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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.9_10


Lecan had lunch at a dining room adjoined to the Adventurer's Association's building.

Aira came by and took a seat next to him.

"Are these magic courses a regular thing?"

"Nope, this is the first time we're holding one. The Royal Capital's Magic Society proposed this to us."

"Is this Magic Society an influential organization?"

"I wonder about that. I know it's been around for a long time at least. But."

Aira brought her lips close to Lecan's ear and whispered.

"The Royal Sorcery Society is apparently the more authoritative organization of the two."

"There's another organization huh."

"Well to be honest, our Association itself is wondering why they're doing this course. But since we'd never get another chance like this, might as well."

"I guess so."

"More importantly, Lecan-san, so really you can use magic."


"The big one-eyed man who cast <Recovery> at medic Norma's clinic people have been talking about is Lecan-san, right?"

'So you really can use magic'.

Those words signifies that she suspected Lecan could use magic but she didn't know for sure that it was true.

But could the Adventurer's Association of Town of Vouka really be in the dark about Lecan's usage of magic.

He had used <Recovery> and <Flame Spear> in the presence of Vandam and Zeki.

He also cast several magic when he rescued Eda from Goncourt Mansion. So did he at the temple.

Hence, he was sure that the Association would naturally know about the fact as well.

However that didn't seem to be the case. Vandam and Zeki kept their knowledge of Lecan's ability to themselves. Might be the so-called <Moral Code amongst Adventurers>.

The matter at Goncourt Mansion probably did not get circulated in details. Or perhaps, the little tidbits never got transmitted to the menial workers there.

As for the temple's stuff, the temple itself probably did something to prevent news getting spread.

Lecan isn't going out of his way to hide his magic, but there is no adventurer alive who would go around telling people their ability. Since the rumors were spread from his activities with Norma, Lecan decided to affirm that part.

"Yea. I was training under Norma in medical treatment."

"Oh, so you did then. <Willard> is amazing. Can't believe it's got two members who can use <Recovery>."

Lecan spooned his food in his mouth without replying back.

"We've got sooo many people asking to take on quests together with Eda-san, or join her party here at the Association, you know."

Rumor about Eda being a higher than mid-ranked <Recovery> user must have spread among the adventurers after the matter with Gyom. Not surprising they'd try to get Eda join them.


"But many of them gave up once they found out she's in the same party as Nike-san and Lecan-san."

"I see."

"Even so, there were still lots of people who called out to Eda-san whenever she was hanging around here at the association."

Since she was using 'were', there must be none now.

"But then, when the fact that Lecan-san was the <Overlord in Black> who conquered Dungeon Golbul twice got known, those people just up and gone."

"I see."

"Lecan-san, you got acquainted with Eda-san at this town, didn't you?"

"No. We worked on an escort job together on the way here."

"Ah, I had no idea. But, Eda-san was solo at first, right?"


"That's so nice. She's got Lecan-san to protect her."


"And you conquered Dungeon Ninae too, together with Eda-san."

"Yea, we did."

"I mean Eda-san is cute after all."


"Lecan-san, and Eda-san are both gold rank adventurers. Both of you went so far away so quickly."


"That's the part where you said 'not true', you know."

"What do you mean by far."

"It's like someone you can't easily chat with."

"Aren't we chatting now."

"Fufu. We are, aren't we. Okay then, I'll take my leave now. Do your best with the magic course."

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Then the practical course began.

It's held at the guild's training grounds. First time Lecan went inside.

Dorost' teaching was exceptionally well-organized, logical and easy to understand.

However, Lecan thought that it would be a bit too advanced for the adventurers to understand.

<Water Blade> magic can only be used in places with water around.

In other word, if you're not fighting next to a river or a pond, you've got to bring the water yourself.

Its usability is far from good, but the amount of water needed for one volley of attack is surprisingly low. You can attack thrice with a fistful of water, five times if you're skilled.

After all is said and done, this magic works well on opponents that are immune to light and heat type magic. Nothing to lose from learning it.

However, its effective range is short compared to <Fire Arrow> and <Flame Spear>.

One thing Lecan found out only after he tried learning it is that this magic is in the same category as <Move>. In other word, it's a space type magic going by Shira's method of classification.

"O Hippodora and your limitless forms, o ever-changing god of water, like sunlight dancing on water's surface, like rays of light cleaving through clouds, like a flash that cuts apart the darkness of night, come congregate into my mana, reveals thy nature into a blade of water, slice and dice all foes."

Receiving Lecan's preliminary casting, a puddle of water under his feet rose up, rotating in mid air.

"<Water Blade (Sectopinel)>!"

One part of the lump of water turned into a blade that flew forward and sliced off the top part of a wooden stake target ahead.

Lecan is holding a wand Dorost lent him for practice. It's got an awfully good control of mana. But it's weak.

Clap clap, someone gave an applause.

"Bravo. Well done, Lecan-san. You managed to get this far after just listening to that much explanation. You're truly a student worth teaching to."

"It's lacking power though."

"Right, let's see. There are two things that can be improved upon. First, your loose mana compression. The speed of <Water Blade> can be raised further if you cram into it more."

The lump of water is still rotating around in front of Lecan. By letting it do this, he can shoot out another <Water Blade> just by reciting the spell name.

"And the other one is your image of <Water Blade>. It appears to me that you had an image of axe as you formed the magic, did you not."

"Now that you mention it, yeah."

"For <Water Blade>, the thinner it is, the stronger it gets. Form the water in a line. By doing so, you can cast the magic with less water and higher cutting strength."

"Water in a line? I have no idea what you mean. Can you show it to me."

"Each showing of this magic will cost you two silver coins."

"You're taking money for that huh."

"That is the cost of the magic stone required. I'm sorry."

Lecan fetched two silver coins and handed them over.

"Two silver coins indeed. Look closely now."

As Dorost readied her wand, the lump of water rotating in front of Lecan got transferred over to her. The speed of rotation itself didn't change a bit. This skillful showing surprised Lecan.

"O Hippodora, turns into a blade of water, slice foe apart. <Water Blade>."

The <Water Blade> formed by that unpretentious spell cleanly cut the solid wooden target, and even drove into a rock behind it.

"Water that thin could cut off wood huh."

"Discard your preconceived notion of thin equals fragile. Magic sits outside common sense to begin with. For <Water Blade>, the thinner the better."

Lecan held up his wand and took the lump of water Dorost had rotated.

"O Hippodora, turns into a blade of water, slice foe apart. <Water Blade>."

A very thin <Water Blade> was formed and sliced off a wooden target. The cross-section was nowhere as clean as Dorost's.

"Very good. Next point of improvement, you would want to make the thickness uniform."

"I see."

Afterward, Lecan kept practicing under Dorost's instructions, and then before long, Dorost announced Lecan's acquisition of the magic.

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