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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.3


"Hey there, Lecan. Thanks for coming. You alone today?"

"Eda had some business to attend to, you see. She also made a promise to bake cake with the neighboring housewives."

"Did she now. At any rate, I'm glad to see you. I'm getting spirited up whenever I see your face."

"That's weird."

"Yup, I think so too."

Norma laughed as she said that. A laughter free of sarcasm. The corners of Lecan's mouth lifted up as he grinned too.

This medic really is comfortable. The time he spends by Norma's side feels nice.

"I've got something to consult to you about, actually."

"Hou. What is it."

"We've received a request from Goncourt House, asking if Eda could grace them with <Recovery>."

Lecan frowned. As Norma peered in Lecan's face, her eyes glimmered like a child who found something amusing.

"Ooh, that's a quick switch to sour look. You must be very worried about Eda. Thanks."

That 'thanks' was directed to Jinga who brought her tea.

"What do you think about it?"

"I believe it's a good idea to accept the invite."


"Of course, you don't have to if you or Eda are against it. But if you aren't, I believe accepting their request is for the better."

"Why would that be."

"You might leave Eda next year. Eda might stay in this town, or she might go elsewhere. Even is she went off somewhere, she might still go back to this town. In any case, making this town into a safe shelter for Eda doesn't hurt. Still following me so far?"


"Good. In that case, we have to figure out how to secure Eda's safety in this town. Eda is getting promoted to gold rank adventurer. You told the town lord the truth about her, and made him promise to help keep her safe."


"And the town lord house is currently spreading rumors about how Goncourt House abducted Eda for her <Recovery> and got messed up badly by you among powerful people and the wealthy here."

"Hou. I see."

"That's where we should plan our move. In reality, this situation where you guys are in opposition to Goncourt House makes it easier for other noble houses to offer their protection to Eda."

"What? Fumu. I see."

"There's also the issue with how much the town lord can be trusted. They might attempt to slowly bind Eda while saying it's for her safety."

"Come to think of it."

"Hence rather than fully relying on the town lord, she'd be better off accepting protection from a powerful house as well."

"Surely there's a lot of powerful houses out there. Why'd you chose Goncourt?"

"Because they know very well how terrifying you are down to the bone. Mr. <Overlord in Black>."
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Lecan went sullen.

Norma had a smile on her face.

"Besides, at this point, they're not looking for something as grandiose as protection. They're just asking for a bit of compromise from us."

"From us?"

"That's right. Why do you think Goncourt House is inviting you. From my recent examination, Prado-san has never been healthier now. Incomparable to how he was before. He has no need for Eda's <Recovery> anytime soon."

"Then why'd they call us."

"I believe they want to reconcile. They'd invite you guys in, ask for <Recovery>, and pay more than the norm. It's like a sort of ceremony."

"I see. I got it. If Eda agrees, I'll let her go to Goncourt House."

"You're coming too, Lecan."

"Is there a need for me to?"

"There is. The public sees."


"Stuff happening in the house of that kind of nobles gets leaked out regardless. They've got lots of servants, and foot traffic after all. Who came, what happened, those naturally get known. If the two of you went, the public would assume that Goncourt House has reconciled with this town's gold rank adventurers."

"I see. You're likely correct."

"You'll probably occasionally get called again in the future if you respond to their invitation this time. Well, whether you're gonna accept that depends on the situation then. Anyway, you should go with her at least this one time."

"Got it. When should we go?"

"How about the day after tomorrow."

"Got it. I'll get back to you once I get Eda's response."

"I believe the town lord would welcome this development as well."


"Think about it, Lecan. A gold rank adventurer and a lump of danger personified is hostile against a noble house in this town, would you really be okay with that if you were in his shoes?"

Lecan put on an irritated look.

Norma laughed out loud.

Lecan recalled something and asked.

"What if other nobles invite us?"

"At this point of time, I don't think other noble houses, except the town lord's, would. That will only begin once they have truly realized that Prado-san's wellness came from an out of ordinary <Recovery>."

"When's that."

"No one knows. It might not ever come even. Worrying about that now is like worrying about a non-existent wound you might get, and applying wound salve in advance."


"It's an exercise in futility."

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