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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.8


It was an act of a mage standing above behind Lecan.

Through <3D Perception>, Lecan already knew that the mage had taken a stance with their wand. He purposefully let himself get hit in spite of that.

He didn't hear preliminary casting nor the spell name recited. Yet the magic got cast.

This must be the so-called <Spell Compaction> technique. An offensive spell and activation recitation get sealed inside a wand crafted with a special technique, enabling the user to cast the spell just by pouring their mana into the wand. However, the power of that spell is reduced to only a fraction, and the wand is in a constant danger of accidental discharge. It's a technique often employed by assassins and the likes. Shira taught Lecan about the existence of such things, but Lecan himself isn't really interested in it.

The magic attack was blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>, flashing brightly.

A commotion arose.

The perpetrator must be arrested and booed since they had defiled a sacred duel.

"Get off! Get off me!"

It's a woman's voice. This female mage might be the other member of Bargos's party.

Lecan was suddenly reminded of Eda.

Eda might wail in sorrow if she saw Lecan getting killed in a duel before her very eyes.

She might plunge herself at the opponent, consequences be damned.

Lecan couldn't bring himself to hate the woman when he thought that.

However, this situation is just convenient.

Lecan looked above ahead of him.

The town lord was caught dumbstruck at the unexpected series of events.

Now's the time to press forward.

"<Float (Kassal)>."

Lecan's body floated up.
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"<Move (Torim)>."

Lecan's body rose up and landed on the gallery.

Light objects can be freely moved around with just <Move>, but heavier ones like human's body needs to have <Float> cast on them first.

Lecan has landed right in front of the town lord.

Tomaj Douga next to him spoke up in a fluster.

"Le-Lecan-dono. That magic attack earlier was absolutely not under town lord's--"

"You will have that apology letter written."

Tomaj sank into silence as Lecan asked with a deep voice.

Lecan asked once again.

"You will have that apology letter written."


The town lord nodded and replied with an awfully shrill voice. He had no other choice but to nod.

The winner of a honorable duel was attacked on the back when he was offering a silent prayer to the defeated. There is no talking your way out of that.

It not being an order from the town lord doesn't suffice as an excuse. The incident happened under the town lord's supervision after all.



"I'm taking the shield and wand Bargos used. Bring them to me later."


"Now then, I shall wait until you're done writing that apology letter. Where do you want me to?"

"Ou. Over here."

Just as Tomaj was leading the way for Lecan, Henjitt came.

"Lecan-dono! I have a request for you."

Henjitt who blocked Lecan's way bowed his head deeply.

Lecan's voice was cold.

"I'll lend an ear."

"I wish to offer the <Dagger of Harut> you have before the altar of the first earl just for a little bit. I beg of you!"

Lecan could feel his anger welling up.

Is this guy still plotting to take <Dagger of Harut> by deception, thought Lecan.

But he swallowed his anger, and took a step back to ponder.

Perhaps Henjitt merely wanted to present the dagger before the altar of his grandfather, the first earl. Perhaps he wanted to report to him, 'this treasure was found in the dungeon you earned'. In that case, Lecan's got nothing to lose sparing some time for him.

"I shall be present there. I won't let <Dagger of Harut> slips out my view even for a second."

"Of course, that is only right. Please come this way if you would."

Lecan followed after Henjitt. Tomaj accompanied them as well.

The first earl's mausoleum was located inside a majestic building.

Lecan handed over <Dagger of Harut> as Henjitt walked forward toward a small altar located in the center.

Henjitt reverently enshrined <Dagger of Harut> on the altar with both his hands, then he knelt down and prayed in front of it.

Tomaj did the same.

Lecan watched over them in the back.

Eventually Henjitt finished praying, took down the dagger from the altar and handed it back to Lecan.

"I offer my deepest gratitudes to your magnanimity."


Afterward, Tomaj brought Lecan to the room where he had the talk with the earl earlier.

Soon enough, a chamberlain brought the written apology on a tray.

It's wrapped with a decorative cord, with a sealing wax stamped on it.

Lecan put it inside <Storage>.

The shield and the wand were brought over as well.


Tomaj and Henjitt were taken aback when they witnessed Lecan suddenly casting <Appraisal>. Might also be because he didn't do a preliminary casting.

The shield is capable of generating an anti-physical barrier that covers an area if you recite a spell. The barrier can be erased if you recite the spell again. However, one thing bugged Lecan.

"Once this shield generate its barrier, can anyone other than the one activating the barrier remove the barrier too."

"Y-yea. The barrier gets removed when someone recites the spell."

Then this shield is an unbelievably defective item. It's practically unusable in inter-personal combats.

"This shield blocks physical attacks, you're not gonna tell me attacks by the person holding the shield get blocked as well, are you?"

"Yeah. This shield blocks physical attacks coming from the front and back. It possesses the perfect defensive powers."

What's even perfect about that, thus Lecan cursed in his head. That means you can't attack your opponent with your sword if you use this shield. Lecan has completely lost interest in the shield.

The wand has a high performance.

Once it's been filled with mana, it can shoot out lighting type magic thrice.

However, Lecan has a wand with a similar performance already, and he can cast offensive spells on his own. This wand cannot be used to strengthen Lecan.

Besides, Lecan couldn't bring himself to use the items Bargos wielded.

He felt pity to this adventurer by the name Bargos.

As such, Lecan decided to claim the shield and wand as loot but not to put them on himself.

(Guess I'll present these to Vouka's town lord.)

"Okay, I'm heading back."

"Lecan-dono. Please do come again to this dungeon."


Despite saying 'yea', Lecan had zero intention to ever come back to either Dungeon Golbul or Town of Golbul.

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