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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.5


There was a lot more adventurers crowding at Adventurer's Association than usual.

A lone woman is standing behind a counter in the back, with a line of around six people in front of her. That woman must be the magic instructor who came from the royal capital. Her mana pool is quite large, she's got this air of a capable mage on her.

The woman had a surprised look on her face when she saw Lecan.

Aira who was standing in front of the counter called out to Lecan.

"Ah, Lecan-san."

"Ah, err."

"It's Aira. Am I such a forgettable woman? It's so saddening."

"My bad. It's not on purpose."

"That makes it even worse. Are you here to have your mana measured too, Lecan-san?"

This question was weird. Would Aira really not know that Lecan could use magic.

"Even if you're a mage, you can't participate in the classroom lecture unless you pay for the mana measurement, you know."

"Ah, I see. Then I'll go stand in that line."

"Your timing is just perfect. We're gonna hold a classroom lecture after this."

"Ah. So these guys standing around are waiting for that huh."

"Yes. Everyone who got their mana measured yesterday and the day before are attending the lecture today."

No wonder all those standing adventurers possess mana.

Lecan got in the line and waited for his turn.

The female magic instructor is not exactly young, but neither is she elderly. She's thin and bony, with an awfully straight posture.

She's got a stern expression. Her attire is elegant with no sign of vanity, you'd think she's a head maid of a noble house somewhere.

She was very efficient, she would take one big copper coin from the adventurer who had their turn, hold both her hands over that adventurer with closed eyes before quickly opening them and hand down the verdict.

"You do not possess mana."

There was only one person who had mana among the six in front of Lecan. That one person shouted out loudly in joy. Seems like possessing mana really means much in this country.

It was Lecan's turn.

He presented one big copper coin. However, the woman wouldn't hold her hands over Lecan.

"You can use magic already, can't you?"
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"Your mana is of such a beautiful color. And it's a mix of many colors. You must be capable of using multiple types of magic."

There's no such thing as mana colors, but quality of mana does differ from person to person depending on the magic they use. This woman must call that quality <Color>.


"I look forward to giving you instructions on magic. You will attend the lecture now, won't you?"

"That's the plan."


The woman looked around and stopped her line of sight at Aira.

"Aira-san. Please get everyone to the conference room. We shall begin the lecture."

"Yes, Dorost-san."

Aira raised her voice.

"Those who are taking lectures on basic magic course, please get to the conference room in the back! A staff member at the entrance will be taking one silver coin fee, please make sure you're prepared. Those who have been measured without mana are ineligible to attend the lecture!"

Lecan moved to the conference room and paid the one silver coin fee.

There's a lot of chairs of different shapes inside the room. Lecan took the one in the back.

16 adventurers are sitting in a relatively cramped room. There are only three women, the rest are men, but most adventurers are men to begin with. The age range is quite wide, from mid teens to someone who looks like they would retire tomorrow. Probably not all of them are making a living through adventuring trade. Lots of them must be working other jobs besides as adventurers.

The magic instructor entered the room. Looking at her walking makes her extremely straight posture even more obvious.

"To all of you here. Welcome to the world of magic. I, magic instructor Dorost Shepter of Royal Capital Magic Society shall hereby lecture you on magic types, names and functions. I also have delightful news to share with everyone here."

Dorost paused there and looked at the participants.

"From this moment on, all of you have been admitted as associate members of the glorious Royal Capital Magic Society. There is no membership fee of any kind. Pride yourself as members of Royal Capital Magic Society and--"

Lecan stood up.

"I refuse."

Dorost was at a loss for word for a moment.


"I'm not going to be an associate member of that something society. If being a member of that something society is required to attend this lecture, then I'll take my leave."

"You don't need to worry a thing. You are not obliged to do anything."

"Being an associate member of that something organization is a shackle in itself. I have no desire to be shackled."

Lecan pushed his way toward the door while saying that.

"Yeah, same here."

"As do I."

"I'm gonna excuse myself. You gotta be kiddin' me."

More and more people were of the same opinion. Adventurers are a race who hates being bound.

"Hold it!"

A firm voice resounded in the room.

"I understand. Come to think of it, there is not a lot of mages in suburban cities like this one, it's no wonder you are unaware of the Royal Capital Magic Society's influence. Being a member is truly a venerable thing. But I shall put it aside for now."

Lecan stopped walking and listened to Dorost.

"Once those who have taken this lecture and the subsequent magic guidance for specific spells manifested their magic, I will once again ask for their willingness to join Magic Society."

Lecan went back to his chair.

"We will now begin the lecture."

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