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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.11


Dorost and Lecan are enjoying tea in the dining room adjoining Adventurer's Association.

Lecan paid five big silver coins to Dorost. It's her compensation for <Water Blade>.

"I must say I'm surprised someone with such a huge mana pool like you isn't an adventurer that specializes in magic."

"I'm a swordsman. A swordsman who also happens to use magic."

"You can cast <Move>, can't you?"


"I knew it. You're too quick a learner no matter how you look at it. But today was the first time you ever attempted to learn water type offensive magic, wasn't it?"


"I can't believe it. You must have studied under an exceedingly skilled teacher."

"That might be true."

"Could you tell me your magic teacher's name."

"Sorry, can't answer that."

"Oh really. It's fine. The more capable a mage, the more they hate having their name and face known. That is simply how it is. I would have liked to get people like your magic teacher join our Royal Capital Magic Society, however."

"Can't be done."

"Can you use other offensive magic besides water?"

Lecan would rather not answer this, but he still wanted to learn more magic from Dorost.

"Can you keep it a secret."

"Oh I know. Adventurers loathe to have their abilities known to others. That is only natural."

"I can cast a few spells of Light and Heat type magic."

"Light and Heat type?!"
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Dorost who had been acting composedly up until then suddenly put on an angry look.

"So you and your teacher are using that useless worthless system!"

"Calm down. What is this worthless system even."

"It's a worthless classification system coined by that crook, Mazara Wedepasha!"

"Fumu. I was taught that magic is classified into Physique type, Mind type, Perception type, Creation type, Space type, Light and Heat type, Special type, and Sacred type."

"That's it! You have some nerve laying out that complete lie of a system before me!"

"I'm telling you, calm down. The system taught to me is made on the basis of mana quality, I think it excels at finding out your magic aptitude. Your system is the so-called utilitarian, I think it's excellent at describing utility of each magic."

"Yes! It is! It's utilitarian! I knew you'd get it. The magic system conceived by our society's founder, Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis, puts magic in categories based on their utility, you can easily tell what magic does what at a glance."

"Gyol... What?"

"Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis."

"Sorry, can't memorize that. I'm amazed you could say that complex name without mistake."

"In order to join our society, you have to take on a crash course to spell out founder Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis name without any mistake."

Is this an out of season joke or something, Lecan wondered for a moment, but Dorost appeared to be dead serious.

"I see. I don't really get it since I don't dabble in magic for real, but do different classification systems pose a problem in learning and advancing your magic?"

"Of course! To begin with, which magic is better than which other magic has been a point of contention since time immemorial on this continent."


"Between several classification systems, there existed a few differences on the magic hierarchy, but the general outline had never seen a major shake-up."

"It was like that huh."

"But then, around 200 years ago from today, a mage who called herself Mazara showed up and proposed a new classification system."


"But that system completely throws the established magic hierarchy out of the window, an utterly nonsensical system that threw every mages on the continent into chaos!"


"On top of that, Mazara even dared to say that there is no hierarchy in magic, it's a merely a matter of a magic being fit or unfit for the phenomenon, it's a heresy!"

"Is it heresy?"

"A complete heresy to kingdoms!  A country has his majesty the king, noblemen and commoners. They are what make a country. Hierarchal system is the root of order! We only have peace because town lords are of a higher echelon than shepherds."

"That might be true."

"You must think so too! That corrupt Mazara couldn't comprehend such a natural order of thing. No, she turned away from it."


"Really! Taking pity on mages befuddled by Mazara, Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis then rose to the occasion! And in order to restore order to its rightful state--"

"Hold up. Didn't you say Mazara was from 200 years ago?"

"I did."

"Is this founder from the same era as Mazara?"

"He was. What a grand coincidence."

"No. Today is year 116 of Kingdom Year. Meaning it's been 116 years since this country was founded. Are you saying it's an event from before the founding?"

"It is."

"Then there was no Royal Capital. How'd Royal Capital Magic Society even get founded before the kingdom?"

"It had a different name back then. It then got changed to Royal Capital Magic Society after this country's founding."

"Ah, I see. Got it."

"Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis saw himself as the one tasked to correct the system distorted by Mazara, he finished up the correct classification system of magic, founded the society and worked toward spreading the system to the mass."

"Let's just say that I got the big picture."

"Then, could you please not bring up Mazara system to me ever again."

"Got it. I'll keep it in mind."

"And do correct your teacher too while you're at it."

"No can do."

"Why? Why can't you?"

"My magic teacher is someone who's not of this world anymore."

For now, he'll just say she's dead.

"She's not one of the living."

It's not exactly a lie either. Lecan's magic teacher, Shira is an immortal monster who has ceased being human. She's not alive, neither is she human.

"My, is that true. Goodness, what have I done. Forgive me."

"No worries. But can you keep it a secret."

"I understand."

"By the way, I'd like to attend another practical course, but I'm not sure when."

"My. That's unfortunate."

"I've got things to do tomorrow, while there's no courses I want to take on the day after tomorrow. The day after that I'll start working, with no clear end time. I'll show up at the association between work, I'd like to discuss about our next lecture then."

"I understand. For reference, what is the next magic you want to learn?"

"<Ice Bullet>."

"That's another one of my specialty. I can give you a demonstration."

"Do I get to pay?"

"Of course."

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