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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.8


"That will be all for basic magic course. Those who wish to attend practical lectures on magic, please submit your application to the staff members. We shall decide on the schedule for each magic after we have a total number of applicants."

The adventurers who had slipped up a bit during the long lecture perked up. Of course everybody here is all eager to learn magic. Some of them may have known some spells already, but the majority is surely clueless in magic. Practical lectures are what they want.

"First of all, <Lamplight> and <Ignition> will be one silver coin per session. Almost everyone who possesses mana can learn these two magic. In the first place, no one with mana pool too low to cast these magic is present in this room."

Ooh, a muffled cheer resounded.

"You might not succeed in one session, but you will surely obtain them after a few sessions. Once you have succeeded learning the magic, we will collect an additional one big silver coin fee."

Eeh, some said that quietly. Must be a huge sum for rookie adventurers.

"As for other magic, each session will cost five big copper coins. Everyone present here has been blessed with mana by gods, you will definitely learn some sort of magic. There may even some who learn not one or two, but three magic here."

Everyone has a hopeful look on their faces.

"However, I have no way of telling what magic aptitude each of you have. There will be cases where you end up failing to cast the magic you chose even after many sessions. We call such a case as lacking the aptitude, however, often it won't be obvious after just one session. Hence, the low participation fee."

The room went abuzz. Of course it would. There's so many magic out there. There's a higher chance of you lacking the aptitude picking one.

"We shall collect five big silver coins if you managed to learn a magic."

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"Damn high, that's too damn high!"

Angry voice and confused voice resounded. However, Lecan thought five big silver coins is cheap considering you got to learn a new magic for that much.

"You may only pick one magic to take the lecture on at a time. You may only attend another lecture once you have learned that magic or been judged to lack the aptitude for it. Be prudent as you choose one and then submit it to the staff. Once everyone has turned in their choice, we shall decide on the days for the courses from them."

The buzz got even louder once they found out you could only learn one magic at a time. However, since everybody has a limited mana pool, focusing only on one magic is clearly better.

"Then I now shall write down magic applicable for a course on this wooden board. As I've explained earlier, there are some magic obtainable only after you have cleared its initial phase, like for example, those who haven't learned <Flame Arrow> cannot learn <Flame Spear> right away. In addition, we do not open lectures on magic with known low aptitude rate among the populace."

Dorost wrote down magic names on the wooden board while making a creaking noise. Surprisingly, <Recovery> was also written.

"Any question?"

Lecan raised his hand.

"You over there, go ahead."

"Can you yourself teach all the magic written there?"

"Yes. I am capable of teaching all magic I explained in my lecture today."

"Does that mean you can use <Recovery>?"

"No. Teaching and casting are different matters altogether. All instructors in our Society have undertaken training that allows us teach magic we cannot cast ourselves. We are also equipped with magic tools to compensate for that."

"Got it."

Lecan was amazed by this fact.

There's no way you can teach magic you can't use yourself to others. So thought Lecan.

If you could, it must have been through a very technical skill.

I see. That Royal Capital something society isn't just some bootleg organization.
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"Is there another question. No more, I take it. Further, I plan to stay in this town for about one month. The course will be held almost every single day. Now then, please submit your pick."

Aira came forward with a record board and asked everyone present what magic they wanted to learn. Those who are still mulling over it got skipped over for later. Lecan gave <Water Blade> when asked during his turn. Dorost looked a bit surprised at that.

There were only a few participants who chose <Lamplight> and <Ignition>. After all, you can just use firewood without magic for those. They're going to pay a lot anyway, and it's a one-in-a-lifetime chance. It's no wonder they'd want to learn more valuable magic. That's probably the thought process, thought Lecan.

What's unexpected is how there were only a few who picked <Flame Arrows>. It's the basic spell of Light and Heat type magic, learning how to cast it will open up a path toward even more powerful magic.

But looking back, you won't know that from the lecture today. After all, the basic form of <Flame Arrow> isn't that powerful, and ordinarily it can't be shot in rapid succession. Might as well just use a bow and arrows, they probably came to that conclusion.

<Recovery> had the biggest turnout.

It's understandable when you think about it. The most dreadful thing to an adventurer is injuries. Sustaining injuries will mean break times, which equal no income. Getting wounded in the heat of battle is matter of life or death. And yet, red potions are expensive. <Recovery> being so sought after is only right.

Lecan was the only who picked <Water Blade>. He thought his lecture would be put off, turned out it was the opposite.

"I see there is only one applicant for <Water Blade>. Then, let us hold the lecture for this magic this afternoon. Does the applicant has any problem with their schedule?"


"Excellent. As for other courses, we will begin tomorrow morning through afternoon from the most numerous. The schedule for second session onward will be put up on the Association's wall, those who cannot come for the first session can start at the second session. Lastly, to all of you here. May you have a fruitful learning ahead of you."

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