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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.18


At the Adventurer's Association, sent by the temple, the one representing the temple head was the vice head.

Lecan can't really handle this gentle-looking elderly woman who looks like she wouldn't kill a bug.

As for the town lord's representative, it's the son, Agito.

Lecan had brought Eda with him.

First, the temple representative recited the holy scripture to bless the town, the town lord and Adventurer's Association in god Ceres's name. Then the chairman of Adventurer's Association declared that he would award adventurer Lecan with the badge of gold rank adventurer as endorsed by the town lord.

"Lecan. Swear in god's name to protect this town as a gold rank adventurer."

"Which god."

"Whichever god is fine. A god you believe in."

"Really. I, adventurer Lecan swear to god Apodolos. To fight to the bitter end for as long as I live. To fight for freedom and peace as a gold rank adventurer. Yale."

Of course the freedom here refers to his own freedom, and the fight for peace is against those who threaten him and his friends.

Town lord representative, Agito gave a congratulatory address.

"Congratulations, Lecan-dono. As a representative of town lord, I have ascertained the proceeding of Award Ceremony for Gold Rank Adventurer Badge completed without issue. But this is the first time I've heard about this god Apodolos. What kind of god is it?"

"A war god, a guardian deity to all swordsmen and adventurers."

"What. Never heard of that god before. I see. A god to all adventurer huh. That's so like you Lecan."

"Us at the temple have no information about that god either. I would be pleased if you could explain to me more in detail."

"I've gotta go to Golbul for a minor business tomorrow, see. Gotta prepare for that today. I'm going home."

"Oh that's unfortunate. The temple and orphanage welcome your visit with open arms anytime."

"Don't wanna go to either. By the way, are adventurer's promotions something the temple attend to?"

"Not just attending, award ceremonies are normally done at the temples in other towns."

"Lecan. In this town, when Nike was getting promoted to gold rank adventurer, she insisted that the award ceremony was to be held at the Adventurer Association no matter what. So that became customary. Nike truly holds Adventurer's Association in high esteem. She's one sensible adventurer alright."

She probably just didn't want to go to the temple, but Lecan kept silent.

"Now then, Lecan. I know it's late, but I will now explain your privileges as a gold rank adventurer."
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"Indeed. First of all, gold rank adventurers do not have to pay tolls when entering and leaving any town including the royal capital. However, this exemption is only applied when you show your gold rank adventurer badge. You get to keep your silver rank badge with you. If you need to enter a town without divulging your status as a gold rank, use your silver rank badge instead."

There are towns that ask toll only when you enter, and towns that ask when you enter and leave. Vouka and Ninae are the former, Kogurus is the latter. There are also towns with no toll fee like Golbul.

"Next, golden rank adventurers can request a quick audience with town lords if they wish to provide information pertaining a problem in a town's public order. Gold rank adventurers are treated as if they are nobles in this case. For your information, this <audience with town lords> means more like getting to meet a representative appointed by the town lord."

Lecan was considerably surprised to hear practically-thug adventurers receiving the same treatment as nobles.

"Next up, gold rank adventurers are allowed to eliminate bandits they meet outside town gates at their own discretion. They are required to report the matter to the nearest town lord after the fact."

"Hold it. Doesn't matter if you're a gold rank adventurer or not, what's stopping you from taking care of bandits. You can't stop those bandits attacking wagons otherwise."

"That's not the point. You can deem someone as a bandit and eliminate them even when you don't catch them in the act. And decisions made by gold rank adventurers are respected."

This is an immense privilege. Gold rank adventurers are permitted to accuse their opponents as bandits and eliminate them. Of course, they'll get investigated and punished if they do it out in the open while being clearly in the wrong, but you could get quite far if you're smart about it. And there's no shortage of dubious mercantile caravans and the likes, gold rank adventurers could attack those and stash away part of the loot.

No wonder they acted like the matter with Vantaroy's gold rank adventurer working as a bandit leader would go over smoothly. The responsibility must weigh heavily on the town lord who endorsed that man.

"That is all the privileges applicable in all towns. I will now cover privileges that can only be enjoyed by gold rank adventurers designated in town of Vouka when they are inside town of Vouka. First of all, gold rank adventurers are allowed to run the horse they're riding on inside town of Vouka."

Commoners are allowed to pull their horses inside the town, but not riding them. Nobles can ride theirs, but only at walking pace, they're prohibited from making their horse run without a sound reason. Only express messengers of the town lord or nobles are allowed to run their horses. Wagons are not permitted to travel above slow march speed either. In other word, gold rank adventurers are treated on the same level as noble express messengers at least.

"Next, gold rank adventurers can pass the town gates without lining up."

That's pretty nice. Those gates are always crowded right before its opening and closing. Although Lecan has never experienced it himself, sometimes those standing in the back of queues end up getting left outside the gate as it shuts. They are forced to camp outside the gate when that happens.

"Next, in case of emergency, gold rank adventurers are allowed to take command of guard corps members after talking with the commander. In case the commander is not around, they can take command of guard corps members at their discretion."

That is an unbelievable privilege. Aren't they a bit too trusting in gold rank adventurers, thought Lecan.

"Lastly, when gold rank adventurers are acting under the town lord's personal quests, they hold the same level of commanding rights as knights'."

"Knights, as in the royally appointed ones?"

"Of course."

"That'd mean having higher commanding rights than ordinary nobles and the right to investigate ordinary noble houses."

"Indeed. However, this privilege is only active while you're executing your duty under town lord's order. Do not mix it up."

That's one unbelievable privilege.

Lecan was at a loss for words due to shock.

"Tell me one thing. Has there been any other gold rank adventurer besides Nike in this town?"

"No. You're the second one."

Apparently, this town's gold rank adventurers are a position with far bigger responsibilities than he originally thought. Lecan kind of felt like they got him real good.

Lecan went back home and prepared his departure for Golbul. In other word, he practiced <Acceleration>. After many failures, he managed to grasp the knack. He just needed to try it on site next, he went to bed early that night.

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