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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.13


The town lord quenched his throat with tea before speaking again.

"Could you pay Golbul town lord a visit? And would you mind showing that dagger to him?"

Lecan was a bit slighted. Then he noticed his irritation, and made an effort to calm himself. The town lord isn't asking for the impossible. It's his position as a town lord that necessitates him to put forth this request. Thus Lecan persuaded himself.

"Is there a guarantee that Golbul town lord won't try to take this dagger off me."

The town lord and his son looked annoyed. Apparently something Lecan said rubbed them the wrong way.

However, the town lord replied back to Lecan without changing his expression.

"I will be sending forth a messenger to Earl Golbul. We shall inform him that the dagger's owner, adventurer Lecan has no intention of letting the dagger go, and has agreed to show Earl Golbul the dagger with that respected."

That's not enough, thought Lecan. He ruminated how to put it into words.

"I guess it would be like throwing dirt in your face if he tried to take this dagger by force after what you told him. But Earl Golbul may choose to get his hand on this dagger over your face. Do you have any way to prevent that?"

"That's... His honor as a noble would be lost if he did that. However, I see now, I cannot guarantee Earl Golbul won't choose that path."

The town lord shut his eyes and pondered over.

"I could ask Earl Golbul to take an oath before our messenger, for him not to attempt getting you to present or sell the dagger if he wishes for adventurer Lecan to visit and show him the dagger."

"Won't you get publicly shunned making other town lords take that kind of oath?"

"It is as you say. I would be seen as an impudent man by doing so. However, without such an oath, you won't go visit Earl Golbul, and Earl Golbul himself will never live it down unless he's shown the dagger in person."

"To you this is a chance to improve relationships with Golbul town, you acting haughtily will only make that chance go up in smoke."

"That's... what a surprise. To think you would be concerned over that."

"You don't have to demand that oath. However, if Earl Golbul attempts to forcefully take this dagger off me, I will kill Earl Golbul. I will kill everyone who gets in my way. And I'll also have your head. Just keep that in mind."

The town lord, his son and commander Tesla were flabbergasted.
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Strength dwells in the town lord's eyes, but there's no hostility in it.

"I see. You are indeed an adventurer who has delved in the depths of dungeons. That fact has been made clear to me now. And you likely hold the power to make that a reality."

"I don't care about that. I'm an adventurer until the last moment of my life, I will fight to death anyone who attempts to deprive me of my freedom. That's all there is to it."

"Really. Our ways of life and the worlds we live in are too far apart. However, I can't help but feel envious of you right now, curiously enough."

"If protecting their territory and the populace is the job for a town lord, you've got too many things you need to protect. I hate being bound by something. I don't have the courage to bear the responsibility like you do."

"Hahaha. Are you comforting me? No, perhaps, you're praising me? You're quite a jovial fellow to my surprise."

The lord sipped his tea.

"Lecan, I would like you to attend the award ceremony for gold rank adventurer tomorrow. And then, as a gold rank adventurer of our town, I hope you could go visit Earl Golbul as soon as possible."

"Award ceremony?"

"Indeed. A ceremony where you are awarded your Adventurer Badge by the Adventurer's Association Chairman in the presence of a town lord proxy and a representative of Temple Head."

"Understood (yale). However, just because I'm a gold rank adventurer, I'm not gonna change my outlook to make you look good."

"Of course, you wouldn't. I personally only wish for your talks with Earl Golbul to end in peace. You being a gold rank adventurer of this town should have a bit of chilling effect. And once this matter has settled down, the fact remains that a gold rank adventurer from our town has conquered Dungeon Golbul twice. That in itself is a huge bargaining chip to me."

"So I just have to come over Adventurer's Association tomorrow?"

"Please come by tomorrow afternoon."

"Got it."

"I shall send a messenger to Golbul tomorrow morning. As they will depart on horses, just consider that Earl Golbul has been informed of this by tomorrow. When do you plan to head for Golbul?"

"I'm going the day after tomorrow."

"Excellent. Adventurer Eda. I would like to endorse your promotion to gold rank once commander Ritton has returned to this town. Would you accept it."

"Lecan. What should I do?"

"Accept it."

"Un. Town lord-sama. I accept your offer."


With this, the discussion is over.

They can go home now.

But, at this point, Lecan felt that he could be frank to this town lord. It's a bet, but winning the bet here will ensure a certain degree of safety for Eda in this town.

"As the town lord of Vouka, I'm sure you're aware of the commotion at the temple and Goncourt Mansion."

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