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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.3


Commander Doug was begging Lecan to stand up with his eyes, thus Lecan stood and turned toward Earl Golbul Gaionis Douga.

The earl is quite thin with a pompous moustache that stand upward on the tips.

Earl Golbul who entered the room along with two knights greeted Lecan before sitting down.

"I am Earl Golbul Gaionis Douga. Are you adventurer Lecan?"

The eldest son, Tomaj has a calm low pitched voice and yet the father, the earl himself is sounding weirdly shrill.

"I am."

The two knights standing behind the earl emitted their bloodlust.

"Fumu. It appears you know nothing about manners. I suppose that is how that be for adventurers. I applaud your coming here. Would you have a seat for me."

"Will do."

The earl waited to take his seat after Lecan, followed by Tomaj and Henjitt.

"Let us get straight to the point, is it true that you conquered our Dungeon Golbul on the 28th Month 3 Kingdom Year 116, and on the 26th Month 4 Kingdom Year 116?"

"I don't remember the exact dates, but I did conquer Dungeon Golbul on month 3 and 4."

"We recognize your legitimacy as a conquerer of Dungeon Golbul. We shall hold a celebration."

"Your eldest son already treated me with liquor and food, congratulations too. I see that as a form of hospitality from Earl Golbul."

"Most excellent. I ask you, what did you obtain from the dungeon boss on month 3?"

"A golden potion."

"Do you still have it with you now?"

"No. Used it."

"On yourself?"


"Will you tell me what kind of ability you acquired?"

"No comment."

"So you won't. Let us proceed, what did you obtain from the dungeon boss on month 4?"

"A <Dagger of Harut>."

Reacting to that, the surroundings buzzed.

"Is that assertion based on its outward appearance. Or by <Appraisal>."
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The surroundings buzzed once again.

"Most excellent. Do you have it with you now?"


"Could you show it to me."

Lecan pulled up the collar of his overcoat, took <Dagger of Harut> from <Storage> and put it on the table.

'Ooh', several people let out a voice.

Earl Golbul turned to look behind him a bit. One of the knights nodded, walked forward, and tried to grab the dagger.

"I never said you could touch the dagger."

The knight glared at Lecan with an intense look.

"Fumu. I should have asked for your permission beforehand. Adventurer Lecan. We would like to <Appraise> this dagger, we shall be borrowing it for a while."

"I won't allow this dagger get taken out of my sight. You're allowed to use <Appraisal> on the dagger. But do that inside this room, right in front of me."

"Insolent fool!"

The other knight behind the earl yelled out and took a step forward.

The earl slightly raised his right hand, stopping that knight.

"Bring the appraiser here."


That knight left the room after sending an intense glare at Lecan.

Soon after, the knight brought back a small man with him.

"Earl-sama. At your service."

"Umu. Appraise that dagger."

"By your will."

Henjitt left his seat for the man.

The small man walked to the spot left out by Henjitt even while looking jittery from the bizarre atmosphere filling the room, then he held both his hands over the dagger.

"Oh god who rules over wisdom, Maraa. Show my mana the way. Pry open, let the origin of the object before my hands be known to me. <Appraisal>."

Mana emitted out of the small man's hands and gently wrapped around <Dagger of Harut>, circulating once before returning to the man's hands. The small man is sensing something with his eyes closed and his hands quivering.

Eventually, the small man got an entranced look on his face as he opened his eyes and lowered his hands.

"This is a <Dagger of Harut>. There is no doubt that it emerged in Dungeon Golbul."



"So it was real."


People cheered. The room's atmosphere softened at once.

The earl also let out a small 'oooh' and leaned against the sofa.

Tomaj gripped both his hands looking happy, then he turned at Lecan.

"Lecan-dono. Could you let Earl-sama take the dagger into his hand?"

"Go ahead."

"You have my gratitudes. Now, Earl-sama. Please draw it out of its scabbard to reveal its visage."


The earl grabbed the scabbard with his left hand, and the grip with his right.

People inside the room watched over him with bated breath.

Then the earl drew the dagger out.


"What magnificence."

"This is, this is <Dagger of Harut>."

Gentle lights spilling out of the blade shined on everyone's face.

It's as if this dagger that holds the power to dispel curses possess the power to assuage people's hearts as well, the steepness on their faces have vanished.

The earl was enraptured by the dagger for quite some time but he eventually put it back in its scabbard.

Then he almost made a gesture to hand the dagger over to Tomaj for a moment, but he stopped short when he glanced at Lecan and put the dagger back on the table.

And then the earl spoke, but the voice coming out of his mouth was an even higher pitched than ever.

"Now then, Adventurer Lecan. I have a proposition for you."

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