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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.15_16_17


"I can't believe you really came."

"Had a feeling you're still up."

"Well, make it quick then."

Lecan summed up the exchange he had at the town lord's mansion.

"Oh my my, nicely done. You're all grown up now."

"It's thanks to your advice."

"You did the right thing explaining the matter with Eda-chan to the town lord and making him promise to cover for her. People will eventually find out about it either way. Getting the town lord to your side early on is a job well done."

"I wasn't sure if that was for the best, so I'm glad to hear that from you. But how much can we trust the town lord here."

"You'll hit the same worry everywhere. This town's lord is the more decent one."


"Hee. You really have changed."

"Since town lord-sama now knows about my <Purification>, does that mean I can cast <Purification> on people from now on?"

"Hold on. How'd it come to that."

"Eda-chan. Your kind heart is your greatest asset. However, casting <Recovery> and <Purification> every time you come across the sick and wounded will not end up well. Ask Lecan first when you want to cast <Recovery> or <Purification> on somebody."

"I got it."

"Don't worry, you'll figure out how to deal with it yourself if you keep at it."


It was evening by the time they got home.

Lecan practiced on <Acceleration> while Eda was making dinner.

He felt like he almost grasped something.

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The next day, Lecan brought Eda to visit Norma.

"I see. You've told the truth about Eda to the town lord. I think that's a good thing. One advice from me."

"Let's hear it."

"I believe Eda being a <Purification> user will be known to this town's nobles and influential individuals sooner or later. But you'd better not carelessly tell everyone she knows <Purification> still."


"In other word, don't say that Eda is anything more than a skilled <Recovery> user. You must not let up on that."

"I get it. Do you, Eda?"

"Errr. So it's like, I can't use <Purification> then?"

"That's not it, Eda. But, I want you to keep two things in mind."

"Two is it. Okay. What are those?"

"First of all, you can only recite <Purification> spell name when you're exploring dungeons with Lecan, or when you're in the presence of Shira-san, Lecan or me. You must never recite <Purification> spell name in front of anyone else."

"Un. I gotcha."

"And in your case, your casting of <Recovery> sometimes inadvertently turns into <Purification> depending on the state of the recipient like their illness and such. When that happens, insist that it's <Recovery> even if someone asks you if that is <Purification>. Tell them, no, I can't cast <Purification>."

"No, I can't cast <Purification>. All the spell I cast is <Recovery>."

"That's right. That's the way. By the way, Lecan."


"Just as we discussed before, I've told those who were looking for your and Eda's <Recovery> that you two have no plan of coming back and the fee will be increased to one gold coin even if you did come back."


"But some of them still aren't backing down in wanting your <Recovery> even with that quote."


One gold coin is about 100 day worth of a brick worker's salary.

Naturally, those who agree to pay one gold coin for a single cast of <Recovery> can't be commoners.

"Don't get it wrong, around half of those people don't come from a prosperous background. Nevertheless, they are willing to pay that much for the sake of their aged parents or their sick children."

"Lecan. I want to use <Recovery> for them."


The heart to help those suffering from illnesses and injuries is Eda's trait, Lecan cannot deny that nor will denying that erase that trait. Even though her upbringing wasn't the most fortunate herself, what a weird one, thought Lecan.

"Lecan. This might be our chance."


"All other noble houses are already aware of Zepus's death. Rumors about its cause not being sickness as publicly announced are circulating as well. The public is also aware that there was a huge commotion at Goncourt Mansion the night Zepus died. I've been hearing so many rumors during my house calls."

"I see. I shouldn't be surprised."

"You and Eda are getting promoted to gold rank adventurers. You two are also dungeon conquerers, these news will spread quickly for sure."

"I get it between adventurers, but that's got nothing to do with general populace."

"No no. Why do you think town lord-sama personally invited you, gave explanation and sought your approval for. The news of two dungeon conquerers getting to be this town's gold rank adventurers will be talked about by everyone in this town in no time at all."

"Really. Guess that's how it works."

"You two are heroes, guardian deities of this town. Now then, if the fact that Eda is a high <Recovery> user gets made known during this fervor, what do you think will happen?"

"No clue. What's gonna happen?"

"Even the successor of Goncourt House lost his life because he abducted Eda, a high <Recovery> user that may also be a <Purification> user. That will serve as the ultimate chilling effect to the nobles and influential individuals living in this town."


Can a bird lives on while hiding its ability to fly from its surroundings. That's not something that can be concealed, a bird cannot not have wings as long as it stays a bird.

It's simply impossible to hide the fact that Eda is a high <Recovery> user as long as she keeps living in one place for a period of time.

Which means, what Norma said is right.

"The whole town will know Eda's skill in <Recovery> if she goes with you Norma, yeah. But there's no guarantee it'll get connected to the death of Goncourt House's eldest son, is there?"

"I believe the town lord will spread rumors about it amongst noble houses and prominent people."


"Protecting Eda as long as she is in this town. Keeping nobles and influential individuals in check. That's what the town lord promised you, right?"

Thinking again, she's right. There's not a lot the town lord can do to protect Eda. The method Norma guessed the town lord would take is all but guaranteed.

"I see. Eda."


"Do you want to use <Recovery> on the sick, following Norma's guidance."

"Un. I want to."

"I see. Got it. Norma."


"When are you starting?"

"The earlier the better. Since tomorrow is a house call day, how about accompanying me tomorrow."

"Does it have to be house calls?"

"I intend to limit the usage of <Recovery> on patients with serious illness untreatable with other methods. Naturally it's got to be house calls. Letting her cast <Recovery> successively here could make it known that she can cast it almost limitlessly."

"I see. But wait. I'm heading for Golbul tomorrow."

"It's better if you don't come along."


"Show them that Eda is under your protection even if you're not together. That will be ultimately for Eda's good."

He can't always be with her just because he's worried. Besides, he's gonna part way with her comes next year. He plans to check on her every once in a while though.

It's fine when he can afford to stay with her, but there's no way to tell what's gonna happen when he can't. Hence it's a good idea to leave her alone while keeping a watchful eye. Norma is indeed correct.

"You speak the truth. She'll be in your care."

Jinga was quietly listening to the conversation in the corner of the room.

His expression did not waver one bit.

He must have made his resolve.

(This man has abandoned the idea of reporting Eda to the marquis house.)

So saw Lecan.

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