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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.14


"I cannot give you a yes to that question."

In other word, he knows, but admitting that would force his hand to punish Lecan, thus, he's pretending to be clueless on the matter.

"Let's just say that I've heard about a certain admirable adventurer who donated a new statue to the temple, and went to play with the orphanage children for nine days. Oh and we have been informed of Goncourt House's eldest son's passing to an illness as well."

"Eda is an intermediate, no, likely a high-class <Recovery> user. She also knows <Purification>."


The town lord was agape.

"No, yes, I see now. That does explain it. To tell you the truth I had my suspicion. And now it's clear."

Did he mean that it's clear why Goncourt Family took such a drastic measure as abduction, Lecan thought.

"Anybody who tries to confine Eda against her will or utilize her as a tool is my enemy. Doesn't matter where I will be in the future, that somebody is dead. I want to make that clear to you."


"Sorry for being selfish here, but you've got to keep this matter only to yourself."

"I understand. Agito and Tesla here shall swear by my honor to keep silence as well."

"Much obliged."

"However, Lecan. Would you let someone ask for Eda's <Recovery> if they pay for it?"

"That depends on the situation then and there. But I believe there are cases where a request for Eda's <Recovery> can be met. At the very least, I don't see a problem if it's you asking."

"That's good news. Even from rumors alone, Eda is known as a conqueror of a medium scale dungeon Ninae, and a comrade of adventurer Lecan. I don't believe anyone would leave her alone even without the knowledge of <Purification>."

"Eda is my pupil and a party member for the remainder of this year. But I have no idea what's in store in the future. I want to secure Eda's safety no matter how things turn out. Hence, I'd like you as a town lord to be privy of Eda's secret and to watch over her."

"Very well. I promise I will do everything in my power to ensure Eda's safety as long as she is in this town. That said, we can't exactly keep watch on her at all time. At most we'll keep nobles and influential individuals trying to capture Eda in check. We're open to consultation if you need something."

"That's good enough."

"T'was truly a fruitful discussion we had today."
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"Yeah, it is."

Lecan was surprised at himself and quite satisfied with the way the discussion went.

The discussion itself had the town lord asking Lecan to do something for him, and Lecan agreeing to deal with that bothersome matter. In other word, the town lord owes Lecan a debt now.

As for the matter with Eda, Lecan would have owed the town lord a debt had he come to him to consult about it. However, Lecan was merely stating his determination to raise hell had anything happened to Eda, and the town lord made the promise to secure Eda's safety on his own. It only turned out like that because Lecan brought up the topic during this discussion where he had agreed to take on the town lord's request.

He's got no choice but to go to Golbul now, but it's not like Golbul is that far anyway. It's nothing if it means getting Vouka town lord owe him one.

In hindsight, the advice Shira gave her, to concede everything he can concede, was appropriate.

As Lecan stood up, the town lord's son, Agito spoke up.

"Lecan. To me, Shira-dono is my savior, someone I hold dear. I cannot promise that I will never go visit her again in the future."


The town lord answered Lecan's question.

"Shira-dono had done so much to help this town discretely when it was yet as prosperous as now. She wouldn't budge when we publicly asked for help however."

Looks like Shira has been dwelling in this town longer than Lecan originally thought.

"When Agito nearly lost his life to an illness during his childhood, it was Shira-dono who saved him."

"I see."

Lecan stared at the young Agito.

And he ruminated the meaning of their exchange.

Earlier, Lecan warned a son of the town lord against visiting a commoner. He condemned Agito for causing a commotion due to his senseless behavior.

And yet Agito sought permission to visit. He also said that he would reconsider how he's visiting in the future. Meaning he admitted Lecan's reprimand as valid.

But now he insisted that him visiting Shira was only natural. Restating that he wasn't at fault.

(I see.)

(He's not just a blockhead.)

Lecan recalled the time Agito broke into Shira's house.

Agito's father said what's wrong about a town lord inspecting a commoner's house, and he's right. Lecan has no say in guard corps' actions of stepping inside Shira's house. Despite the town lord saying about wanting to keep their relationship with Shira well, Agito's action practically trampled upon that, but that's their internal family matter to settle.

Besides, considering his actions were fueled by his concerns over Shira's and Nike's safety, they can't exactly reprove his motive.

And at the time, Agito obediently accepted commander Tesla admonishing him. He didn't try to make use of his position as the town lord's successor to make commander Tesla bend to his will. It's fine to admit that quality of his.

"Then at least send forth a messenger beforehand. And if Shira isn't present or not willing to meet that messenger, give it up. Do not resort to brute force to get your way in her house, no matter what."

"I-I got it."

Admitting that here is like admitting he really was using force to break into Shira's house, but Agito appeared to be at his limit.

The town lord next to him sighed out.

At any rate, Lecan managed to notice things he wouldn't normally notice and thought up matters he wouldn't normally consider during the course of this discussion. That landed him in an advantageous position in the end.

(Gotta thank Shira for this.)

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