phew. That was truly an extraordinary sight. You have my thanks."


"Now then, would you be willing to part way with this dagger for one white gold coin."

Since Lecan had prepared himself for this offer, he wasn't especially perturbed. On the contrary, he thought the town lord must have put forward the best deal he could offer.

"I understand you have put your sincerity in that amount of money. I thank you for that. However, I'm sorry, but this dagger is an exceedingly helpful item to have in my adventure. I do not plan to give it away no matter how much money offered to me."

The town lord sighed out greatly and let himself sunk into the sofa.

"I see. That's regrettable. However, it's only natural for an adventurer. Forgive me for putting you on the spot."

"Is a <Dagger of Harut> really that unusual?"

"To think you would ask that. No one has any idea how many <Dagger of Harut> in which dungeons have ever been dropped. The reason for that is because those who obtained <Dagger of Harut> are adept adventurers such as you in majority of cases. They keep the dagger to themselves. Hence the emergences of this dagger itself aren't very well known. Even the royals are incapable of getting their hands on one anytime they want."

It's obvious when you think about it. The only time an adventurer would even consider about selling this dagger is when they're retiring.

Since he said most cases, there must be rare cases as well. Some other entities like dungeon knights might have opportunities to obtain one as well.

Lecan put away <Dagger of Harut> in <Storage>.

"Now then, we have re-confirmed that you are not willing to part with that dagger. There's one thing I need to discuss you with."

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